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POS software update set for release next week

It’s business as usual at our Aussie POS software co with another software update set for release next week.

Next week’s update will be the first for our R3 product. We will deliver access to enhancements that extend the reach and appeal of the Point of Sale software.

Some enhancements have come from our democratic user votes Software Ideas platform while others have come from our internal team.

There are some security enhancements too based on updated security advice to tech companies.

The release of this update, as with the release of R3 itself weeks ago is another example of us delivering a business as usual experience for our treasured small business retailer customers.

R3 is a technically advanced and relevant to today Point of Sale software solution for specialty retailers. We are proud to make this software locally for Australian and New Zealand retail businesses. It is the support of these local businesses that encourages us daily and for that we are sincerely grateful.


What is the best POS system for your retail business?

  • How do you choose POS software for your business?
  • What is the best POS system?
  • What is the right POS system for your business?
  • What makes a POS soften better than another?

These are all valid questions. The answers are subjective. That is, the answers depend first on your business needs. Choosing the right POS system for your business is all about your business. It starts with you and your business needs because the best POS system for your business is the one that best serves your business needs.

No one can tell you this but you.

All POS software company sales people can do is to show you what their software does, to answer your questions, to listen to your needs and to use their POS software to show you how their software serves your needs.

The best POS software for your business is the software you consider to be the best based on your experience seeing the software and assessing it for yourself.

It’s a journey, challenging, hard work. But it is worth it. It is worth you actively choosing a POS system based on your needs. The key is being clear about your business needs and pursuing them as this is what really matters about the business, what really matters about achieving what is best for your business.

Tower Systems will work with you. Our people will demonstrate our POS software as much as you want, as often as you want and in as much detail as you want. It is important to us that you make an informed business decision. We are there to help you do this, at your pace and at your preferred level of technical engagement.

So, what is the best POS system for your business? It is up to us. It could be Tower Systems or it could be another POS software product. What we hope is that you do find what you are looking for. We will respect your decisions and encourage you to be independent in making these.

Things change and over time, the decision you make may need to be revised. We will be here when you need us, when you think we could be the best POS software for your business.


Cloud based Point of Sale software for small business retailers

Here at Tower Systems we think retailers should have a choice between cloud based POS software or desktop POS software.

We offer both solutions: cloud based POS software and desktop POS software.

retailers can use our POS software in the cloud. They can also use it on a desktop, laptop, iPad or other tablet computer.

We are comfortable with cloud based POS software and we are comfortable with the locally run desktop POS software.

Yes, we believe choice matters for small business retailers.

Our cloud based software runs in the cloud, on a server of your choice, with us hosting or you hosting, with secure backup and insulation from the need to update the software.

Our customers choose from a menu of options as to the best cloud based POS solution for their particular business needs. We talk with customers, understand their needs and make recommendations to serve their needs.

We think flexibility is key to small business retailers, the opportunity for them to choose what is right for their businesses now and into the future. We say this because situations can change, just as tech can change. This is the issue, this is is what small business retailers are experiencing … change … this is the model of 2020 and beyond.

Cloud based POS software works well in this situation as it does offer the opportunity of scaling, of growing ads the business grows and of contracting as the business contracts. The Tower Systems cloud hosting infrastructure, which is off-site, secure and scaleable, is able to service small business retailers with surety and safety as they navigate the cloud based world of doing business.

Cloud based POS software can be misunderstood. This is why Tower is flexible and accommodating of the varying needs of small business retailers. Our advice and support seeks to offer help so that small business retailers are able to make certain decisions for surety through change economically and in individual businesses.

Tower Systems serves specialty retailers with specialty POS software (cloud based or desktop) tailored to the needs of these businesses, to serve them and support them as they evolve. We are an Aussie POS software co serving Aussie and NZ retail businesses. We are grateful to serve thousands of retailers.


Phone repair business POS software

We are grateful for the phone repair businesses that are using our POS software in their businesses.

Our low cost solution for tracking sales, customers, history and more is proving to be useful for these businesses in shopping malls and on the high street.

Phone repair businesses are finding our POS software ideal for maintaining accurate business records as well as for transacting across the counter efficiently and with surety. This is a POS software solution for phone repair businesses that is delivering good and useful outcomes.

Tracking time, inventory and other data points help the business owners to better manage for performance of phone repair businesses.

We kind of fell into serving phone repair businesses when we were approached by an owner. After talking with them we found that our software served their needs. We installed and found the fit to be good for them and good for us. We are grateful for this discovery and the business that has flowed to us from more phone repair businesses.

This is now a channel for us as we serve more phone repair businesses  with our Aussie developed and supported POS software. Each new customer helps us learn more about the business needs and this information feed into what we do and how we do it.

Being a software developer, we have control over what we sell. This works for us and our work with phone repair businesses as we are able to evolve the software along with the evolution of the businesses we serve.

With many phone repair businesses run under management, tight control over business data is important. This is where our Xero link is a help as is our Tyro interface that helps with safe, secure and fast EFTPOS processing. New can provide the business owner with tools and monitoring options that help them to see the business from afar and through this to more effectively manage the business for success.

Just as retail is evolving, so is our POS software company. We appreciate the opportunities to learn and grow, to attract new customers and through this to learn more about how we can better serve small business retail.

2020 is a fascinating and invigorating year in retail.


Changing the R3 POS software main screen – free training for small business retailers

This new video from our team is an example of the training we offer retailers using our Point of Sale software. It is part of a pack of new training resources delivered as part of the recent R3 release. R3 is new generation POS software for specialty retailers. It is visually fresh, technically fresh and loaded with specialty retail facilities through which businesses can differentiate.


Australian made Point of Sale POS software for specialty retailers

Tower Systems develops Point of Sale software for specialty, niche, retailers. This locally made and locally supported Point of Sale software dives deep into the specialty needs of these small business retailers.

Our POS software is integrated with Shopify, Magento and Woo commerce and easy online selling. We also develop POS software connected websites.

Plus, we integrate directly with Xero and have done for years.

We’re an odd POS software company in that since 1996 we have owned and run shops – 3 gift and homewares shops. 2 in Westfield centres and 1 on the high street. We walk in the shoes of our customers.

Our specialty Point of Sale software offers many specialty retail benefits, including:

  1. Colour, size and style: Easily track sales at a granular level.
  2. Club pricing: Helps you attract community group members.
  3. Repairs: Easily track & manage repairs & communicate with customers.
  4. Sell by weight. Sell by fractions.
  5. Smart loyalty. While you can use points, we also have something better.
  6. BOGO: Increase sales with buy this and get that bundling.
  7. Warranty: Track details and leverage this for customer service.
  8. Bring them back: Target market for birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  9. Sell anywhere: Using our Retailer RoamTM sell anywhere app.
  10. Sell anytime: With our Shopify / Magento / Woo integrations.
  11. Special orders: Easily manage special customer orders.
  12. Jeweller specific product labels.
  13. Outdoor, weatherproof, product labels.
  14. The ability to design your own product labels.
  15. The ability to design your own receipts.
  16. Awesome loyalty: Guide one-time and regular shoppers to spend more.
  17. Seasonal reordering: Easily reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.

Tower Systems develops Point of Sale software for:

  • Jewellers
  • Garden Centres
  • Pet shops
  • Produce businesses
  • Gift shops
  • Bike shops
  • Toy shops
  • Homewares shops
  • Repairs businesses
  • Fishing & outdoors businesses
  • Farm supply businesses
  • News / Card / magazine shops

And, outside of these niche businesses, the Tower software serves because of its specialisation. For example, pool maintenance businesses, butchers, health food stores and more benefit from the Tower POS solutions.

We are grateful to business owners and staff in your channel who guide our software development. Their advice helps us make more useful software.

Tower Systems serves 3,500+ small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand in selected niche retail channels. Each Point of Sale software update released takes us deeper into the opportunities in these specialty retail marketplaces.


Free stocktake POS software training from Tower Systems


Nutrition store POS software for health and nutrition businesses

Australian POS software company Tower Systems is grateful to serve local Aussie nutrition and health businesses with nutrition shop POS software.

This POS software has been developed for the POS software needs of nutrition and health food stores. It is built on the already widely used niche retail POS software from Tower Systems.

Businesses using this nutrition shop POS software can leverage plenty of benefits including:

  1. Rewarding regular shoppers with loyalty solutions.
  2. Inviting customers back based on past purchases thanks to the ability to extract this customer data leveraging terrific marketing tools.
  3. Serving product use information on receipts.
  4. Providing local health and fitness information suitable in local areas based on your knowledge and information.
  5. Supporting the use of variants that can help you serve products based on colour, size and style.
  6. Scale integration for selling products by weight.
  7. Selling by fractions where people buy a fraction of something compared to a whole number.
  8. Managing repairs including parts and labour.
  9. Selling when on the road – away from the shop.
  10. Selling online. Thanks to our Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce integrations, selling online is easy.

Our nutrition pos software is designed to help you better serve your customers at the sales counter, on receipts, on your business website and elsewhere to provide a better outcome for the business.

Thanks to help and guidance from  nutrition store retailers we have been able to ensure that the software serves marketplace needs in this niche retail space.

Nutrition and health store pos software is specialty itself in the same way that these business are specialty in their now operation. Look at the product level. You can include comprehensive product information, images and more. Plus, you can tag items to enable more flexible grouping of items to better work with the business. Tags are tremendously useful in-store and in terms of nutrition store management.

Nutrition shop POS software and health food store POS software are part of a suite of niche retail solutions from Tower Systems. Aussie developed and supported POS software serving Aussie retail businesses. We are grateful to the thousands of family retail businesses that have chosen to trust us and use our software in the service of their local communities.


Pool supplies and maintenance shop POS software

We are grateful to local Aussie pool supplies shops for their engagement with our pool supplies shop POS software. Using this local Aussie developed and supported POS software, pool supplies and pool maintenance businesses are able to manage their business in ways that benefit the business and its customers.

The benefits of using the pool supplies and pool maintenance business POS software include:

  1. Tracking and reminding pool owners of scheduled maintenance, especially date related maintenance. This works a treat for businesses on maintenance plans as well as those engaging intermittently.
  2. Care of and support for chemicals sold. You can easily include appropriate warning and care information on receipts.
  3. Tracking warranty information.
  4. Marketing to customers based on types of products used, types of pool situations. For example spa customers may have different needs to pool customers.
  5. Managing the repairs process including labour and parts.
  6. Taking the business on the road. Using our POS software App you can take POS software anywhere, including tracking payment anywhere.
  7. Selling to fractions. Sometimes you will sell fractional volumes of products for spool spa care and maintenance our pool shop POS software can do this easily.
  8. Selling online. You can feed data form your pool shop POS software through to a Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce website for online sales or online cataloguing – helping you find more customers for your business online.

These are other benefits offer local Aussie pool shops the ability to stream line their business for efficiency, accuracy and safety. This is software with many layers and options that can serve the business as it grows and even as it diversifies if that is in the future.

Pool shop POS software is niche just as the business channel itself is niche. This is  where Tower Systems is at home, in service of niche retail and service businesses serving local Aussie families. Our pool shop POS software is flexible and useful, tuned to the needs of these businesses.

Tower Systems is a vertical market POS (Point of Sale) software company serving small retail businesses in a range of niche retail channels. We are grateful to serve more than 3,500 small business retailers. We make and support what we sell.


Australian developed POS software for church bookstores

Tower Systems is grateful for the years of support from a diverse group of church bookstores, at the local church level, the state level and the national level. The christian bookshop marketplace is strong both physically as well as online.

Our POS software for church bookstores has evolved over the years. It offers facilities unique to their operation and respects their role in the broader church life experience.

From serving through our POS software single christian bookshops to groups of christian bookshops to shops connected with local churches to shops connected with broader christian organisations, our POS software offers a broad based solution to inventory management, special order management, online sales, imp-store sales, shipping and more.

Church bookshop software is specialty by nature, like the businesses themselves. We work closely with those working in the businesses as well as those tasked with overseeing each business. We are grateful for opportunities to speak at conferences and to engage with church bookshop folk in a range of forums.

Dealing with tax in an appropriate way has been vital as has been the need to integrate with other platforms that are used in some church bookshop situations. Our software is flexible and constantly evolving as we discover other ways we can serve this vital part of church life.

From evangelicals to catholic to independent to Seventh Day Adventist, our church bookshop software is as diverse as the world of faith and we are grateful to what we have learned on this journey.

Christian bookshops are unique in that they are businesses and they are also part of church life, often staffed, at least in part, by volunteers. We understand the need for easy to use yet highly functional software. This is where we are proud to offer Australian developed and supported POS software for Australian church bookshop and christian bookshop needs.

From the practical such as pricing, bundling, customer accounts, inventory management and more to the complex such as managing a single online sale across multiple outlets and the proper accounting for freight, our church bookshop and christian bookshop POS software is robust and proven. We appreciate the advice and guidance of so many in getting us here and for supporting our work.

Tower Systems is grateful to offer locally made and supported POS software for local needs.


Aussie made POS software for Aussie retailers

We are proud to offer locally made POS software for local retail businesses in niche specialty retail channels.


iPad POS software offers flexibility for small business retailers

Retailer Roam from Tower Systems is portable iPad POS software, offering retailers to sell where they want, when they want and how they want.

A counter is not needed.

A shop is not needed.

That’s right, you can sell from the back of the car or a trunk, at a market, at someone’s one. This is portable POS software, I{Pad POS software for people on the move.

This is truly portable iPad POS software that you can access from the app stores for retail on the go. It’s Australian made and Australian supported for small business retailers.

This iPad POS software can also connect to Shopify and Magento websites, too, offer online, in-store and on the road sales. It’s flexible, made for retail today.

Better still, thanks to the support of the federal government’s ipAustralia trademark and rights agency, retailer Roam is being trademarked to us for iPad POS software in service of retail businesses.

Here is a list of what retailer Roam can do for any retailer today:

  • Cash/EFTPOS Sales
  • Invoice Sales
  • Create a LayBy
  • Sell stock with Serial Numbers
  • Loyalty Point Redemption & Acrrual
  • Customised POS Screens
  • Variants
  • Refunds
  • Basic End of Shift
  • Stocktaking
  • Re-ordering
  • Integrated EFTPOS

What a great list! This is iPad POS software made for businesses on the go. You don’t even need internet access to transact.

This is a cloud based POS solution, bring iPad POS software to live in an affordable and useful package for small business retailers like garden centres, farm supply businesses, fishing and outdoors retailers, jewellers, pet shops, makers, artists and more.

Retailer Roam is a tablet app-based iPad based POS software solution. The app runs on Apple iPad and Android based tablets. It can run connected over WiFi or any other network. It can also run disconnected, syncing when connected again to a network at a later time.

As the name suggests Retailer Roam enables the business to roam to transact sales. You can accept cash, EFTPOS (Tyro Integration), Invoice an account or create a LayBy. Selling is through a screen designed specifically for Retailer Roam and the devices on which it would be run.

We are grateful to bring this opportunity to life.


What is a Point of Sale system?

What is a Point of Sale system? This is a good question that many specialty retailers ask. Often, they know they want to improve the operation of their business, transact safely and to connect with others platforms such as MYOB and Xero.

The thing is, a Point of Sale system, POS software, Point of Sale software, a POS system, a Point of Sale solution or a POS solution are all the same thing, a solution, system, software package that serve the data and operational management needs of a retail business.

Yes, a Point of Sale system is the same as these other buzzwords, the same as POS software, Point of Sale software, a POS solution and the like. They are all the same in business goal. These solutions serve the business need, through software, running often time on specialist hardware, to help the businesses run more successfully, efficiently and with fewer mistakes.

So why can it be called a Point of Sale system? That’s because way back when software was called a system. So, the term harks back to older times when terms were more about the technology.

The reality is that a Point of Sale system is a solution to needs in a retail business, especially a small retail business where there is limited time to run the business. the right software, system or solution will help the business run competitively and efficiently so that the business can thrive and serve the local community as well as online shoppers buy connecting to online selling platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce – the best e-commerce platforms in the world.

The Tower Systems Point of Sale system, software, solution, is all of this – tailored to the needs of specialty retailers, connected to Xero and MYOB, integrated with Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce. These and other integrations and connections offer solutions to Tower Systems retailer customers that help underscore successful business operation, they sit at the heat of business growth opportunities.

So, while the term system can sound old school, the solutions delivered are current and relevant to the future of engaged small business retailers.

With a future in physical retail as well as online, having a software system that is flexible yet specialty focussed is key to the business being able to deliver on the deals and hopes of the owners.


This is us…


New POS software out now

Fresh. Australian made. Australian supported. Made for specialty retailers in selected niche retail channels. This is perfect point of sale software for retailers keep to support shop local. But more than that, this is excellent point of sale software for retailers who consider themselves specialist at what they do and offer.

Here is a video of a Q&A that we hosted close to two months ago. It takes you behind the scenes to some of the many features of this genuinely new software.


This is our small business POS software company


Australian Point of Sale software for Queensland specialty retailers

Justin Randall manages Point of Sale software sales for Tower Systems in Queensland. He’s local and has excellent retail experience having managed a retail business prior to joining our support team before moving into a sales role.

Justin works with jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, toy shops, pet stores, produce businesses, farm supply businesses, fishing shops, newsagents, adult shops, homewares stores and more … learning about their needs and seeing whether the Point of Sale software that we develop, sell and support could be useful to their business needs.

It is a collaborative process that follows the timeline needs of the business owners. That’s right, there is no pressure. Justin will say so if he feels that our Point of Sale software is not a good fit for any business. His reputation is important to him, he takes his role seriously as he wants too be trusted.

Retail businesses in Queensland looking for Point of Sale software should speak with Justin, to see whether the Tower Systems Point of Sale software is a good fit for their business, a good solution to serve the needs.

Justin’s process is simple: understand the needs of the business first. This involves research and conversations. He is hungry for information about the business and he applies this learned information to his knowledge of what our Point of Sale software can do. If he finds a good fit, he will arrange to demonstrate the software and do this in a collaborative and engaged way to help the business.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. This is why Justin will want to answer queries about what the software does in a certain situation with a demonstration of how the software works for that need. There is no limit to the number of pre-purchase demonstration of our Point of Sale software, no limits to how deep into the software you may go.

The goal is to give small business retailers everything they could possibly want to know about our Point of Sale software before they make a decision so that they can be confident as to the appropriateness of the decision for their business.

Email Justin to connect.


SEO / SEM for small business retailers using our POS software

Here is our SEO / SEM workshop for small business retailers using our Shopify connected POS software from last week. We have another of these free workshops today. Each session is different as the direction is participant driven. We are grateful to those who participate as well as to those who watch afterwards.


Retailer 3: fresh and exciting POS software

two months ago, Retailer 3 was in the early stages of beta release. Now, this awesome and new POS software is live. Let’s take a look with our sales team at some of the innovation brought to life.


Small business retail advice: using POS software to leverage low margin products

This advice is for businesses that are traffic and margin poor businesses. Such businesses face high-risk businesses as most low margin products and services are delivering less traffic year on year … and therefore face high-risk of financial failure.

In addition to low margin products and services experiencing traffic decline year on year, minimal or no retail price movement see a decline in margin in real terms. Further, too often we see the percentage cut by suppliers for selfish reasons, further diluting the value to the retailer.

In our POS software user community we have access to wonderful advice and inspiration, from a broad range of retailers. We draw on that today, to put together the advice in the article for you.

But it is not all bad news with low margin products and services. If they are generating good traffic, the opportunity is to be proactive in leveraging that traffic. Here is a list of five must-do things to leverage this low value traffic in your business.

  1. Place at least one offer / stand at the door facing people as they leave. If you have room, have one stand / offer either side. Make sure the offer is easily understood and relevant.
  2. Use a portable table for pricing stock and other stock work and place this with a staff member doing the work during busy periods between the door and the destination for most traffic.
  3. For the highest traffic low-margin items, always pitch other products such that these destination shoppers see the other products.
  4. Always have an offer at the counter unrelated to the low margin destination purchase. Get creative as to how you pitch this at the lottery counter if you have Tatts.
  5. Establish a floor unit to guide counter traffic. the right type of unit is best used for holing products people are likely to purchase on impulse while standing in line to make their destination purchase. All sorts of retailers do this, even if they do not have the shopper to warrant such a floor unit.

Our advice is do all five of these things. If you don’t do some or all you are most likely only benefiting from destination business from low-margin high-traffic products and services and there is no upside in that.

For the record, margin poor products and services are those with a GP percentage of less than 50% in our view.

In our indie retail POS software we have awesome tools to help low margin high volume retailers. We’d be glad to help with practical advice.


Next generation POS software for specialty retailers

2020 has been a huge year for us, and not because of the coronavirus. No, earlier this year we released R3, next generation POS software for independent specialty retailers. R3 delivers on a new tech platform, a new database platform and a new look and feel. The reaction from our 3,000+ customer community has been terrific.


Specialty POS software for specialty retail, because not all businesses are the same


This is us…


Not all POS systems should be the same…


Portable POS software for retailers selling on the road and away from the shop counter

Retailer Roam, the portable POS software from Tower Systems is being embraced by more retailers with businesses that operate on the road.

Yes, portable POS software. POS software you can use on the road, away from the counter, from a truck, at a market, at a pop up store. This is genuinely portable POS software. Oh, and internet access is not required.

Retailer Roam is serving retailers looking to take their business transactions to customers no matter where they are … local markets, on the farm, from the back of a truck, pop-up stores and more.

Retailer Roam is Aussie made portable POS software thanks to smart app development from the Tower systems web team working closely with the POS software development team.

To back up access to this new and innovative portable POS software product, Tower Systems has released a range of helpful advice and online accessible documentation including these topics:

  • Making the most of Retailer Roam
  • Previous Sales in Retailer Roam
  • Creating Layouts In Retailer Roam
  • Creating Paytypes In Retailer Roam
  • Installing TeamViewer for Retailer Roam
  • Performing Laybys In Retailer Roam
  • Performing Sales in Retailer Roam
  • Importing Retailer Roam Ordering Files
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Retailer Roam
  • Setting Up Retailer for Retailer Roam

Offering fresh and evolving documentation for Retailer Roam is another way we are helping new and emerging retailers make the most of the fresh opportunities offered by Retailer Roam. We are loving helping retailers unlock new sales opportunities by disconnecting transactions front sales counter.

A common question we get is: Does Retailer Roam Require An Internet Connection?

Yes and No. You will need an internet connection to install the app and to obtain the base Retailer data. However, when using it, no – it;’s easy and truly portable.

If the location you’re selling from does not have internet connectivity you can use the device to transact, however, you will not receive any product updates or send sales back until the connection is re-established.

There is an ‘Offline Mode’ that can be turned on in settings for a smoother no-internet-connection experience. While in this mode the user will be limited to completing sales with what data has already been pre-loaded on the device. No API calls can be made in this mode, and sales will be stored locally until they can be synced.

There is an option to download all stock-data on the device; so, it can be used offline.

Retailer Roam is portable POS softeware for retailers on the move.

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