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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.


Have you got stock hiding in boxes in your retail shop? It’s time to put it to work or let it go


Have you got piles of stock tucked away in boxes, gathering dust in your garage or under shop tables? If so, you’re not alone. But if you’re serious about making a profit, you need to get that stock out on display where customers can see it.

It seems obvious to write, but some retailers still don’t understand this basic principle of business: stock that’s hidden away isn’t going to sell. If you’ve got stock sitting in boxes because you don’t have room to display it, it’s time to re-evaluate your purchasing decisions.

Think about it this way: every dollar you spend on stock is money you could be using to pay bills or invest in your business. So, before you buy any more stock, ask yourself:

Do I really need this stock?
Do I have room to display it?
Can I realistically sell it within a reasonable timeframe?
Is having this stock in my shop going to be valuable for the business?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, then don’t buy it.

Some retailers buy stock to impress sales reps or make their shops look busy. Others buy stock to make themselves feel better about their businesses. Some retailers buy stock because they are lonely. These are all the wrong reasons to buy stock.

There are even some sales reps who know they’re selling stock to businesses that don’t need it. Shame on them for putting their own financial gains ahead of the well-being of their customers.

If you don’t know the value of the stock in your business, it’s likely you have too much stock. A good but very basic rule of thumb or starting point of s=consideration at least is that stock should not be more than 20% of your total annual revenue from those products.

If you have boxes of stock that you haven’t opened in six months or more, you have too much stock. And if your back room, garage, or under-display table space is filled with boxes, you’ve got a big problem.

The best way to deal with an overstock of inventory is to stop buying new stock and focus on selling down what you already have. Don’t get emotional about it – just make a plan and stick to it.

If you don’t address the issue of overstocking, it will eventually overwhelm you and your business. Don’t let that happen. Take control of your inventory and watch your profits grow.

Yes, we’re a POS software company. We own and run shops, which is very rare for any of our competitors. Our daily experience in retail helps us better serve our customers in the software we make and the support we provide.

Christmas marketing tips for local small business retailers


It’s November 1. The countdown to Christmas is well and truly under way. The next 8 weeks are probably the most important weeks of trade for most retailers.

Here are some free tips to help you make the most of the opportunities, to help you separate your business from the Christmas noise.

Over the next 8 weeks most retailers will pound hard Christmas products, sales and opportunities. Many will be loud, screeching for people to look at them. In local retail businesses it’s hard to compete with the noise of national retailers.

The best advice we think we can give local retailers is to have fun, enjoy yourselves, help customers enjoy themselves.

In your social media posts, focus on having fun and sharing joyful stories.

In your window, be local, shine a light on local talents from kids to retirees. have your shop software people want to visit to see their friends and neighbours and themselves reflected.

In your shop be sure to keep it light, relaxed and fun.

We could give you a list of things to do. Not this year. This year we think you’ll get more value from a relaxed and fun-focussed Christmas season. let the others do the heavy lifting with Christmas noise. In your shop let people relax and catch their breath.

Being calm and relaxing will separate your shop, get it known for being this place rather than the shrill and bustle of Christmas retail elsewhere.

Make it easy, too. People often talk about how hard Christmas is. Be the business that makes it easy. The ways to do this are have bundled gifts ready to go, pre-bagged or wrapped, with some card selections that are relevant, offer easy payment options including buy now pay later, free wrapping, better shop floor help, guide buying advice or tips on perfect gifts no one else will think of. Consider making Christmas easy as being a key part of your messaging.

You could also help your shoppers help others. Setup a whiteboard or sheets of butcher’s paper, yes keep it simple. Get customers to write gift suggestions under different age/gender groups. For example: Girls 18 – 25, Boys 55+. Encourage your customers to help each other.

Stand out this Christmas by being different, calm, relaxed, fun. Shoppers will notice this, and appreciate what you have done.

Have an awesome run up to Christmas!

$0 transaction fee POS software


Savvy retailers are price comparing POS software and gaining a better understanding of the cost of ownership of the software as the cost of ownership includes monthly rental cost as well as fees imposed on transactions and costs associated with any required payments platform.

Here at Tower Systems you can choose the payments platform you prefer, for no cost.

Our POS software connects with Tyro, Linkly, Linkly Cloud, MX51, CentrePay, SmartPay, Quest and others. These are integrations, saving time, cutting mistakes and offering seamless engagement.

There is no payments charge when you use our POS software. Tower Systems has a $0.00 transaction fee cost.

There is no payments platform requirement when you use our POS software.

This is why the total cost of ownership of the Tower Systems POS software is less than plenty of comparable products.

If you are looking for POS software for your business, do your homework, check out pricing, all the pricing, compare and decide what is functionally and financially right for your business.

When you compare our POS software to others, ask the question about payments fee or transaction fee or any percentage surcharge on transactions.

We think software companies should make money from software and not from each transaction a retailer makes in their business.

We also think that transaction fees and payment fees are like a tax, an awful tax, and impost on your business for making sales. It’s why we have taken the approach we have and why we are so transparent about it.

We don’t have the marketing funds to match the POS software companies that do charge a transaction fee. We rely on word of mount and other grass roots marketing. we’re doing okay, too, for which we are sincerely grateful.

Now, to be very clear, Tower Systems does not charge any fee whatsoever for transactions or payments. Nothing fee for debit cards. No fee for credit cards. Tower Systems has no fee whatsoever for any form of payments put through its POS software.

Ultimately, the best POS software for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget. Be sure to compare the features and pricing of different POS systems before making a decision.

Tower Systems POS Software: Designed to Help Local Clothing Shops Thrive


Tower Systems makes POS software for local independent clothing shops and fashion retailers. This software is designed to help these businesses succeed by providing them with the tools they need to manage their inventory, track sales, and provide excellent customer service. It has wonderful tools for leveraging local.

Some of the features of Tower Systems POS software for local independent clothing shops and fashion retailers include:

  • Inventory management by color, size, and style
  • Management of alterations (if done in-house or outsourced)
  • Easy inclusion of clothing care instructions on receipts
  • Bundling options for shoppers who may purchase a whole outfit
  • Loyalty tools that can help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition
  • Reporting on sales by brand, in addition to tracking sales by wholesaler/supplier

Tower Systems POS software also integrates with a variety of other popular platforms, such as Shopify, Xero, Deputy, Tanda, and Slyp. This makes it easy for businesses to manage their online sales, accounting, staff schedules, shipping, and digital receipts.

There is no requirements to use a specific payments platform for EFTPOS. That choice is up to you and there is no extra cost for your choice.

The software is priced at $195 per month, and there are no extra fees for more terminals, advanced reporting, loyalty tools, or personal support. Businesses can cancel the rental at any time, so they’re not locked into a long-term contract.

To make it easy for new employees to learn how to use the software, Tower Systems provides a library of short, topic-specific videos. This ensures that everyone in the business is using the software effectively.

The monthly rental cost for Tower Systems POS software includes:

  • Software licenses for unlimited computers in the location
  • Help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday)
  • Access to a comprehensive support knowledge base
  • After-hours support call access for urgent system down queries
  • Access to Shopify, Xero, and other integrations
  • Access to supplier invoice import tools

Tower Systems POS software is a comprehensive and affordable solution for local clothing shops and fashion retailers of all sizes. It’s the perfect way to manage your inventory, track sales, and provide excellent customer service.

Here are some additional benefits of using Tower Systems POS software:

  • It can help you increase sales by providing you with insights into your customers’ buying habits.
  • It can help you improve your customer service by making it easier to track orders and provide refunds.
  • It can help you save time and money by automating tasks such as inventory management and reporting.

If you’re a local clothing shop or fashion retailer, consider the Tower Systems POS software. It could be the perfect solution for your business.

How do I find the best POS system for my business?


Don’t rush it. Take your time. Make decisions when you are ready.

Many POS software companies and sales people will want you to rush. Some will apply financial pressure. Others will say it’s easy, start today, be selling today … and they will often say this without understanding your business needs.

Take your time. Make decisions when you are ready.

The goal has to be to choose the POS software that best serves your needs. So, start there, with your needs. Think about them, what matters most to you, what’s not negotiable. Start there and cast aside any software company that is not interested in starting with your needs.

Some will offer a free trial, some will even push hard at this. That’s lazy selling. They want you to use their software to see if it is suitable, and knowing that some customers will stick because of concerns that it could be hard to switch software. We think free trials are a crock.

Some will offer you free software. There is no such thing. Software developers don’t work for free, nor dog help desk people, the accounts office in the software company, the sales team. Since they don’t work for free, the company has to make money so, no, there is no such thing as truly free software.

All the sales claims can make it challenging.

Take your time. Make decisions when you are ready. Start with your needs.

If this sound like hard work, it is. Good software can make you a lot of money, it can save businesses. Spending time getting this decision right could be worth a ton of money to your business. But the work has to come from you, not the sales person.

The best POS system for your retail business is the one that covers the most of your needs at a price you are prepared to pay.

No software company can claim theirs is the best, although plenty do. They can speak to customer numbers, of course, which is fine, but not a measure of best.

Here at Tower Systems. we start with you, and your needs. We want to understand them first. If we think our software is not right for you, we’ll say so.

How do I find the best POS system for my business? Don’t rush it. Take your time. Make decisions when you are ready.

Aussie made and supported POS software for fabric shops helps these local businesses thrive


Fabric shops help those who love sewing to make the most beautiful and functional clothing for family, friends, and customers. Local fabric shops help people express themselves.

From handling the sale of fabric by length, or weight, our POS software for fabric shops and for sewing shops helps these specialty retail businesses to leverage their specialisation, to feature what makes them different, and valuable.

Here are some of the ways our POS software for sewing shops helps fabric shops:

  1. Sell easily, including by length.
  2. Sell accurately.
  3. Know what’s working, and what’s not.
  4. Reduce time on paperwork.
  5. Get accurate insights into business performance, easily.
  6. Rare visit loyalty.  We are told that customers visit a fabric shop infrequently compared to other retail settings. Our software offers subtle loyalty tools that encourage more value from each visit.
  7. Sell online. Connect your fabric shop POS software to a beautiful Shopify website offering your fabric and other products to shoppers anywhere.
  8. Pre-orders. Easily manage selling products before you have them in-stock. Someone planning a project can order through you and pay prior to the fabric arriving in-store.
  9. Buy Now Pay Later and LayBy. Through our software you can have both.
  10. Manage browser shopping. Fabric shoppers can wander, ask you to hold an item, wander some more, bring something else back to hold and this cycle can go for a while. Our Fabric shop POS software tracks these purchases.
  11. Repairs management. If you do repairs type work, like dressmaking in house, track the project from the moment it starts.
  12. Club / collector marketing and support. Leverage clubs and collectors with offers and pricing. Nurture the love of home sewing and connecting to this community, and growing the size of the community.
  13. Special orders. With some items ordered in for a customer request, managing these types of orders helps the business to manage opportunities and to capture revenue in advance.
  14. Serve fabric care details. You can code care details by product and include this on receipts.
  15. Sell by length. This may seem basic. It’s not in some software. In the Tower software, you can sell by length, including fractions.

Our Australian made and supported fabric shop software does much more than this.

One of the biggest benefits of our fabric shop and sewing shop software is the inventory management facilities. With inventory, like fabric itself, being the biggest investment in the business, it takes time and effort to manage this well and effectively for the business to be successful.

In our fabric shop POS software we track all products that come in and go out. We can instantly report on the value of inventory, what’s working, what’s not working and show trends. All of this information can feed into better business decisions, and make the fabric shop more successful.

From managing inventory to tracking customer engagement to selling online to leveraging community groups and clubs, the fabric shop software from Tower Systems is fit for service and ready to help your business thrive.

We are grateful to serve local fabric and sewing shops and thank the owners and staff members for their advice and support.

Specialty POS software for local small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand


Here at Tower Systems we are grateful to serve a diverse mix of specialty retailers in different marketplaces. These include:

Here’s what’s included in the monthly rental cost: software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

  • NZ and Aussie based customer service by us. No call centre.
  • Humans answer our phones.
  • Email us and a retail knowledgable human responds.
  • Our office is open Monday through Saturday.
  • Month to month rental – no lock in contract.
  • No lock-in EFTPOS contract. You choose the EFTPOS that suits you.
  • Self serve training videos and knowledge base.
  • Low cost training for those who want it.
  • The listed prices are genuinely monthly – not annual paid up front.

Tower Systems currently serves more than 3,000 local small business retailers.

It may be that our software is not right for you. Let us organise a personal live demonstration by Zoom. We’ll record it with you and give you a copy so you can show colleagues and others you’d like to consult.

If we think we are not a good fit for you we will say so and wish you all the best.

Email us:

Call us: 1300 662 957 (Australia) 0800 444 367 (NZ toll free).

We have a crew of awesome software developers, caring customer service people and a business support crew skilled in serving local indie retailers.

At our website, we have easily accessible recent demonstrations of our POS software, which you can access immediately and without sharing any personal contact details whatsoever. The transparency we demonstrate on our website reflects how we operate as a company.

It’s stocktake season and Tower Systems is helping small business retailers be ready


Our advice to retailers re stocktake is first and foremost: never pay an outside party to do your stocktake and never do a stocktake outside of your POS software.

The most accurate stocktake result for any retail business is doing it yourself, using your POS software. The Tower Systems POS software offers easy to use and reliable stock facilities and workflow.

Last year (2022), we got together with one of the stocktake experts at Tower Systems to discuss this and answer common stocktake questions we are asked. Here’s the video.

Our help goes beyond this. We have written advice, and we offer personal training. We make stocktaking easy and reliable for local samall business retailers.

Advice for local small business retailers confronted by big business competitors


Small and independent retailers can sometimes feel helpless when a big national retailer opens up nearby. There is no match for their range, buying power, advertising coverage or even news coverage.

The sheer size of a national competitor is what scares many smaller retailers. It can feel overwhelming.

Here at Tower Systems, all of our customers are local small business retailers, indie retailers, because that is the community we seek out.

Here are 5 practical tips for small businesses on how to face and deal with a national retailer moving into the area:

1. Don’t compete. By not talking about the competitor, pricing against them or pitching your business in any way, you separate yourself. While they may have similar products, it is unlikely that they are targeting your specific business so why target them? Focus instead on your own business. Not competing should include not advertising price comparisons, not focusing on the competitor at staff meetings, not expanding your range to sell more of what they sell and not obsessing about them.

Know why you are different and lean more into that, and, it’s likely that price is not a significant difference in your mind.

If you know why customers shop with you, you have the opportunity of not giving up margin out of fear.

2. Run a better business. From the moment you hear about a new national retailer coming to town, look at every aspect of your business for opportunities for improvement. From the back room to the front counter fine tune your processes, employee training, stock buying and the look of the business. Dramatically improve your business from the inside out. This will improve your business health and help you weather challenges which may lie ahead.

Too often, independent retailers wait until the national retailer is open to react. This is probably a year or two too late.

3. Be unique. Look for ways to make your business unique. It could be on product range, operating hours, add-on services or something else. Embrace any opportunity to make your business unique.

Even a unique niche range of products can give you traffic a big competitor will not chase. Try and focus on products which require a level of retail skill and knowledge to sell – national retailers have challenges hiring and retaining retail employees with specialist knowledge and skills.

4. Engage the community. Like, really engage. Support local groups, speak at functions, get known as someone and a business who care deeply about the local community. Subtly make the connection that you are fortunate to be able to help because of your local business.

Being smaller and independent you are better able to personally engage with the community. You and your team are the business whereas a national chain will always be the corporate. They can throw money around locally, you can throw time, knowledge and more flexible assistance.

5. Tell your stories. Your retail narrative, your stories, connect you with the local community. Tell these through the people you contact, your own blog, a Facebook page and in the pages of the local newspaper. Tell human stories about your business, the people who work in it and the local stories which connect with it.

Your stories could be about local community connection, convenience of shopping, commitment to range, personal customer service, product niche knowledge … there are many different narratives with which an independent retailer can connect. It is important that one you have your narrative you stick to is, that it inhabits your decisions, marketing and public presentation.

Local indie retailers can compete against with any big business by not acting as a big business would. This is the key. Be yourself. Have faith in yourself. Sell yourself.

Now, why is a POS software company sharing something like this? That’s easy – we care about our customers, we care about local indie retail. We’ll embrace any opportunity to help local indie retailers shine.

Clothing store POS software helps local independent clothing retailers shine


Local indie clothing stores can rely on the clothing shop POS software from Tower Systems to help them compete with the big players in the fashion space.

Using our clothing shop POS software, retailers can:

  • Manage inventory by colour, size and style.
  • Track the performance of fashion brands in the business.
  • Analyse the sale of types of products such as shirts, dresses, trousers, belts and other category level items.
  • Track sales transacted by employees.
  • Sell online thanks to several e-commerce integrations.
  • Forecast sales based on history.
  • Track seasonal performance.
  • Manage the process of clothing alterations for customers including parts used, and labour.

This clothing shop POS software is made locally for local retail businesses. It’s designed for local independent retail, not chain stores. This is important as the needs of local independent retailers are different to the needs of chain stores, especially when it comes to clothing shop POS software.

Embedded in this software is a loyalty solution designed to serve clothing retailers in a fresh way, a way shoppers love, a way that is likely to encourage them back into the shop sooner.

This clothing shop POS software is customisable too with plenty of options for setting look and feel and other factors.

The software connects with several roster solutions as well as a digital receipt platform, Xero and other integrations that help local clothing shops shine.

A feature of the Tower Systems clothing shop POS software is the insights dashboard. This is a visual platform that curates key retail performance data and presents it in a format designed to assist decision-making.

Whether your business is a fashion boutique, a school uniform shop0, a local dressmaker shop, a kids clothing shop or a local fast fashion shops, this POS software has facilities ready for use that can assist to facilitate efficiency, accuracy and enjoyment in, with and from the business.

Easily see what’s working, and what’s not. Spot upward and downward trends early, and leverage those insights for the benefit of the business.

This software continues to evolve thanks to tight engagement between our Tower Systems software development team and our customer community. There is a transparent process for suggesting enhancements and customers voting on these suggestions.

Only you can decide if this software is right for you. Work out what’s important to you and compare your needs list with what this software offers in a personal and obligation-free demonstration. The Tower Systems sales team will not pressure you, ever.

Call 1300 662 957 in Australia or 0800 444 367 in New Zealand. Or, email Or, check out:

This clothing shop POS software seeks to help local clothing shops thrive.

How retailers are using POS software integrated ChatGPT to create more valuable product descriptions


Local small business retailers are short on time and challenges in competing with well-resourced big businesses.

The ChatGPT AI integration delivered by Tower Systems in its local specialty retail POS software early this year is being used by small business retailers to create for search friendly product descriptions.

Using this optional and free facility, retailers are able to describe products faster and in search friendly terms. Here’s a short video we made for our customers to show how it works:

No, we’re not going all AI is replacing the world on our customers. Rather, we are providing access to optional time saving tools. Feedback from our local retailer community has been wonderful, for which we are thankful.

POS software for local clothing shops


We are grateful to serve local clothing / fashion / apparel shops with POS software that serves their needs.

Tracking inventory by variants (colour / size / style), reporting sales by fashion brands, managing alterations, guiding more successful product descriptions, removing image backgrounds, nurturing shopper engagement and revealing business performance data points, this POS software made for local independent clothing shops helps these businesses thrive.

Here are some of the benefits leveraged through this software developed for fashion and apparel retailers and included in our $185 a month package:

  • Easily setup your POS screen to serve your needs.
  • Quickly create your own barcodes.
  • In seconds offer gift vouchers to shoppers.
  • Offer digital or printed receipts.
  • Colour, size and style: Easily track sales at a granular level.
  • Community group pricing: Helps you attract community group members.
  • Repairs: If you do alterations, this helps manage that for you.
  • Bundle pricing: easily put a package together to encourage value shoppers.
  • LayBys. While we offer Afterpay and Zip, old fashioned LayBy is growing again.
  • Bring them back: Market to shoppers based on past purchases.
  • Sell anytime: With our Shopify / Big Commerce / Magento / Woo integrations.
  • Awesome loyalty: Guide them to spend more.
  • Seasonal reordering: Reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.

Here are answers to some of the questions we have been asked about our POS software for fashion and apparel retailers.

Does the software handle products by colour, size and style? Yes.

Can I report on sales by supplier? Yes.

Can I track product performance by brand, which may be different to supplier? Yes. Through tags in our software you have considerable reporting flexibility.

Can I track time and materials for alternations? Yes.

Can I include product care information on receipts? Yes.

Can I use the software to track and manage items we make? Yes.

Does the software let me track customers by occasion? Yes.

Can I do this by text or email? Either, we support both.

Can I look-up historical records for a specific customer? Yes.

Can I group items together to sell in a pack or bundle? Yes, it’s easy to create packs using the software.

We are proud of our POS software for clothing shops and what it offers these local indie retailers.

Here’s what’s included in the $185 a month rental cost for this POS software for clothing shops / fashion retail / apparel retail: software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

Software made for local clothing and apparel shops saves time and guides good business decisions


There was a time when the only software clothing shops could use was expensive and cumbersome, made for big businesses, retail chains, software packed with ERP tools and workflow management.

We know that local clothing shops, small business clothing shops, want an easy way to manage stock by colour size and style, a successful way to report on sales by fashion brand, a certain way to track seasonal sales and a way they can trust to bring shoppers back.

The Fashion retail POS software from Tower Systems is designed to help local clothing shops do these things and more. This is software made only for local clothing shops, software designed to equip them for competition.

And, at $185 a month, this POS software for clothing shops is affordable. There is no lock in contract. This is software with facilities clothing retailers tell us they want:

  • Colour, size and style: Easily track sales at a granular level by these variants.
  • Tracking sales by brand. This is in addition to suppliers and other reporting points.
  • Quickly identify what’s working and what’s not working.
  • Community group pricing: Helps you attract community group members.
  • Repairs: If you do alterations, this helps manage that for you.
  • Bundle pricing: easily put a package together to encourage value shoppers.
  • LayBys. While we offer Afterpay and Zip, old fashioned LayBy is growing again.
  • Bring them back: Market to shoppers based on past purchases.
  • Sell anytime: With our Shopify / Big Commerce / Magento / Woo integrations.
  • Awesome loyalty: Guide them to spend more.
  • Seasonal reordering: Reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.

Made and supported by Tower Systems, this fashion shop POS software is feature rich and designed to equip local cloths shops to perform well. It’s packed with fresh tech to save time and offer opportunities:

  • ChatGPT AI integration for better product descriptions. This is a free optional feature.
  • Auto removal of image backgrounds for a better online experience.
  • International barcode look-up to auto fill inventory data points if you sell products that are also overseas.

These facilities and more a designed to help nurture data consistency, which is key to repeatable success in any business.

Tower Systems is grateful to help local fashion businesses thrive. We don’t sell to chains or big businesses. We love local and small as that is where we find and appreciate community.

POS software for clothing shops helps local fashion retailers benefit


Tower Systems makes POS software for local independent clothing shops and fashion retailers. This software is designed to help these locally serving businesses thrive.

From engaging loyalty tools to inventory management facilities specifically for clothing shops to insights that help local retailers quickly understand business performance, this software has local clothing shops at its heart.

Made and supported by Tower Systems and only sold to local indie retailers, this clothing shop software / fashion retail POS software / apparel shop software is aimed at local shops that are vital for local communities.

While this POS software for fashion shops handles managing inventory by colour, size and style as you would expect, it offers more in serving of helping local fashion retailers better serve.

There are facilities for:

  • Managing alterations if your clothing shop does these in-house or outsources them.
  • Easily including clothing care instructions on receipts as another service to customers.
  • Bundling options for shoppers who may purchase a whole outfit.
  • Loyalty tools that enable the business to differentiate from common mass loyalty tools.
  • Report on sales by brand. This is in addition to tracking sales by wholesaler / supplier.

This POS software for clothing shops does more than this.

For online sales it links to Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce and Magento. For easy P&L and Balance Sheet reporting, it links to Xero. For roster management there is Deputy and Tanda. For shipping there are several platform options. For digital receipts there is Slyp.

This is well connected POS software for clothing shops, fashion shops and apparel shops. It’s software designed to help these local businesses thrive.

Priced at $185 a month, this software is competitive. There is no extra cost for more terminals, no extra cost for advanced reporting, no extra cost for loyalty tools, no lock in an expensive EFTPOS platform, no extra cost for personal support. Plus, the rental can be cancelled at any time – the business is not locked in.

To help make learning for new employees easy, there is a library of current short topic-specific videos that guide learning how to use the software. This makes training new team members and ensures consistency of knowledge – so that the business benefits.

Here’s what’s included in the monthly rental cost for this clothing shop software: software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

Serving clothing, apparel and fashion of all sizes in all situations, from kiosk to high-end, the Tower Systems fashion / apparel POS software serves a broad range of needs.

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