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POS software from Tower Systems helps retailers manage duty free sales and tax free sales


For years, Tower Systems, through its POS software, has helped retailers who do duty free sales and tax free sales to easily manage them at the sales counter with good record keeping, streamlined workflow and sound business management practices guided for the employees of the retail business. Let’s break that down:

  • Streamlined Workflow: This POS software from Tower Systems automates tasks and calculations associated with duty free and tax free transactions, reducing the time it takes to complete a sale. This minimises wait times for customers and frees up employee time to focus on other tasks or provide better customer service.

  • Easy Record Keeping: Tower Systems’ POS software ensures accurate and efficient record keeping for all duty free and tax free sales. This can include capturing customer information, flight details, and itemised receipts that meet customs regulations. Having this information readily available simplifies reporting and audits.

  • Sound Business Practices: The POS software from Tower Systems guides employees through the duty free and tax free sales process, ensuring they follow all the relevant regulations and procedures. This can help to minimise errors and ensure that the retailer remains compliant with all the requirements.

  • Improved Customer Service: By streamlining the sales counter processes for duty free and tax free sales, employees can focus on providing excellent customer service. This can mean spending more time with customers to answer questions, recommend products, and create a positive shopping experience.

Tower Systems has offered POS software for managing duty free and tax free sales for many years. Retailers are able to identify products that have the tax free status if they have products that do and do not have tax applied to them.

The best way to see if this POS software may suit your needs in magazine duty free and / or tax free sales is to see the software for yourself. This can be done via a personal and one-on-one demonstration where you outline what your business needs and the software functions in those areas can be shown. If the software is not right for the needs you have outlined, we will say so. It’s not in our interests to promote our software where we know it will not suit your needs.

If you do duty free sales and / or tax free sales, take a look at the POS software Tower Systems offers.

By Mark
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