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Awesome Australian made music shop POS software

The music shop POS software from Tower Systems is packed with facilities music shops can use to run more efficient and enjoyable businesses.

  1. Say goodbye to LayBy With our buy now pay later options.
  2. Serial number tracking. Record vital details that customers will appreciate.
  3. Instrument care. Include on receipts details for proper care of the instrument purchased. This can be included automatically.
  4. Repairs management. Tracking from when the instrument is Brough in to when it is collected.
  5. Make more money offering special orders that you can easily track from the counter and notify shoppers by email or text when the goods arrive.
  6. Get one-time-only shoppers spending more with an awesome and differentiating loyalty facility.
  7. Sell online easily, direct from your POS software. We link direct to Shopify and Magento.
  8. Bring customers back with reminders on dates important to them including product tune / service opportunities.
  9. Save money on bookkeeping by integrating with Xero easy to use accounting software.
  10. Make more money from the one time only shoppers.
  11. Save time, load electronic invoices from suppliers.

Respecting the capital needs of retail, our music shop POS software is available for rental for $145.00 a month. For this you get…

  1. Specialty music shop POS software developed in Australia.
  2. Software updates as we release them.
  3. Unlimited licences for your retail location. If you need an extra computer, there is no extra software cost.
  4. Shopify / Magento / Woo link. Easily sell online from your POS software.
  5. Xero link. Easing bookkeeping costs and streamlining accounting.
  6. Our OzBiz link – connect to MYOB and Quicken through OzBiz.
  7. Tyro link – safe, fast and easy EFTPOS link for streamlined sales.
  8. PC Eftpos link – easy EFTPOS processing for the major banks.
  9. Easy buy now pay later thanks to Zip Pay and Humm – that Boomers, Gen Y, Gen X and others are using more and more.
  10. Support – help desk access, unlimited training, updates and more.
  11. User documentation. Access to our searchable knowledge base.

The $145.00 is charged per 30 days, in advance. Access can be cancelled at any time. You can also choose to purchase the software outright.

We are local. Tower Systems serves 3,500+ specialty businesses. If you think we could help you, please call…


POS software for music instrument shops

Tower Systems is thrilled to offer POS software that serves the needs of music instrument shops. An experienced music instrument retailer and repairer discovered our software and let us know that we have facilities in the software ideal for their business.

The facilities in our POS software that can be useful in music instrument sales and repair include:

  1. Repairs management – including in-house and out of business repairs.
  2. Serial number tracking. Some instruments come with a unique serial number. This can be tracked to the customer.
  3. Product care support. This is a big help as some musical instruments require special care and that this can be automatically served is a bonus.
  4. Handling customer special orders. This is a real treat as many instruments are sold as a special, one-off even, order for a customer. Being able to record and track this will help.
  5. Managing bundle sales: instrument, case, warranty coverage.
  6. Tracking product purchase anniversaries. This can help with marketing back to customers to guide them and encourage them for future purchases, or for warranty or care support.
  7. Flexible management of the application of freight costs to product sale prices.
  8. Webstore data flow for easy online selling.
  9. Payment options for instruments including buy now pay later.

These facilities are in addition to the awesome facilities you expect to see in good POS software for small business retailers.

The software can run in a single store as well as multiple stores. This sees it working well for local small businesses as well as bigger businesses with multiple outlets.

Tower System is grateful for the opportunity to help local and independent music instrument and repairs businesses to better serve in their local communities and online.

It is said that music is life. Helping local music shops helps local communities in our eyes and that is a wonderful use of our software. We are grateful to have been found to have something of usefulness for local music and instrument retail businesses.

We love it when our software is food to be useful in another marketplace, one in which we have not been specifically targeting in the past. But here we are: music instrument shop software!