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Loving the POS software update

We released last week a POS software update last week with new facilities that extend the reach of what our POS software delivers.

The reaction has been terrific.

One of the benefits of enhancing the core technology on which our POS software is built is the ability to deliver more and more benefits to our 3,500+ small business retail customers.

We are grateful to all of ur customers who encourage us and participate in our beta program.

Thank you.


Helping retailers sell bundled gift packs this Christmas

Using our POS software it is easy for retailers to sell bundled gifts at Christmas time and any time of the year. Our POS software makes it easy to bundle multiple items together for single scan selling. This can be done in-store as well as online though a Shopify website or a Magento website.

Take this Christmas Beanie Boo pack:

This is a special pack of 8 Christmas Beanie Boo stock items bundled together with several special freebies thrown in, put together in a special pack with some Christmas cheer tissue and tinsel and delivered anywhere in Australia for $64.99.

Online, a bundle like this plays well in that with a couple of clicks, a Christmas gift for a child, niece, nephew, related family or the child of a friend can be handled. Shopping is easy and fast and the purchase is presented in a nice way ready for giving.

Better still, a bundle like this makes price comparison hard because of the various items in the pack and because of the freebies included, which while free, have value to the recipient.

Packs like this can change shopper perspective and this can help drive sales.

Using our POS software, local retailers can easily bundle items for in-store and online sales and through these cleverly differentiate their businesses.

Through our work with local retailers we provide advice on how to use the POS software to create the bundle and how, with one click, to have its details and image loaded onto a website for easy online sales.

In the bundled product space this is where online can be particularly helpful as this is where time poor shoppers shop, especially late at night. having an appealing mix in a bindle for easy purchase can drive terrific incremental business. Key is finding ways to add value to the bundle that help you to differentiate your offer from the offer of others.

As retailers ourselves, we bring to the conversation about using POS software in local retail to sell bundled gift packs real life experience and knowledge and through this to help retailers make the most of the opportunity. We willingly share our knowledge and experience to help retailers in our community to make more informed business decisions.


How much does a POS system cost?

How much does a POS system cost? This is a common question from local retailers considering POS software for their business. It is often the first question asked: how much is your POS software?

Let’s get to it. here at Tower Systems, our POS software can be rented. Rental provides access to the software, updates, 24/7 support and other valuable assistance.

You can rent our gift shop software for $99.00 a month.

You can rent our garden centre software for $185.00 a month.

You can rent our jeweller software for $185.00 a month.

You can rent our bike shop software for $185.00 a month.

You can rent our toy shop software for $155.00 a month.

You can rent our pet shop software for $155.00 a month.

You can rent our newsagency software for $185.00 a month.

You can rent our fishing and outdoor business software for $185.00 a month.

You can rent our firearms dealer software for $185.00 a month.

You can rent our farm supply and produce software for $199.00 a month.

You can rent our adult shop software for $155.00 a month.

These prices include GST.

For sure, you can purchase outright, or lease, too. rental, though is the most popular approach. There is no locked-in contract. You can cancel at any time and the next month;’s billing stops.

So, how much does a POS system cost? Probably not as much as you thought when you consider you get the software, software updates, support access as well as access to an extensive online documentation platform of hundreds of articles guiding you in ow to use the software.

Tower Systems does not provide software to all types of retail businesses. Our software varies marketplace by marketplace. Each version of the software is fine tuned to serve the needs of the retailers in that marketplace. This is why the price varies by marketplace, it reflects the complexity for each type of business.

How much does a POS system cost? In addition to the software, there is the hardware. Tower Systems can help with this as a supplier or through advice you can take to a local computer shop or a friend for alternative supply.

Our goal is to help you find the answer to the question of how much does a POS system cost and to do so in a way you are happy with.

Footnote: for billing purposes, at Tower Systems a month is each 30 days.


POS software for baby gift and good retailers

We are grateful that baby shops and retailers specialising in baby related gifts and goods are finding our POS software to be ideal for their needs. here is a short video where we share some of what they tell us they love:


POS software for specialty audio and car audio retailers

We are grateful that our POS software serves needs of specialty audio and specialty car audio retailers. here’s a short video explaining some of the features they love.


Buyer beware: hidden costs can make POS software expensive

That cheap POS system you might be considering m ay not be as cheap as you think by the time you add the four or five optional facilities that, with our Tower Systems POS software, are included in our everyday transparent price.

Too often right now we are seeing POS software offers, especially from businesses based outside of Australia, where the price quoted and the initial price signed for is not the price you pay foe what you want to do.

The pitch is appealing, hey start here for this price, sure it is cheap wbut it is a perfect place to start.

Soon, though, yonce you try and do what is core to your business, you need extra modules that cost more and, soon, you are paying more than the other software you decided against because it was too expensive. But, since you have invested time in your data, you don’t switch. Then, a year down the track, prices go up and there is something else that is an add-on cost and by then you are paying 50% more than the then price of the other POS software product you decided against because it was too expensive.

Buyer beware, take your time, get all the facts, ensure you understand the full cost, the total cost and the trajectory of the costs and then compare this across POS software packages.

Cheap POS software is not cheap. What may appear to be cheap POS software today will, for sure, be found to not be cheap at some point down the track. We hear this often.

We urge people to shop around, to look at other software, to compare functionality and to compare price. However, this has to be done based on the facts and not marketing spin. It has to be done thoroughly so that you as the customer are not let down. Only the facts matter.

This is why we say, don’t rush into a free trial because, that’s how they get you. They want you to become time and data invested and thereby less likely to actually look around what is genuinely best for your business.

Cheap POS software is like any cheap product, they have either cut corners, paid less for professional work than is the market rate or included less in the product. Its;s business 101. Sure, there is cheap POS software out there, it is not, in our experience, good for most retail.

Buyer beware. The hidden costs of POS software can make cheap POS software look expensive.


Repairs / workshop management software embedded in our POS software

Embedded in the Tower Systems POS software is comprehensive repairs / workshop management software.  This software has evolved over the years, initially in service of bike shops and jewellers and now working in a range of specialty and niche retail and service businesses.

Having repairs / workshop management software embedded in the POS software is key for inventory and m=labour management internally, without relying on multiple software packages and opening the possibility of a demarcation dispute between software vendors.

With many businesses in different retail channels already using the repairs / workshop management software in the Tower Systems POS software, the company has a deep well of experience from which to draw, to serve needs of many different retailers.

This is comprehensive software, packed with facilities, including plenty of options through which you can configure settings for the Repairs module such as printing job cards, terms and conditions and deposits, for example.

Here are the various settings within Repair Options of the repairs / workshop management software facilities in the Tower Systems POS software and their functions:

  • Job Card Setup
    • Select job cards to print out (For Repairer, Customer and/or Internal)
    • Select size of job card and which printer to print to
    • Fonts used on the job card
  • Customer Job Card Terms & Conditions
    • Terms and conditions that print on the Customer Job Card
  • Repair Options
    • Hide/Show cost prices
    • Creating and printing invoices when finalizing repairs
    • Fee descriptions on receipts/invoices
  • Calculating Expected Pickup Dates
    • Default date and time for expected pickups
  • Job Packets / A4 Job Cards / A5 Job Cards
    • Details to print on Job Cards
  • Repair Deposits
    • Force a deposit before repairs can be created
    • Set the minimum deposit amount

This is just the start. There are plenty of options that enable a business using the software to tailor settings so that they work well for the needs of the business.

The repairs / workshop management software facilities in the Tower Systems POS software allows you to create and manage repair jobs, an essential component for bike shops and jewellers. Before we start using the feature, however, it is advisable to configure some default options to make the the process more seamless in the future. Once configured, these options will be readily available for selection instead of having to enter everything from scratch each time.

Tower Systems supports this software with training and comprehensive support services.


Spare parts inventory software helps parts retailers run more successful businesses

Tower Systems helps parts retailers with spare parts inventory software, as part of its specialty POS software solution.

Using our spare parts inventory software, retailers are able to easily…

  • Track stock from large items to small, from items with barcodes to those without.
  • Handle customer special orders.
  • Sell online. Track by manufacturer.
  • Track by vehicle / product use.
  • Share care instructions.
  • handle bundles of spare parts sold together.
  • Track spare parts as they are used in repair work.

Using the spare parts inventory software that is part of the POS software from Tower Systems you can reasonably manage your inventory, track what you are selling and using, more accurately reorder and even better focus on adding value so that you are able to drive better business outcomes.

When it comes to special orders, managing spare parts inventory software is key in that you can sell spare parts to a customer before you have them in stock. This helps position you for better business outcomes, selling with certainty prior to the good arriving.

Developed for bike retailers, farm supply businesses and jewellers, the spare parts inventory software within the Tower Systems POS software is rich in features, designed to serve the spare parts inventory management needs of a variety of businesses.

While it can sound dry, spare parts inventory software is vital to the core successful operation of a business that deals in spare parts.

If your business deals in spare parts, look at the Tower Systems POS software to see if it may serve your business needs. Have a demonstration of the software. Compare it in detail to what you have today, with what you need. decide for yourself, in your own time, if this POS software is what you need to manage the spare parts side of your business.

Integrated with Shopify, you can easily sell online. Also integrated with Tyro and other EFTPOS payment platforms, easy payments are a dream.

Tower Systems seeks to help specialty retailers in many ways. Retailers selling share parts fit that bill. We are grateful to be serving more and more retailers in this space.

To organise a demonstration of our spare parts inventory software, please contact one of our sales team members, email sales@towersystems.com.au.


When a small POS software company closes

When a small POS software company closes it can leave retailers in the lurch.

A small POS software company is one with less than 1,000 customers. We say that in the knowledge of what it costs to properly support and maintain POS software. Less than 1,000 customers and you are unlikely to have the income necessary to properly fund the proper maintenance of the software.

We are sure there are small POS software companies with a few hundred customers, maybe even 600 customers who will disagree with what we have said. They will say they are big enough to maintain their software. The thing is, proper maintenance of POS softer requires contingency planning, appropriate redundancy and other protections built into their systems so that they can maintain their software in a timely manner and in a way to deliver good outcomes for small business retailers.

This issue of small POS software companies and the closure of a POS software company is on ur mind today as there is a small business out there that has dramatically dropped their price. We think it is at a price that is unsustainable for them. The deal feels like a race for cash for the business.

Our advice is do your homework, know the company you select software from, ensure they have what you will need for your lifetime use of the POS software. Cheapest is often not the best. it may be, but take your time, do your homework, ensure it is right for you and they have a financial stability to serve you as long as you expect.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve more than 3,500 retailers using our POS software with more being added weekly. We expect to pass 4,000 in a few weeks. 2021 is already looking good too with a pipeline of healthy opportunities where businesses plan ahead to switch software at a time that best serves their business needs.

There is one situation where partnering with a small software company is appropriate and that is in the case of a start-up. Start-ups or course start small. They are an important part of the software development eco-system in any country and need to be encouraged. There are many advantages going with a start-up. So, to be clear, our comments in this post do not relate to start-ups.


Book a free POS software demonstration

Book you own free demonstration of the Tower Systems POS software. See it live, in a demonstration of POS software featured tuned to your type of retail business.

Click here for your free POS software demonstration.

One of our skilled POS software sales professionals does the POS software demonstration for you, enabling you own use of the software as much as you would like through the demonstration.

Ask as many questions as you would like.

Go into any part of the POS software.

Use the data you prefer.

In this POS software demonstration you can see for yourself in the detail you wish exactly how this software does what it does in the areas of an y business that are of the most interest to you.

This is what a free POS software demonstration is all about … you and your business needs. You are in control, looking at how the software addressed your questions and needs. Just as it should be, since you are the customer, the person relying on the right decision being made.

Sometimes, our POS software is not right for a particular business. We would rather discover this, know this, so we can say sorry we are not right for you. Achieving that depends on what we are told and shown about the needs of a business. This is where a comprehensive demonstration of the POS software is important and why the retailer needs to be in control of the POS software demonstration.

We demonstrate our POS software every day to business owners, business managers, counter stand, accountants and IT consultants. We will demonstrate the POS software as much as someone wants in their decision making process. We 100% leave this up to them as they need to be satisfied that they are making the right decision for their business. It is why we want them to be in control.

A POS software demonstration by Tower Systems is free every time. Book your free POS software sales demo online through our website and one of our sales professionals will get back to you and organise it to suit your schedule.

We’re here to help and an open and transparent demonstration is the start of a good relationship.


Xero connected POS software helps small business retailers save time and cut mistakes

The Tower Systems POS software integrated with Xero is a solid and beneficial solution for small business retailers. And a tech partner of Xero, Tower Systems has delivered a best practice Xero POS software solution, offering seamless, safe and accurate data flow between the two tech platforms, for the time and data accuracy benefit of small business retailers.

Our Xero POS software solution is well proven in many different retail situations. Best of all, we use it ourselves, in our own retail businesses. This first-hand experience helps us help our customers not only with awesome software but with operational advice on how the get the most out of the opportunity.

Using our Xero POS software integrated solution, retailers are able to connect Xero and the Tower POS software for easy data flow of sales,  product invoices, credits and more, eliminating the need for data entry, saving time and curing expensive data errors. These benefits are real, they are loved by small business retailers.

While we offer connectivity to MYOB and some Quicken related accounting software versions, Xero is the standard we see used in more small business retail situations. Our Xero POS software link has already been taken up by many to streamline business operations, reduce accounting and bookkeeping costs and provide more accurate and timely business performance data through the beautiful Xero accounting reporting.

On our POS software help desk we have folks skilled to offer guidance on using our direct Xero integration, to safely and securely connect our POS software to Xero, to open that data flow. We provide the software, training its use and helpful advice on making it work for you. We do this in plain English terms – i.e. not tech jargon.

The Xero integration designed by Tower Systems, working with the folks at Xero, makes it easy for small business retailers to cut accounting paperwork and thereby tap into time and money saving benefits.

We use our Xero integrated POS software ourselves, in our own shops. This enables us to provide practical advice on how to benefit the most from Xero and our POS software working together.

We are grateful to help small business retailers to reduce business accounting overheads and to reduce data errors through the POS Software Xero link we offer here at Tower Systems.


Multistore retail POS software helps small business retailers manage their businesses

Tower Systems has for years offered a multistore POS software solution. Using this, our retail business customers have been able to use our multistore POS software to manage multiple retail locations centrally, with consistency and with a whole of business view without distracting from a local store level performance view.

We have retailers with 2 shipping using our multistore POS software solutions. That’s at the smaller end of the multistore marketplace. We have retailers with 15 and more retail outlets using our multistore POS software solution at the mid-size end of the multistage marketplace.

Using our multistore POS software solution, small business retailers can add more stores as their business model grows. Each store, draws off common inventory data. The stores run in the cloud, making managing them from a tech perspective easy and safe and fast.

We have used this software ourselves in a network of gift shops we had for years and used this personal experience with the software to fitness what it does, how it works and its usefulness as a business management solution.

This personal use of the software set us up for beneficial changes that have helped more retailers in the multistore retail situation.

Our software is made for independent small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand. The multistore version of the POS software continues to evolve, to be better at serving the needs of small business retailers, more useful at helping them manage inventory, customers and other data points across multiple retail locations. This includes loyalty, gift cards and more as you see in multistore business situations.

But like any POS software use consideration, take your time to ensure that this multistore software is suitable to your needs. It keeps evolving and this blog post does not represent what it may do today. Take a close look, be clear about your needs and see for yourself whether this POS software is good software for your multistore retail business management needs.

To find out more about the Tower Systems POS software, please email the sales team at sales@towerystems.com.au or take a look at our website, www.towersystems.com.au, for a look through each of the niche retail products we offer, to see if we might serve your specific business needs.


Australian made POS software for Australian retailers


Australian POS software MYOB Retail Manager alternative

With MYOB Retail Manger POS software at end of life in terms of development, enhancement and extension, Tower Systems has been helping small business retailers move to its fresh and alternative platform.

We help with new and fresh POS software that is being updated regularly, often based on customer suggestions and taking into account marketplace changes.

We also help with the transition from MYOB retail Manager to our POS software, bringing across the data we can, to facilitate seamless transition from MYOB retail Manager as much as possible.

Tower solution offers MYOB Retail Manager users an accounting software familiarity with back office accounting in its POS software integrated solution, through the OZBiz platform.

Retailers looking for a complete change to the accounting and retail business management solution cold consider the Tower Systems Xero POS software integration. Tower directly integrates with the Xero cloud based accounting solution. This is an integration that we use ourselves in our own retail businesses.

We have been told that Retail Manager by MYOB is approaching end of life – that is, no future development enhancement planned. This has led to a rush of queries from MYOB retail Manager users looking for a POS software alternative.

If this is the case, the Tower POS software solution is an alternativePOS software solution that we submit for consideration in any of the specialty retail channels in which we are well established. Like jeweller, garden centre, bike shop, toy shop, gift shop, newsagency, homewares shop, produce business, farm supply business, pet shop and more.

In terms of a small business accounting solution choice, Tower Systems walks an agnostic path, leaving that choice to retail business owners and those who advise them on accounting software requirements. That said, in our own shops, we use Xero.

Tower Systems offers stable, proven and respected POS software solutions for small business retailers. Stability is at the heart of our offer and day to day operation.

We offer MYOB retail Manager POS software customers a path for the future, POS software on which they can rely for in-store accounting, inventory and operational management in partnership with core accounting software.

We are happy to show our software to anyone considering this change, this transition from MYOB Retail Manager.


POS software for baby shops helps in-store and online sales

We are grateful to offer POS software for baby shops, to help them run more enjoyable and successful businesses and to help them maximise online sales.

Using our POS software, baby goods retailers able able to serve their shoppers professionally, leveraging their knowledge and experience in a way that genuinely differentiates the business.

This is a win for local retailers and good news for suppliers who support local retailers.

Embedded in our baby shop POS softer are tools that help retailers to pass on information key to showing off their level of specialisation, that which differentiates them from big businesses.

Tower Systems serves baby shop retailers with POS software as well as with websites that are connected to POS software. We also work with baby shop suppliers to help them to bring to life digital connections between retailer and supplier, to reduce mistakes and improve the foundation of better business management.

Thanks to our work with a range of specialty baby goods suppliers and our experience connecting our baby shop POS software with baby goods websites, we can being to life for a local independent baby shop in-store and online sales experiences that help the business find and serve new customers.

Using our software, baby shops can offer a range of tools, through leveraging benefits such as these in the software:

  1. Baby shop stock management, including stone details.
  2. Club pricing: Helps you attract community group members, groups like new mothers groups and family groups.
  3. BOGO: Increase sales with buy this and get that bundling. This is perfect for maximising aunt, uncle and grandparent purchased gifts.
  4. Warranty: Track details and leverage this for customer service.
  5. Sell anywhere: Using our Retailer RoamTM sell anywhere app.
  6. Seasonal reordering: Reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.

For a few dollars a day:

  • Get rid of manual books at the counter for LayBys, special orders, stock you need to order and more.
  • Cut dead stock and re-order based on data facts.
  • Cut theft by knowing what is being stolen.
  • Eliminate LayBy and get you paid sooner with buy now pay later.
  • Make price comparison harder with bundled packs.
  • Easily and consistently pitch locally sourced products.
  • Drive community group member engagement with group pricing.
  • Get one-time-only shoppers spending more with loyalty tools.
  • Bring customers back with reminders on dates important to them.
  • Save money on bookkeeping by integrating with Xero.
  • Leverage your knowledge on receipts and elsewhere. Sell you.

We are grateful to help local and independent baby shops thrive.


POS software for key cutting businesses in Australia and New Zealand

Our POS software is used in many unique retail and service business situations. We are grateful to discover its value as software for key cutting businesses.

We discovered this when a key cutting business looking for software discovered us by searching online. They looked at our POS software, tested it and installed it in their business. Their experience became our experience. We have learnt through them. And, now, we appreciate more key cutting businesses using our POS software.

It turns our that in our POS software that make it good POS software for key cutting businesses. From tracking customer orders, to handling special orders, to managing jobs, to inventory control to offering an online sales integration through Shopify and more, our software works for key cutting businesses.

Here’s a video we shot last week where we touch on some of the facilities in our key cutting software that serve these businesses well.

We especially like the integration of shopper engaging request details on a copy of the receipt, to bring structure to that request and thereby provide a job card for what is essential a simple and rapid-fulfil service.

By being able to track the mix of products and services sold and to report on this based on time, day, occasion and more, the key cutting business can adjust business settings to maximise the opportunity. This software offers terrific reporting to enable this.

Being a personal service, key cutting businesses benefit from sound business process structures. Our software can help encourage this, especially in small businesses where labour costs can be high. We can help a business manage this to be more beneficial for the business.

Our POS software for key cutting businesses will continue to evolve as we add more of these businesses to our customer community. With each new customer we learn more. We are grateful for this.

This year alone, in 2021, we have released five software updates. Each has enhancements suggested by our customers. They are inspiring as to the changing needs of retail.

Tower Systems is an Australian POS software company serving 3,500+ small business retailers across several specialty retail channels in Australia and New Zealand.  We only serve small businesses as their needs are specialty and we are a specialty POS software company.

Call or email to connect with one of our skilled sales people: sales@towersystems.com.au.


We’re not your usual POS software company…

We’re not your usual POS software company. We own and run retail shops as well as online retail businesses. We are grateful and proud to share this video of part of the Christmas display at our newsXpress Southland store. This was live over a week ago. The shopper reaction already has been wonderful.

Having retail shops where we can experiment with the intersection of POS software tech enology and physical retail is helpful to our software business and our retail businesses.


POS software for kitchenware shops, made in Australia for local retailers

We are grateful to serve plenty of kitchenware retailers with POS software for kitchenware shops. This software has evolved out of our specialty retail POS software in a range of other retail channels.

We discovered that their software makes for ideal POS software for kitchenware businesses.

A couple of days ago, we shot a short video in-house to explore some of the areas of this software for kitchenware businesses that are popular in that retail channel:

Kitchenware shops do have specialty needs beyond traditional retail. These unique needs are not well served by everyday basic POS software and that’s why specialty POS software is ideal for serving the needs of these specialty retail businesses.

Embedded in our kitchenware POS software are facilities they can leverage such as the loyalty tools that feed into the unique nature of what they sell and the frequency with which those items are purchased. Using the right levers, kitchenware retailers can bring shoppers back to the business more frequently than may be usual.

The software also helps kitchenware businesses to track occasions, another important part of the kitchenware shop shopper mix. Tracking engagement, wedding, anniversary, new home and other life events enables the businesses to serve these needs, learn what is selling and to invite those shoppers back for more specifying opportunities.

Our POS software is loaded with tools like these that local kitchenware shops can leverage, to differentiate their businesses and to deliver value to the business and those who rely on the business.

This software is about bringing stocking and certain management to the business through proven business practices supported by the software.

More broadly, the EDI tools are terrific for helping retailers to easily and accurately import electronic invoices and electronic stock files from suppliers. This saves time and cuts mistakes. Add to that, the data feed to Xero through a partnership integration whereby sales data flows – also eliminating data entry and cutting mistakes.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve kitchenware shops with this POS software. If you would like to see the software, please call or email: sales@towersystems.com.au. We can do this one-on-one or with your team, including those you rely on for advice. We can also record the demonstration so that you can see it again, after the demonstration to be sure of what you have seen.


POS software for audio businesses including car audio

Here at Tower Systems, we are grateful to offer POS software for audio businesses and POS software for car audio businesses.

We have found that our specialty jeweller and bike shop POS software solution serves the needs of audio businesses, offering a sweet audio shop software solution.

Using our audio shop POS software, audio shops have access to a range of facilities that were developed;oped for other specialty retail but have been found to work for these unique businesses in the HiFi / audio retail and service space.

Here is a short video that we shot 2 days ago in which we discuss some of the specialty facilities in our software for audio retailers.

Using our POS software, audio and car audio businesses can track sales, facilitate online sales through the Magento and Shopify links and manage the repairs services that may be offered in-store as well as outside of the business.

It is the ability in the software to price and sell bundles of products, the capacity to sell things in fractions as well as the options for connecting with suppliers electronically for invoice and stock files.

All these and more facilities in the Tower Systems POS software for audio businesses are part of the software. By that we mean they aren’t through external tools we connect to. The software itself is rich in function and tools that we are thrilled to discover serve the needs of audio, car audio and HiFi businesses.

Being an Australian company, we are thrilled to be able to serve local Aussie businesses. We believe in local retail, especially small business local retail as it is these businesses that best serve the needs of local communities.

Our audio business POS software is capable thanks to its specialty nature. The video we share here in the blog post covers a small amount of the features in the software. The best way to discover more is for a comprehensive demonstration that is tailored to your specific business needs.

Tower Systems serves 3,500+ retail businesses around Australia and New Zealand. We make what we sell. This is our software, self-contained software. We also like to wonderfully useful tools, too, such as Xero, Tyro, Shopify, Magento and more.

To consider is we might be a solution for your business, please contact out sales team. You can call or email: sales@towersystems.com.au.


Australian made and supported POS software for baby shops

Tower Systems is grateful that more baby shops are choosing its POS software. This Aussie made and supported POS software is proving to be ideal for help baby shop owners and managers run their businesses.

The baby shop POS software has what people running these businesses are looking for.

Here is a video we shot a few days ago in which we look at this POS software for baby shops and consider it along with the Shopify website connection for easily selling baby clothes and gifts online. Take a look at the software and hear us talk about how our POS software for baby shops can serve this specialty retail need.

As the video demonstrates, our POS software is flexible and capable. Thanks to advice from retailers, we know it works as POS software for baby shops. Also, it continues to evolve with many enhancement suggestions coming from customers sharing their experiences and helping us see new opportunities for the use of the software.

Given the journey young parents embark on, it is the tracking and follow-up opportunities served by the software that can help a retail business leverage the value of a longer term relationship with their shoppers.

In offering our POS software for baby shops, we are helping to bring commercial focus and certainty to these locally owned and run retail businesses. Our goal is to help them be more successful and competitive, especially against big businesses and offshore businesses selling into our local communities.

The more we in small business can work together to deliver better outcomes for local small retail businesses the better for the community and all who rely on our businesses. There is no doubt that local retail businesses are able to deliver a more useful and nuanced local product and service experience through which they can differentiate and grow. This is where we can help local baby shops using our POS software.

Our POS software for baby shops is capable and suitable, able to help these specialty retail businesses to serve well, professionally and thoroughly. This is what specialty POS software looks like.

Tower Systems serves more than 3,500 small business retail shops around Australia and New Zealand. We only serve independent small businesses. This keeps us focussed in service of local small business retail.



POS stands for Point of Sale. It’s an acronym. Computer people love acronyms.

POS, or Point of Sale, usually refers to POS software, Point of Sale software, software used in retail … you guessed it, at the point of sale.

Some people call it Point of Sales, but they are mistaken, it’s Point of Sale.

Tower Systems is a POS software company. We make POS software for specialty retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our POS software integrates with Shopify for seamless online sales.

Our POS software integrates with Tyro for seamless fast and safe EFTPOS processing.

Our POS software integrates with Xero for easier and more accurate bookkeeping.

Our POS software integrates with Magento for easy online selling.

Our POS software integrates with WooCommerce for low cost easy online selling.

Our POS software integrates with Linkly (PCeftpos) for EFTPOS with the major banks.

Our POS software integrates with OzBiz that connects stores with MYOB.

Our POS software integrates with with many suppliers and many other useful tools that serve small business retailers.

Using our POS software, small business retailers can transact sales at the point of sale. They can also manage their businesses through data gathered by the software, they can. plan, make decisions and look to the future.

Tower Systems offers POS software that goes beyond the POS, software that helps small business retailers compete locally as well as online.

We only sell to small businesses because we prefer to work with them, to strengthen them, that big businesses.

Being a local POS software company matters to small business retailers because it means that their support for us supports the local economy. It also means that our people will understand their local business needs. Offshore help desk people will struggle with local retailer needs and local nuances.

So, we like to support local retailers because local retailers support us. This is the circular relationship that is good for the local economy, of which we are a part.

Our POS software does not stand still. It is updated regularly, often every 6 to 8 weeks, with our customers in control as to when they update the software. They are iin control,. which small business retailers like.

We are grateful for our customers and the opportunities they present us with.


POS software for sewing shops and haberdashery shops

Tower Systems is grateful to offer its Australian designed and made POS software to sewing shops and retailers of sewing machines and supplies for sewers … POS software for haberdashery businesses.

Several sewing goods retailers have shown us how our POS software is suitable for the needs of these businesses. From handling special orders, to serial number tracking, to repairs management to selling by fractions, it turns out our POS software is good for sewing businesses and sewing machine and goods retailers.

Here is a video we made last week in which we discuss our POS software for sewing shops and demonstrate some of its facilities.

It is our work in similar specialty retail channels such as bike shops, jewellers and similar that has seen us develop tools and facilities in our POS software that works for sewing shops. We are so happy to be able to serve these businesses.

Since we make our own POS software, we are able to evolve the software to serve evolving needs, and we are able to fine-time our support of the software to ensure that it serves the needs of sewing shops and related businesses that decide the software is a good fit for their needs.

Take the selling of items by decimals or fractions. This is how fabric is sold. We make it easy and accurate. We even handle pricing that can vary based on the length of a fabric purchased. In other words, play less per metre the more you buy. This is handled by the software based on the settings created by those running the sewing shop.

Plenty of POS software solutions do not handle selling items by decimals or fractions.

We are not saying that our software is perfect for any sewing shop. That decision must 100% be up to those making the POS software decision in the business. We will demonstrate the software and answer questions, so that the necessary assessments can be made, to determine if our Tower Systems POS software is a good fit for the needs of a sewing business.

Our POS software for sewing shops and sewing machine businesses is already in use. We have people tow home we can refer. It is their innovation that set us on this path. hence, our gratefulness.

To see the Tower Systems software first hand, please contact us direct. Email is good at sales@towersystems.com.au.

We make, sell and support our POS software.


AC/DC box coin set from the Royal Australian Mint going off!

We built the Mint Coin Shop for newsXpress to sell coins from the Royal Australian Mint online. Today, they launched a very special AC/DC commemorative box set, which includes an exclusive mint coin. here is a video showing off what is in this AC/DC coin box set.

We are grateful for the role we have played in bringing the AC/DC coin set to Aussie AC/DC fans and to do so through a Shopify site connected with our POS software.

newsXpress partners with the Royal Australian Mint with more than 100 locally owned newsXpress stores selling coins, including the AC/DC box set.

Tower Systems serves 3,500+ small business retailers with specialty POS software.


Practical advice for small business retailers in going online with a POS software connected website

We received an online order recently in one of our shops at 1:33pm worth $800.00. It was one of 12 online orders for that business that totalling $1,800 in value.

Each one of these orders was a pre-order – fully paid for up front for stock that is another week away from arriving in-store and two months away from being paid for by us.

The specific products are not relevant as what we share below could apply to plenty of products and product categories. What we have done in this two and a half year old suburban high street business is what anyone could do and what we know some retailer colleagues are doing to win online sales.

  1. Create your online presence as a start-up business. Our recommendation is that you not take your existing shop online under your existing shop’s branding.
  2. Choose a product niche or category that is sought after, that is being searched for. This could be a brand, a licence, an end use or some other segmentation that makes sense to the shopper.
  3. Look for brands and categories people could be loyal to for some time.
  4. Source key suppliers. Preference suppliers who might work with you on geographically exclusive items.
  5. Register a domain and business name that speaks to the shopper for the chosen category.
  6. Develop your approach to packaging and shipping, remembering that this process has to be delivered as a brand extension. Add value here and you will bring them back.
  7. Create a site that serves the shopper.
  8. Include on the website unique knowledge / information that lifts you up as an expert in the product category field.
  9. Include a chat facility on the site, so you can answer questions from people who do not want to email or call with their queries.
  10. Create a separate Facebook page to support the website. Regularly feed contact to that page, content specifically for that page.
  11. Ask your suppliers to link to your website and appreciate them for any promotion they offer on their social media pages.
  12. Search out other social media pages that reach your target shopper and engage with those communities.
  13. Email shoppers, appreciating their business. Find ways to remain connected with them as this connection can help bring them back.

The first step revenue goal with online for any business entering that space has to be 5% (or less) of total revenue. Once there, the next goal is 10%, then 15% and so on. Goals are important.

Treat your online business as a start up. Manage it as such. Embrace mistakes and failures as they are the foundation bricks to success – cliché yes, but true.

  • Do you have to stock in your shop products you sell online? No. We say this as many retailers think the answer is yes. Seriously, think of your online business as a start up – doing this frees you to be more open to what you sell.
  • Can I put my existing shop online though? Of course. It’s 100% up to you.
  • Isn’t shipping hard? Offer what enough people want and shipping can be resolved by building it into the price or you looking at online as cream sales, sales from which you can give up some margin.

Our POS  software company develops websites for small business retailers. While what we have written here does relate to the online success at my high street shop, it is the same advice we provide all retailers who contact Tower Systems querying about website development.


Tower Systems helps small business retailers who are working from home

We are grateful to be able to continue to help small business retailers who are working from home or who have some of their team working from home.

Due to compromised health situations, local movement restrictions and other factors, there are still many people working from home.

The help we are providing in these circumstances varies from free, no cost, access to additional software licences, easy access to an awesome cloud based data insights platform from us as well as access to our Retailer RoamTM sell from anywhere POS software solution.

Add to these tangible software benefits our on-going unlimited training offer, we are helping small business retailers where they are, helping them to run successful businesses without having to leave their businesses. We are thankful to our own team members for the work they do every day to hell our customers in these ways, to run their businesses remotely, thereby minimising the impact of Covid on their businesses.

Helping small business retailers work from home also includes helping them to sell online. We are doing this through a beautiful and seamless link to Shopify and the creation of beautiful Shopify sites on a fixed price basis. Our POS software connected Shopify solutions have seen small business retailers connect with more shoppers from outside their usual catchment area. It is a thrill to see.

Other help we are providing small business retailers who work from home is easy access to our local help desk resources. This is through our expanded help desk team – we have added two more people to this team, two new hires in the last 2 months. We are grateful to be in a position to need to too this – thanks to terrific growth in our customer base.

We think the work from home situation is here for the long term. Our support for it is long term. We arenhelp to help small business retailers to work from home, and their team members.

Our small business POS software is flexible in this regard, helpful to these businesses with people working from home.

2020 has been a wonderful year of learning for us, delivering wonderful insights and providing excellent opportunities. Working from home is one of them. We appreciate being able to help.

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