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Small business retailers love optimistic message

We have received a terrific reaction to this graphic that we released a few weeks ago. Developed initially for internal use, we let it drift out with some of our communication and the response has been wonderful. Kudos to the creative folk in our company who created this message. #proud


New hire for the Help Desk

With interviews completed Friday last week, we are pleased to announce the hiring of someone for the new role we have created on our National Help Desk.  We will announce more details about our new employee Tim once he has completed training and has started to take calls.  We are committed to transparency around our expansion, to demonstrate that it is real.


Tower Systems at the Sydney GNS Fair

gns_sydney.JPGOur stand at the GNS Market Fair in Sydney this weekend has been busy with existing customers asking questions and prospective customers seeing what we do which is different.

While the hardware we had on show drew interest it was our software, a key Tower Systems point of difference, which drew the most attention. With so many innovations released in recent months we had plenty of points of difference to show off.

We have repeated our offer of $1,000 off the GNS account for any newsagent buying our software at the trade show. We are grateful to GNS for allowing us to run this promotion.

The photo features Nathan Morrison, our NSW State Manager.  Nathan is the best newsagency software sales person in the country.  This was evidenced by the warm greeting many of his customers had for him on our stand.  To have customers from years ago walk up with a smile and shake his hand shows the honsety of his process and their happiness being part of the community Nathan brought them to.

I am indebted to Nathan for his commitment to newsagents and to Tower Systems.

Access POS, a NSW based software company serving newsagents did not participate in the one trade show for newsagents in NSW this year.  This is a surprise and leaves us and others at the show wondering if they are scaling back their interest in newsagents.


Easter, hot cross buns and traditions

office_easter.JPGWhile Friday is the day of the week we usually provide a large tray of pastries for breakfast, we wanted to help our hungry team turn their mind to Easter traditions today and so we rustled up some delicious hot cross buns from a local bakery this morning.  We will do this again Thursday.  The fruit in the background is what is left from our usual weekly (Monday morning) fruit delivery.  The fruit offers a healthy balance to the breakfast bars, candy, sweet biscuits and fresh ground coffee available for everyone from our kitchen.


The company book club

We have a book club of sorts within Tower Systems.  If someone in our company reads a book which they consider relevant to our business then we share it around, often purchasing the hardcover, a couple of audio book copies and a download or two.

We are not too formal in our approach, often talking through the course of business about learnings from the book.

Right now, eight of us are on the same book – probably one of the most exciting and relevant in recent years.  I am particularly excited hearing comments from people as they move through the book.  I especially like the challenges to our traditional business model.  This is what the ‘book club’ is all about – pursuing change within our business model.

We are cynical about business books.  Some of us have read too many which are a waste of time.  Occasionally, as is the case at the moment, a book comes along which you can read and re-read because of the usefulness and challenges of the content.


Tower stress ball in Cambodia

123.JPGThe Tower stress ball is currently enjoying experiencing sights and sounds of Cambodia thanks to Luke Corbin who recently left our admin team to travel through cambodia and then complete University studies back here in Australia. Click on the image for a larger version of the quintessentially Luke photo.


Christmas at the office

officechristmas08.JPGChristmas decorations were spread throughout our Head Office last week from the reception desk to the back rooms.  We have traditional santas greeting visitors as they arrive and watching over us at our desks.  It’s a bit of fun in an otherwise traditional software development environment.  What is special is the gifts which appear on the desk.  On Monday, Santa’s Little Helper snuck in when we were closed and delivered treats to all of us.  This is pretty special.  I’m thrilled people acknowledge their colleagues this way.

Some of us, though, baulk at wearing reindeer antlers as we work through the day.


Wayne is 21!

wayne.JPGWayne Tranter, a valued member of our installation and training team, turned 21 on Tuesday this week. To celebrate, his parents organised a surprise, a limousine to pick him up from work – we helped out in co-ordinating his roster to fit with their secret plans. Wayne turned crimson when his parents walked into the Help Desk room Tuesday afternoon unannounced.

Some of Wayne’s colleagues took him to lunch to celebrate the big day.

In a practical sense, Wayne turning 21 is a big deal for us because it is now much easier to organise a rental car. Wayne travels most weeks and in many locations the rental car agencies will not rent to a driver under 21.


Amy marries Damien

amyanddamien.JPGAmy Fletcher, my niece and a receptionist / administrator at our Head Office in Melbourne, yesterday afternoon married Damien Fussell.

It was a privilege to be at the wedding and reception. Amy looked stunning in a wedding dress which captured her unique style. Damien scrubbed well too.

Amy has been with Tower for two years.  She came to us after we had gone through a number of receptionists in quick succession. Her arrival brought a stability and charm this this most important part of our business.

We’re looking forward to her return from honeymooning in Queensland.