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Thank you to 1,842 newsagents: industry standard newsagency software helps so many


Our newsagency software continues to attract new customers, 41 so far this year, for which we are sincerely grateful.

We help newsagents run valuable and enjoyable businesses. Our newsagency software helps you evolve your customer mix and grow business performance.

Our software also handles so much:

  • Link to TheLott via XchangeIT for sales capture.
  • Link to XchangeIT for magazine arrivals and returns.
  • Managing home delivery for those who do this.
  • Electronic invoices from all major card companies.
  • Integrated EFTPOS with all banks, save time, cut mistakes.
  • Easily pass on EFTPOS fees via an auto calculated surcharge.
  • Seamlessly connect to an online store and sell 24/7 outside your area.
  • Link with xero for up to date and tame saving accounting management.

We are the only software company to own and run newsagencies. We bought our first in February 1996. We continue to love running newsagencies. We understand how important good customer service is for newsagents.

Rent our newsagency software for a few dollars a day.

Rental includes: software for all computers in a location, help desk access Mon-Sat, knowledge base access, integrations with: Shopify, Big Commerce, Xero, Deputy, Tanda, Planday, Slyp, Tyro, major banks, SmartPay and more.

We have released other changes that are getting cheers from our customers:

  • A ChatGPT integration that generates product descriptions for your consideration. This can help create more compelling descriptions.
  • An international barcode database lookup integration that makes adding new products faster and more accurate.
  • Auto background removal of photos you load, making them more useful for links to websites: Shopify, Big Commerce and others.
  • Free integration with, to drive local shopper traffic.
  • Shopper self-checkout version.
  • A portable sell from anywhere / anytime solution for large properties, local markets and pop-up retail.

See this software for yourself. Click here for a recorded demo. We don’t collect your details, and you can share it will colleagues. If you’d like a personal demo to explore your specific business needs, please call us on 1300 662 957 or email our team on

You choose how much training you want. Plus, you have easy access to a training library in short video format, for anyone in the business, free.

The latest release of the Tower Systems newsagency software iOS out now and it’s causing a buzz thanks to new features newsagents can use to run more efficient, successful and valuable businesses.

All of us at Tower Systems say thank you to 1,842 newsagents using the software today and those on the path to joining our community.

By Mark
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