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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

See our POS software running live in one of our shops


One of the benefits of us owning and running retail shops is that we can offer a live and behind the counter demonstration of our POS software.

Retailers considering our Tower Systems POS software can get in behind the counter, watch transactions, and even do transactions so that they get up close and personal with the software in a live situation. Better still, they can talk to our store managers and team members on a retailer to retailer level and ask any questions.

Typically, these visits happen without sales people there, offering a more authentic opportunity to see this POS software live.

We also have customer who watch from the customer side of the counter, to see how that plays out, the workflow and efficiency.

Some retailers like to look in the back room and see any back office management using our POS software – where stock bay be arrived into the business,s stock scanned out to be returned to suppliers or other more office related work undertaken.

Having shops available for retailers to visit is a unique situation. We are not aware of any other Australian POS software company that has this resource – shops they own and run where their POS software can be seen, used and observed first-hand.

POS software démonstrations are good and can show off the detail of how the software works. It is in-store where you get to see real life situations, how the software can help with queries, actually save time, genuinely cut mistakes and more. It is in smooth workflow in specialty retail settings that the Tower Systems POS software shines and we think our ownership of retail businesses is a factor on the tuning of our software to a level that it is easily seen as valuable.

We have more retailers going through our softens for personal in-store demonstrations and hands-on use this week. It’s all organised through our sales team: or 1300 662 957.

We do have retailers who just turn up at one of our shops and look and while there is no barrier to this, it’s more respectful of our retail team members if we schedule the visit as in the shops we put the needs of our retail customers and our retail team members ahead of everything else.

So, come see awesome locally made and supported POS software live in one of our shops, serve some of our customers and see whether it suits your own business.

By Mark
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