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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Clothing store POS software helps local independent clothing retailers shine


Local indie clothing stores can rely on the clothing shop POS software from Tower Systems to help them compete with the big players in the fashion space.

Using our clothing shop POS software, retailers can:

  • Manage inventory by colour, size and style.
  • Track the performance of fashion brands in the business.
  • Analyse the sale of types of products such as shirts, dresses, trousers, belts and other category level items.
  • Track sales transacted by employees.
  • Sell online thanks to several e-commerce integrations.
  • Forecast sales based on history.
  • Track seasonal performance.
  • Manage the process of clothing alterations for customers including parts used, and labour.

This clothing shop POS software is made locally for local retail businesses. It’s designed for local independent retail, not chain stores. This is important as the needs of local independent retailers are different to the needs of chain stores, especially when it comes to clothing shop POS software.

Embedded in this software is a loyalty solution designed to serve clothing retailers in a fresh way, a way shoppers love, a way that is likely to encourage them back into the shop sooner.

This clothing shop POS software is customisable too with plenty of options for setting look and feel and other factors.

The software connects with several roster solutions as well as a digital receipt platform, Xero and other integrations that help local clothing shops shine.

A feature of the Tower Systems clothing shop POS software is the insights dashboard. This is a visual platform that curates key retail performance data and presents it in a format designed to assist decision-making.

Whether your business is a fashion boutique, a school uniform shop0, a local dressmaker shop, a kids clothing shop or a local fast fashion shops, this POS software has facilities ready for use that can assist to facilitate efficiency, accuracy and enjoyment in, with and from the business.

Easily see what’s working, and what’s not. Spot upward and downward trends early, and leverage those insights for the benefit of the business.

This software continues to evolve thanks to tight engagement between our Tower Systems software development team and our customer community. There is a transparent process for suggesting enhancements and customers voting on these suggestions.

Only you can decide if this software is right for you. Work out what’s important to you and compare your needs list with what this software offers in a personal and obligation-free demonstration. The Tower Systems sales team will not pressure you, ever.

Call 1300 662 957 in Australia or 0800 444 367 in New Zealand. Or, email Or, check out:

This clothing shop POS software seeks to help local clothing shops thrive.

By Mark
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