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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Tower Systems has the best bike shop software for high street bike retailers and here is why


Specialist Bike retail is tough, we get that.

We see the assaults from online as well as from retailers selling cheap products at prices that challenge.

We understand your passion for cycling and offering the best service for your customers.

Serving close to 200 bike shops with our specialist bike shop software, we have experience that can help. Here is why and how:

  • Tower Systems is 100% Australian owned.
  • Our bike shop software is regularly enhanced based on advice and feedback from Australian bike retailers.
  • We will NEVER sell our software to a pure online business because we believe in the importance and community service of bricks and mortar bike shops.
  • We put bike retailers first as you are our customer, not the company that makes the bikes you sell.
  • We train you in your business, face to face.
  • Our support is Australian based, 24/7 and specialist to your needs.
  • We develop the software. We are not agents.
  • Our software is developed for you. It is not US or Chinese software.
  • You have access to more than 130 training videos.
  • You have access to a comprehensive, self-serve knowledge base.

Facilities in our bike shop software include: sales, customer loyalty, integrated eftpos, repairs management, special orders, gift cards, employee tracking, inventory management, specials / catalogues / offers, web-store interface, Xero interface, product care instructions, customer follow-up marketing, performance reporting, theft management, second-hand goods management, bundling pricing, servicing assistance / management, employee rostering and plenty more.


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  • I run a bike maintenance & repair business and want my customers to book their servicing online themselves, also want to sell bike servicing packages online. Does your software do this?

By Mark
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