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Free POS software training for small business retailers


Retailers using the POS software from Tower Systems have access to unlimited free training.

Free training in POS software for small business retailers comes in a range of forms:

  • One-on-one.
  • Group online.
  • Single topic videos.
  • Step by step advice on more than 600 topics.

All of these options are available to all small business retailers using the POS software. However, it is the one-on-one training retailers love.

Our POS software customers can schedule this when it suits their needs. It can be on one topic or covering multiple topics. There is no cap on the number training sessions. Further, there is no charge for the training – because we know that the better the software is understood the more the customers get from using it. This is a classic win-win.

We moved to a free training model a few years ago, when we uncapped the training a retailer could tap into in a year. Our customers love it. They love that new team members can join their business and receive free training from us. Their business and our business benefit. It’s terrific.

Lowering the cost of ownership of the software makes it more affordable as well as more useful.

By not relying on on our customers getting training from paid consultants or others outside our business is us being accountable to our customers. Too often we see POS software companies pointing their customers to other businesses for training in the software. This detaches them from accountability and removes a wonderful feedback opportunity.

Tower Systems only develops POS software for niche independent small business retailers. Our focus is deep into selected retail channels. Our training is as specialist as our software as it dives deep into each niche version of the software as appropriate to the retail channel in which the person being trained operates.

To tap into our free one-on-one training, retailers connect to our website and use our appointment scheduling software to book their free training time. The can make multiple bookings, ensuring that they have training slots for when they wean them

Free POS software training is a terrific benefit, one we are grateful to be able to offer to retail businesses using our POS software.

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