You get what you pay for when it comes to computer hardware.

Buy cheap and it will cost you the same or more over time than the quality, bran d name, hardware you may think is too expensive today.

It makes us sad when we see companies selling cheap hardware to retailers. Usually, this is hardware not suited to the job of robust retail. Sometimes, it is secondhand hardware refurbished to look new. Other times, it is hardware sold as X when, in fact, it is Y … slower, less capable.

Cheap hardware is cheap for a reason. Corners have been cut on quality, speed, capacity or all three or a mixture thereof. It is cheap for a reason.

Cheap hardware is false economy, a poor business decision.

Too often we see small business retailers ripped off by slick sales people who spin and spin and quickly confuse retailers into buying what they think is a quality ideal solution when, in fact, it is a cheap and inappropriate solution.

Cheap hardware sucks. It is not cheap in the long run for a business.

Here at Tower Systems, our hardware is more expensive. For computers, we use HP, Hewlett Packard. High quality. backed by an on-site warranty. Fast. We use it ourselves, in our businesses.

Buyer beware is the best advice anyone can give when it comes to buying hardware for your retail business.