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Tower Systems is not your usual POS software company


We help retailers grow their businesses.

When I started Tower Systems I wanted it to be more than a regular POS software company. I knew we would only sell to independent small retail businesses and only develop software for specific retail niches.

I also knew I wanted us to help beyond the software itself.

On an average day, we help retailers buy better, discover theft, improve efficiency and increase the average basket size.

We train our front line people in business so they can help your business. They are not your usual POS software help desk people.

We also help by creating marketing collateral, like this new poster we created in-house for fishing and outdoor businesses that use our software:

Or this one for pet stores:

Let us show you our POS software. Email sales@towersystems.com.au or call for an obligation free demonstration:

  • WA / SA/ VIC: Tim Batt. 0401 833 917.
  • NSW / ACT / TAS: Nathan Morrison. 0417 568 148.
  • QLD / NT: Justin Randall. 0434 365 789.

We are proud to serve 3,500 specialty retailers with our software.

Mark Fletcher
Managing Director
Tower Systems International (Aust.) Pty Ltd
M | 0418 321 338.  E | mark@towersystems.com.au.


Sunday retail management advice: say no to poor customer service and improve your business

Tower Systems is thrilled to have won several more customers from a competitor this month. We have done this on the back of delivering better customer service.

Good customer service from your POS software company can improve your business.

One customer switching lost important business data as a result of poor service from their old POS solution provider.

Another customer switching lost hours of time as a result of delays in help desk assistance from their POS solution provider.

This is our retail management tip today – use POS software from a company that delivers timely, professional help desk customer service on which you can rely. You will save time and money.

Inside our POS software company: recording more videos

Our studio has been busy recorting more interviews with people inside Tower Systems for the series Inside our POS software company. The next round of videos should be on the website within the next week. In you’ll get to meet more of the people who make Tower Systems a valuable business partner.

See inside our POS software company, watch these videos

Tower Systems leads in its various marketplaces in the transparency stakes. Not only are the contact details of our management and ownership readoly available, we have published a series of professional videos featuring interviews with key Tower Systems team members.

These videos show the human side of the company. They also show off our depth of commitment and the extraordinary history help within the company and its team members.

While we’re much bigger than those show in these videos, they do provide an insight into some of our team members.


The Point of Sale software sale process

Here’s a terrific video of a conversation between Tim Batt our State Sales Manager for Western Australia and South Australia and Mark Fletcher our Managing Director about how we sell our Point of Sale software.

This video is another insight to who we are and what we do here at Tower Systems.

Inside our POS software company part 15

Meet Tim Batt a senior account manager handling sales in Western Australia and South Australia and see first hand the point of difference Tim brings to the Tower / retailer customer relationship.

This video is another example of transparency about our Point of Sale software company and that we’re a genuine team here.

Inside our POS software company part 14

Ben Kay has had many years experience with Tower Systems in a range of roles including retail management. This broad experience brings to our software development team a knowledge and experience that helps us provide our customers with relevant and genuinely useful Point of Sale software. Meet Ben…

This video is another in our Conversations with series showing off the real people in the Tower Systems team, people we are proud of.

Inside our POS software company part 13

Meet Jim Law, another member of the help desk team at our POS software company.  Jim delivers excellent advice in a cheerful manner – customers love this.

Jim is another example of the real support we provide showing that we’re a transparent software company proud to show off its team members.

Inside our POS software company part 12

Tower Systems has a track record of cultivating talent and promoting from within and there is no better example of this than Gavin Williams, the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Check out this video of Gavin talking about his current role and his journey to this position of leadership within our Point of Sale software company:

Inside our POS software company part 11

Meet Paul Stamp one of our skilled on-site installation and training people at Tower Systems. In this video Paul shares some insights and experiences from the work he has done with retailers in implementing our Point of Sale software.

Inside our POS software company part 10

Meet Natasha Assetta, our receptionist and admin person here at our Point of Sale software company.

This video, like the others in this series, provide an insight into the real people behind our company – real people who help our customers achieve great things using our Point of Sale software … from our reception desk throughout our company.

Inside our POS software company part 9

Meet Mark Fletcher the owner of Tower Systems as he is interviewed by two other Tower team members – Gavin Williams and Mike Hill. This is another unscripted behind the scenes look at what makes our Point of Sale software company different.

Tower Systems provides personal service delivered by real people. This video and others in the series show customers and prospective customers who they get to work with to unlock the best value possible from their Point of Sale software.

Inside our POS software company part 8

This latest video behind the scenes at our Point of Sale software company introduces another long-term Tower veteran Mike Kite. Mike manages our installations process, helping transition people through installing our system – including managing and testing all hardware we supply.

This video provides another excellent natural and unscripted insight into Tower Systems.

Inside our POS software company part 7

Managing stock is a key function in retail and a key requirement for Point of Sale software. In this video meet Phil Prior, an expert in this area and a driver of our live online training workshops.

Through this and other videos tower Systems is showing the real people behind its exceptional support of small business retailers.

Inside our POS software company part 6

Providing access to support of our Point of Sale software in Mandarin and Cantonese languages as we have done for close to ten years demonstrates a level of care and attention to the needs of our customers. Check out this conversion with Tim Chwee and Jeremy To as they discuss providing this service.

This video is another look behind the scenes at Tower Systems.

Inside our POS software company part 5

In this video from our series introducing some of the real people who help us be the Point of Sale software company we are we introduce Tony Smith, a respected and loved member of our help desk team.

Tony is unique in the IT world. His farming background is invaluable in showing off the Tower Systems point of difference.

Inside our POS software company part 4

Customer service is important at our Point of Sale software company and this video featuring Mike Hill, our Customer Service Manager, illustrates the value we place on serving our customers.

Mike brings a real-world experience and a passion for customer service that sets us apart from other software companies, especially those companies providing faceless service.

Inside our POS software company part 3

Jonathan Tay is our Business Relationship Manager, serving in a new role we created late last year to better serve our Point of Sale software customers. In this video, the third in a series of conversation with people from inside Tower Systems, we learn more of Jonathan’s time with the company.

This video further shows off the depth of skills available from within the company.

Inside our POS software company part 2

Here is the second video in our series Conversations in which we feature team members from inside our Point of Sale software company. In this video we meet long-term team member Simon May, our Technical Services Manager talking about installing our system in retail businesses.

Simon’s experience is a key point of difference delivered by Tower Systems. His knowledge of our various marketplaces, our software and the history of the company offer a depth of service rare in software businesses today.

Inside our POS software company part 1

We are producing a series of videos featuring conversations with various team members in our Point of Sale software company. The first video featured our Chief Operating Officer Gavin Williams talking abut his work helping retailers investigate employee theft.

This video was shot on a casual Friday – hence Gavin’s clothes supporting his beloved Carlton AFL team.