Speed is vital at the sales counter of any retail business, especially in small retail businesses where labour costs are constrained and more has to be achieved with less.

Tower Systems helps small business retailers process transactions quickly with attention on POS software design and execution for fast throughout.

Sales transaction time is further cut with our standard computer hardware spec requiring solid state drives.  SSD technology delivers excellent response times compared to the older and cheaper HDD technology.

Tower Systems reset its HP computer specs ages ago to SSD to setup small business retailers for faster throughput at the counter. The result in businesses using the new technology is terrific. The result from customers has been terrific. They are thrilled with the results as are we.

The combination of elegant and efficient software running on best practice fast hardware is a speed at the counter retailers and their customers love.

We showed off the speed of SSD over HDD in a shoot-out video we made in house showing load and other times – so our customers could understand the speed difference between current (SSD) and old (HDD) technology.