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Independent bike retailers benefit from specialist bike shop software helping with repairs, shopper loyalty and supplier relationships


The latest release of the Tower Systems bike shop software offers independent bike retailers even better tools for serving customers, nurturing loyalty and making the business more valuable.

As the largest specialist bike shop software supplier in Australia and armed with new stronger bike shop software Tower Systems is set to help even more bike retailers drive efficiency and compete through high street stores with aggressive online bike retailers.

We back our specialist bike shop software with specialist bike shop software training – developed specifically for this purpose to help bike retailers learn more from their software and to extract more value for their businesses. This is core to our service as a vertical software company – ensuring we deliver tools unique to the needs of our customers so they may, in turn, deliver services that are unique to their customers.

Our customers love that in dealing with us they are able to deal directly with the software development company. We develop our software. When we promise a change we deliver it. We are not relying on another company to deliver this. This is important as our customers can trust us to deliver tools that help them build trust with their customers.

To consider the Tower Bike Shop Software for your business, call one of our account managers and they will arrange a personal face-to-face demonstration where you can have your questions answered and where you can see the software for yourself in your own situation.

Bike retailers love the Tower Bike Shop Software for many reasons:

  1. It is software designed specifically for bike retailers.
  2. Includes bike workshop management facilities.
  3. Excellent shopper loyalty facilities with four different loyalty approaches available.
  4. Regularly updated software. You choose when you update – to suit your business.
  5. Software enhancements based on bike shop user suggestions.
  6. Live in-store face-to-face training.
  7. More than 130 training videos for refresher training.
  8. Live help desk support where you talk to a human on the phone. No faceless email type support here.
  9. Electronic invoice and stock file connections with bike shop suppliers.
  10. Free weekly online user workshops for bike shop owners and staff offering group training and networking opportunities.
  11. Large user community. More users = more value for you.
  12. Australian made.

No matter what size your bike shop, this software is certain to be ideal given that it’s already in use in large and small bike retail businesses.

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