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Happy halloween

It’s Halloween in Australia. We have been helping retailers celebrate. Here is a terrific poster from our in-house creative team that was created for one group. Boo!

Celebrating the weekend

We’re excited for the weekend…

Bring your dog to work day

Yesterday was a lot of fun in the office.

Awesome POS software for indie retailers, recommended by cats

Have a relaxing Sunday

Take a break, enjoy…


This is the best card for a geek to give. We love it.


Getting our priorities right

halbfastFor breakfast at our head office today we included some tasty Halloween themed treats.

With hundreds of our customers using our POS software embracing Halloween in their retail businesses we figured the least we could do was to eat some scary donuts in support of them.

Thanks to Krispy Kream Halloween is in the air at the office today.

Merry Christmas from Tower Systems


Fifteen years on Friday breakfast tradition continues

Fifteen years after we started providing free breakfast on a Friday to our team members the tradition continues. The photo shows the selection available today – a mix of savory and sweet pastries fresh this morning from our local Brumbys small business bakery.

This Friday breakfast selection is in addition to an excellent range of biscuits available every day and five different blends from our commercial nespresso coffee machine. IT people need to fuel up, on a Friday especially.

ShopBot POS software enabled robot close to launch

Trials of ShopBot, our shop floor robot, indicate that we will meet the commercial target release of June this year. Retail staff are set to be a thing of the past with the Point of Sale software integrated ShopBot.  Besides selling product and taking payment from the shop floor, ShopBot will automatically order from suppliers and network with other ShopBots to track and apprehend would-be shoplifters. Retailers will be able to deploy ShopBot for the cost of 10% of an employee’s wage for a year.

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