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Advice most POS software can’t or won’t provide


Since we own and run shops in which our Tower Systems POS software is used and in which we live the retailer experience personally, we have a perspective that is close to our customers than most POS software companies. It also gets us working with other retailers. It’s that personal contact that prompted us to share this advice and  stock holding and, in particular, being over stocked, with our customers:

Stock in boxes in the back room, in a garage or under tables in the shop will not sell unless it is displayed.

While this will be obvious to most, there are some retailers who don’t get it.

If you do have stock in boxes and no room to display it, consider pausing spending to give you time to convert those purchases to cash.

The alternative is that you do nothing, and your ability to pay bills is impacted.

It’s your business. You choose when to spend and when to not spend.

Some retailers buy friendship through their purchasing. Others like to look busy with a shop bursting with stock. Others buy to feel better about themselves. Spending for any of these wrong is not helpful to the business, not helpful top you.

There are sales reps who would know they are selling stock to a business that does not need it. Shame on them. Shame on them putting their own financial rewards ahead of the evidence of an overstocked and financially stressed business. Sales people doing this are no friend of the business owner.

If you don’t know the current value of the stock in your business, it’s likely you have too much stock.

So, what’s the value of your current stock on hand?

If the value of your non circulation product (magazines and newspapers) stock right now is more than 20% of the total revenue you will make from it in a year, you probably have too much stock. The actual percentage will vary by product category.

There will be some who say the 20% figure is inaccurate and unhelpful. I have tested it in a few businesses and it is a reasonable first step guide.

So, what’s the value of your current stock on hand? Start there. Then look at your non circulation product revenue for the last year. The numbers will support what you currently see in your shop.

If you have boxes of stock that you’ve not opened for six months or more, you have too much stock. If your back room, garage and or under display table space is filled with boxes you have a problem.

The best way to address being overstocked is to stop buying and sell down what you have, and to do so without emotion.

The alternative is that you do not address the issue and the issue swamps you and your business.

It’s black and white – in your numbers and in your business.

This is one example of the practical way in which our POS software company engaged with retailers.

Comparing Epos Now to Tower Systems POS software


We are asked to compare our software to other software from time to time. Over the weekend it was Epos Now we were asked to compare our POS software to.

We’ve not used Epos Now. But we have checked out the facilities listed on their website, and compared these to what we know about our software.

Here are the things we would highlight to anyone considering Epos Now for their business in Australia.

  • We are an Australian software company making software here for local Aussie businesses.
  • Our customer service support in Australian based.
  • There is no extra cost for being able to import invoices or stock files.
  • There is no extra cost to link to Shopify, Big Commerce or others with which we have an integration.
  • There is no extra cost for delivery management facilities.
  • There is no extra cost for integrations to accounting or roster management apps.
  • There is no extra cost for loyalty facilities.
  • There is no lock-in contract, no minimum contract period, no requirement that you give any notice period.
  • You can choose your own hardware.
  • You are not required to use any specific payments platform.
  • There is a library of up to date training videos for you and your staff to learn when and where they choose.
  • The Tower Systems contract is 2 pages long, and it’s in plain English.
  • Our price is our price. There is no pricing time-bomb, no pressure deal, nothing seeking to get you to say yes right away.

Take your time, consider your software needs, ensure that the software meets your needs. Then, read the contract. Only then, if you are happy, proceed with the software of your choice.

Choosing the right software fort your business is a vital business decision. Get it right and you could prosper. Get it wrong and your costs could be far more than you are prepared for.

If you are comparing Epos Now and Tower Systems POS software, talk to a human. Tower Systems is human staffed, with locals. We love talking. retail with retailers. If we think we’re not right for you, we will say so right away.

We are no pressure POS software company.  We want retailers to be happy, confident and prosperous.

17 ways POS software from Tower Systems helps local retailers thrive


But, since we needed a catchy headline for this blog post, we figured we would list 17 for you, because 17 is authentic, and that is what we are, authentic. We are a local Aussie PSO software company that makes and supports POS software for local Aussie retailers.

Let’s get into it. Here are 17 ways local small business retailers can market their shops using POS software from Tower Systems:

  1. Include a promotional message on receipts. This image, or text, is auto-served, making the passive paper document a sales tool, giving you a good reason to include receipts.
  2. Send emails to customers based on past purchases.
  3. Send emails to customers based on timing indicating their next purchase is due.
  4. Sending emails to groups of customers with common interests inviting them to a shared event.
  5. Bundling and promoting BOGO, buy one get one free, or similar.
  6. Running a coffee cards loyalty stamp program but without the stamps. The more people buy, the closer they are to redeeming their free gift or purchase.
  7. Running discount vouchers that offer cash off the next purchase based on this purchase.
  8. Bundling kits made of individual items that then look like products unique to your business and therefore pitch you in a different light.
  9. Sharing product use information thereby adding value to the relationship with your business.
  10. Shopper loyalty. Old school. Points based. Collect points. redeem. Get stickier with a business.
  11. Converting loyalty points to vouchers and tending these to shoppers to encourage them to return, and spend.
  12. Sell online through a seamless Shopify link and through this reach people who do not shop locally near you.
  13. Manage tracking purchases by local club members encouraging the club and club members to support your business.
  14. See what sells with what and change product locations in the shop to leverage these data insights.
  15. Show shoppers using your software what is sourced locally, thereby encouraging local connectivity.
  16. Replenish so you have stock people want. Empty shelves can’t be sold. Replenishment is a marketing activity.
  17. Share local product use advice and insights with items you sell so people get more form their use.

We have shared this list as encouragement for any local indie small business retailer considering how they can promote their business.

Tower Systems makes POS software for local small business retailers. Our goal is to help you thrive.

POS software connected websites


We are proud to have delivered hundreds of websites for customers. We do this on a fixed price basis. The two e-commerce platforms we love the lost are Shopify and Big Commerce.

Here’s a list of more recently delivered new or significantly enhanced websites:

We have plenty more under development, across a range of retail channels and delivering access to a variety of tech. innovation. We bring our software development skills to our web development, providing solutions in a range of settings and to many different needs.

If you’d like to consider a new website for your business, please email and we will get back to you.

POS software Tyro payments integration helps small business retailers compete


Close to 1,000 local small business retailers rely on the integration of Tyro payments with the Tower Systems POS software.

The integration Tower Systems delivers in its POS software to Tyro payments is secure, fast, safe and well proven over many years. Plus, it has been enhanced to be a current level tech solution for small business retailers.

This is an integration delivered without any penalty cost to retailers, without the need for additional software or a per transaction cost.

As a partner of Tyro from the outset of the Tyro business, Tower Systems has been at the forefront of Tyro advances, encouraging the company to innovate as Tower itself has innovated through its small business retail management POS software. The Tyro payments integration today benefits from the championing from Tower.

From the Point of Sale screen in the POS software, Tyro is instantly and easily accessible for contactless payments as well as chip and pin. Customers can also benefit from the Tower Systems entirely portable POS software where POS is taken on the road for out of store sales using a tablet or iPad to access the Tower software and through this Tyro EFTPOS payments platform.

Tower Systems small business retailers love Tyro EFTPOS for its speed, accuracy, ease of use and settlement options.

The Tyro EFTPOS payments / Tower Systems partnership is one on which small business retailers can rely as an alternative to the big bank approach. It’s fast, secure, safe and time saving. It is a solution for these times, an alternative to POS solutions that impose per transaction costs for payments processing.

More Point of Sale (POS) software companies have shifted focus to sourcing revenue from each transaction completed in retail businesses using their software.

Some even impose a penalty on retailers who choose to use payment methods that do not provide the software company the revenue share.

We think this is what makes the approach a tax. It’s a cost of business retailers using such POS software systems are unable to avoid, unless they switch software.

The integration delivered with Tyro payments is fine of plenty of payments platform integration from Tower Systems. We think it is vital that retailers get to choose the payments platform that works best for their business needs.

Tower Systems is a software company, not a tax collector.

5 ways small business retailers can use POS software to help improve sales counter workflow


Here are 5 valuable and easy to implement ways retailers use our Point of Sale software (POS software) to reduce labour costs in their local retail businesses:

  1. Sales counter workflow. Smooth. Easy. Smart. Accurate. Few keystrokes. Easy for even casual staff who are not in the business often. In our POS software it is smart, efficient, streamlined and labour cost saving.
  2. Match revenue and roster. Focussing on rostering to revenue and revenue opportunity is a challenge for small business retailers. Tools in the POS software from Tower Systems help indie retailers do this with ease and consistency. These are tools retailers love as they can drive revenue reduction and / or labour cost reduction.
  3. Smart stock control including reordering. By eliminating manual processes around placing orders for replenishment stock, retailers are able to, in one place and at one time, accurately create orders based on business performance data.  By ordering based on business activity (sales) the business do working based on success rather than gut feel. A business switching to ordering from within their Point of sale system can expect to free up cash by reducing non-performing stock. This process is further improved through digitally engaged supplier relationships.
  4. Customer management including accounts and loyalty. Through computer-based customer accounts and loyalty management, the retail business is able to transact with customers accurately, in a timely manner and in a way which puts customers first.  Generating monthly customer statements, for example, could take a few minutes whereas manual processes could take many hours and face challenges with accuracy.
  5. Fact assisted decision making.  Too many retail businesses spend too much time spinning their wheels pursuing decisions because they are not using business facts to feed these decisions.  All to often we see poor business decisions made based on emotion and or ignorance rather than historical business data.  Replace the error prone and fact-less approach with a fact-based approach and a business will soon find that decisions are more right than wrong.  Retail businesses can bank on the results.

These are just 5 of the ways in which our Point of Sale software helps 3,500+ small business retailers in Australian and New Zealand to improve the management of their businesses, streamline processes and drive more efficient allocation of labour resources.

When is a software company not a software company?


When they become a tax collector.

More Point of Sale (POS) software companies have shifted focus to sourcing revenue from each transaction completes in retail businesses using their software.

Some even impose a penalty on retailers who choose to use payment methods that do not provide the software company the revenue share opportunity.

We think this is what makes the approach a tax. It’s a cost of business retailers using such POS software systems are unable to avoid, unless they switch software.

The software companies imposing this charge, imposing the requirement that retailers use their payments platform, off of which the software companies profit, say they are doing it to fund software development, to make their products better.

Software companies used to fund development out of software sales and software rental. Plenty of us still do.

By disconnecting the revenue from the sale or rental of the software and binding it to every sale undertakes in a retail business using the software, a software company shifts focus, we think.

One thing local small business retailers hate is imposed fees. That’s what some software companies are doing with this demanded clip from each transaction.

We think better software is created when the success of a software development business depends on the continuous improvement of the software it offers.

Selling or renting the software is clean, neat, and what many of us went into business to do. Pivoting to being a tax collector may offer a revenue bump today, it won’t last.

Retailers will see the per transaction charge for what it is. Software companies imposing the tax will eventually hunt down another thing behind which they can increase revenue. They’d be better off backing themselves and making better software.

Just as local retailers are vital to the local communities in which they live and serve, our locally based POS software company is vital to the community of local retailers and local IT professionals.

Tower Systems is a software company, not a tax collector.

Tower Systems is a small business focussed POS software company developing, and supporting POS software for niche specialty retailers.

Jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, toy shops, produce businesses, farm supply businesses, fishing shops, pet shops, charity businesses, landscape gardening businesses, antique shops, sewing shops, haberdashery businesses, newsagents and more benefit from this software.

Find out more at Call 1300 662 957 or email

Tower Systems first with next generation Linkly Cloud POS software integration


Tower Systems is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with EFTPOS solutions platform Linkly to deliver the first every POS software integration with their next-gen platform: Linkly Cloud V2.

Tower Systems completed formal certification almost 2 weeks ago, the first software company to do so.

In undertaking our software development work for integration with Linkly Cloud we blazed a trail, developing knowledge and assets from which those who follow us will benefit.

This Linkly Cloud integration enhances facilities and options for local small business retailers. It is a beautiful solution that will assist retailer efficiency and business performance.

The POS software / Linkly Cloud integration is available for Tower systems POS software customers for no cost. nThe company funded the development as part of its service of delivering genuine value for its retail business customers.

Tower Systems continues to innovate in the local independent specialty retail space in Australia and New Zealand. This integration with Linkly Cloud V2 is the latest in an evolving series of integrations from the company as it serves retailers with connections that benefit local retail businesses.

Regardless of marketplace, our software is integrated to varying degrees with the following external platforms and opportunities:

  • Tyro broadband EFTPOS.
  • Slyp – digital receipts.
  • Linkly – major bank EFTPOS through this interface.
  • MX51 – links to two major banks currently.
  • Quest.
  • SmartPay.
  • Windcave.
  • Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento and WooCommerce e-commerce.
  • OzBiz accounting software integration and through this to MYOB.
  • AfterPay buy now pay later.
  • Humm buy now pay later.
  • Zip buy now pay later.
  • Message Media text messaging.
  • Message Net text messaging.
  • Govt. approved scale integration.
  • Postec / fuel integration.
  • Epay voucher phonecard sales.
  • Indue CDC (Cashless Debit Card) – product level blocking.
  • DTI – Digital Transaction Intelligence. Electronic receipts.
  • Booksellers book title integration.
  • ChatGPT – for product descriptions.
  • BG and Removal.AI. Image background removal.
  • Deputy, Tanda and PlanDay. Roster services.

This is not the complete list of integrations for our Tower Systems POS software.

Linkly is clear in their mission: Obsessed with creating smooth payment experiences, Linkly delivers superior in-person, online and phone payment moments for all businesses.

Tower Systems is clear in its mission: our purpose is to empower local retailers to thrive.

What does your Point of Sale software cost?


Here at Tower Systems, our POS software pricing is transparent. It starts at $175.00 a month, or $105 a month if you’re a community or charity owned enterprise.

There is no payments fee per transaction. Big overseas software companies are doing this now.

There is no requirement on the EFTPOS platform you use. We direct link to Tyro, SmartPay, Linkly (the big banks) and more.

There is no charge for extra terminals. They’s all included in the price.

There is no penalty charge for paying monthly. Some companies quote a low monthly cost that you need to pay 12 months in advance to get.

No extra charge for e-commerce integration: Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce or Woo.

The pricing page on our website has the details.

We offer an awesome library of fresh training videos.

Best of all, our help desk is locally based and run by humans who do not follow a rigid script. Call us, and we answer.

We understand the importance of local human-delivered support.

Price should not be the only factor in choosing POS software for you business. It is worth researching though, to understand the total cost of ownership of the POS software you have or are considering.

We’re looking for local Aussie wholesalers keen for a better relationship with retailers


Local small business retailers are time-poor.

Too often, wholesalers steal more time with old-school practices, and then they complain when they don’t achieve the sales they want.

Our POS software company, Tower Systems, helps local wholesalers and retailers to work together for mutual benefit.

  • Retailers love electronic invoices for their accuracy and time saved. They also love loading stock files and product image files – saving more time.

  • Wholesalers love the reorder trigger. Retailers love this too when they see revenue lost by not reordering sooner based on projected sales.

  • Wholesalers also love the sales data feed, providing faster feedback on product performance.

  • Retailers love being able to compare supplier performance, side by side.

  • Retailers love loading a catalog without having to key in each item and the special price for the timing of the catalogue.

  • Retailers and suppliers love automation around product returns.

While there are plenty of POS software products in the marketplace, few offer deep and mutually beneficial connectivity for suppliers and retailers.

Here at Tower Systems we understand the value of both sides of the supplier / retailer transactional relationship.

We love helping suppliers grow business from retailers using our software.

We love helping retailers cut suppliers who are not paying their way in the business.

This is all about business after all.

If you are a supplier to local indie retailers, think about your processes and the time commitment you expect from retailers.

If we can help, reach out. We are proud to serve 3,500+ local retailers in Australia.

If you do not provide electronic invoices or an electronic stock file with images, you are costing retailers time. We can help you create electronic invoices to world class standards for not only our POS software but other POS software too.

How retailers feel about a supplier goes beyond the success of the products they supply. The ease and cost of doing business is a key factor. It’s vital you work on that, to make your business more useful, more valuable to retailers.

We own shops and know these things from our own experience. We pursue efficiency and accuracy, hallmarks of local retail success.

The POS system loved by local small business retailers in Australia


Not all POS systems are the same.

The POS system from Tower Systems is Australian made for Australian retailers. It is backed by local support, delivered by humans who don’t push you through a rigid script.

This POS system is small business friendly. It is local business friendly.

Better still, the POS system from Tower Systems does not lock you into a payments platform, it does not require you to use specific EFTPOS. There is no fee relating to payments.

Tower Systems believes retailers should profit from their sales, not software companies. This is why the POS system from Tower Systems is unencumbered with fees and charged you see from other POS software companies.

The Tower Systems POS software pricing is transparent and small business friendly.

There is no extra charge for extra terminal or computer licences. Nor is there an extra charge for advanced reporting or loyalty facilities.

The modest monthly software rental cost includes software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (incl. Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

Save time with electronic invoices from suppliers.

Differentiate with you. Share your product use and care information.

Easy special customer orders. Smart tracking and customer notification.

Make money from pre-orders – Easily pre-sell before release.

Community group pricing. Set pricing rules based on customer type.

Ensure compliance when required with structured age checking.

Then, there are the awesome loyalty tools in this POS software. With many retail businesses running points based loyalty programs, differentiating is key for businesses that want to stand out. This is why our discount voucher loyalty program is loved by plenty of our POS software customers.

First up, while we call them discount vouchers, you can call them whatever you like. We have customers who call these receipt-based vouchers Our Thank You Gift or Bonus Bucks or Customer Reward..

Discount vouchers have been shown to deliver terrific sales boosts. Comparing sales over Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020, we have seen businesses achieve 12% sales growth through the active use of discount vouchers.

Typically, guys will want to spend the vouchers right away while girls keep them and often use them before they automatically expire.

Discount vouchers are easy to setup and run. Our support team can help with this. You can be live in minutes. You can easily change the settings too. The control you have is terrific and the shopper engagement reporting excellent.

Tower Systems is a small business focussed POS software company developing, and supporting POS software for niche specialty retailers.

Retailers beware: transaction fees by POS software companies increase the price of your POS software


Transaction fees make POS software more expensive for retailers. They are a hidden cost of ownership of POS software.

Tower Systems does not charge a transaction fee. Tower Systems does not force you to use any specific payments platform. We think this is what makes the total cost of ownership(TCO) of the Tower Systems POS software so low, and so loved by retailers.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of POS software is the sum of all direct and indirect costs associated with the purchase, implementation, maintenance, and support of the software over its entire lifespan. This includes:

  • Initial purchase price or the monthly rental cost summed over time: The cost of the software license and any associated hardware costs. Tower Systems has a simple monthly rental cost with no requirement to pay a year in advance.
  • Implementation costs: The cost of installing and configuring the software, as well as training staff on how to use it. Tower Systems offers optional training (onboarding).
  • Maintenance and support costs: The cost of ongoing maintenance and support, such as software updates, security patches, and technical support. The cost of support for the Tower Systems POS software is included in the monthly rental price.
  • Other costs: Other costs that may be associated with POS software include credit card processing fees, integration costs with other systems, and downtime costs. Tower Systems does not charge any processing fees or any payments fees.

The TCO of POS software can vary depending on the size and complexity of the business, as well as the features and functionality of the software. For example, a small business with a single retail location may have a TCO of a few thousand dollars per year, while a large enterprise with multiple locations may have a TCO of millions of dollars per year.

Tower Systems keeps the cost of the software simple, easy to understand and manageable for the local specialty retailers on which it focuses.

Here are some tips for reducing the TCO of POS software:

  • Choose a software solution that does not charge transaction fees.
  • Choose a software solution that does not lock you into a specific payments platform.
  • Take advantage of free training and resources offered by the software provider. Tower Systems offers plenty of these.
  • Use the full features of the software to maximise financial return for the business.

By carefully considering all of the costs associated with POS software, you can choose a solution that is right for your business and your budget.

Epos Now compared to Tower Systems POS software for small business retailers


Epos Now is a UK based software company that has a track record of spending big on Google to come up in search results when local small business retailers are looking for software.

We are grateful to have welcomed Epos Now customers over to our Tower Systems POS software platform.

We’re different to Epos Now. We encourage retailers to compare – but before do that, be sure of what matters most to you.

Here’s a video a couple of our team members made talking about Epos Now and Tower Systems.

If you’re happy using Epos Now, we encourage you to continue to do so. This post and the video are for local small business retailers looking for an alternative.

Australian-made POS software for small business specialty retailers


Here at Tower Systems, we develop point of sale (POS) software specifically for small business retailers in a range of niche retail channels. We develop what we sell and support, so you can be sure that our software is designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our POS software is called Retailer, and while it’s been around for many years, what we offer today is technically and visually fresh, up to date, and ever-evolving.

We’ve built it with the input of many hundreds of retailers and today it’s used by thousands of retailers, so we know it’s genuinely useful in a variety of retail situations.

Retailer is used by specialty retailers like jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, toy shops, pet shops, produce businesses, farm supply businesses, firearms dealers, newsagents, adult shops, gift shops, homewares shops, and more.

We release software updates to Retailer several times every year, based on customer feedback. We love this democratic approach, and it’s helped us to make Retailer the best it can be.

The POS software we sell and support today is very different to that with which we started. It’s fresh visually, technically, and functionally. We’re proud to bring this to local retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to our POS software, we also offer a range of integrations that can help your business operate more efficiently and successfully. These include integrations with Xero, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, scales and more.

We also offer a range of back-office tools that can help you run your business well, including repairs software and manufactured goods software. Our repairs software is a great option for jewellers, bike shops, and any business that offers in-house or external repairs to customers.

We’re a proud team of software professionals who are passionate about helping small business retailers succeed. We’re grateful to our customers for their business and for their recommendations. Their guidance and support has been invaluable to us as we’ve grown the business and helped more retailers run successful businesses.

That’s what our POS software is all about: helping local independent small business retailers run efficient businesses they enjoy. We love seeing that, and we’re here to help you make it happen.

So if you’re a small business retailer looking for a POS software that’s designed to meet your specific needs, then contact us today. We’d be happy to show you how Retailer can help you run a retail business you enjoy more.

Retailers loving the latest POS software update


We released a major software update around 10 days ago following a comprehensive beta release program. This update delivers net new facilities in our POS software, across a range of vertical markets in which we serve.

We are grateful to the many customers who engaged with us through the pre development consultation process and those who submitted their businesses to the beta release program. Your help has resulted in a wonderful product.

It is a buzz seeing how many of our customers have loaded this update already and started using it.

POS software Insights Dashboard helps retailers focus on decisions for success


Retailers in local small business shops can feel alone sometimes when working on their business. They can sometimes get lost in a cave of thoughts without seeing a way out.

We thought about this and considered the thousands of different retailers in our POS software user community, and we developed the Insights Dashboard in our POS software, to deliver easy access to local small business retail insights that any retailer could leverage, regardless of size, location, specialty area or setting.

We wanted to ensure that what we delivered would be useful regardless of level of business management literacy and financial management literacy. We wanted to deliver the insights without the retailer having to seek them out. We wanted to genuinely add value to what a local small business retailer could gain from using our POS software.

So, via the Insights Dashboard in our POS software, we provide insights in business critical areas – with the insights delivered visually.


Gives you a snapshot of the overall sales & liabilities as it stands today. This is a quick view of how you are doing right now.


This gives you a visual understanding of what is not performing in your business.  Deadstock in any business is lost cash.  This report gives you the ability to make decisions on this underperforming stock whether it be discounting or other stock reductions strategies to unlock this lost cash.  


This give you a list of items that have sold out and potential missed opportunity. The visual sales history will assist in ensuring the right items are restocked to ensure future revenue is not missed out on.


This gives you an insight to consumer basket analysis. Through this you will see exactly what stock items sell with other stock items and from this you will be able to leverage upsell opportunities, co-location and promotion opportunities.   This also shows the sold alone percentage so you can see item upsell efficiency.


This provides a in-depth visual overview of all the retailer audit log records by reason, number of occurrences by time day. This will assist in identifying staff theft/training issues that may need to be addressed within the business.


This is a visual overview used to detect any quiet or peak times in your business by displaying over the week as well as detailed by hour.

The Insights Dashboard in the Tower Systems software is proving to be a winner for local small business retailers. The feedback has been wonderful, especially when people tell us their surprise at being guided to know more about their business than they could have known previously. This is a goal of our Insights Dashboard – showing retailers what they did not know.

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