Tower Systems released new EDI training video for POS software users

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.02.28 amTower Systems has released another training video designed to help retailers get the most out of electronic invoice import facilities in the software. This new video is another extension of the comprehensive video training suite from the company, a suite regularly enhanced as the company invests in more training facilities through which to help retailers get more value from their POS software investment.

With 140 training videos available, Tower Systems has a valuable point of difference for the retail channels in which it serves.


Not all POS software companies are the same

A year ago we released this video to show how we use our own POS software in one of our retail businesses to track sales and grow the business. The video itself generated sales for us as engendered confidence that we’re not your usual POS software company: we use what we sell ourselves, we rely on it to grow our own retail businesses; we share insights from these experiences back with our customers.


Sunday retail management tip: leverage a point of difference on loyalty

11800610_722882817857496_9022396491198622984_n (1)More and more retailers are switching from the old school points based loyalty programs to our discount vouchers. They are finding the vouchers are driving more immediate and more valuable outcomes for retailers – they are driving a better bottom line. We are hearing new success stories daily.

It is thrilling hearing success stories of how businesses have switched from points to $$ loyalty offers. It’s exciting and invigorating hearing of small and independent retailers achieving excellent outcomes for their businesses and knowing that we have played a role in this.

This is our retail management tip today – chase a point of difference, leverage new age discount vouchers and stop using the old points based loyalty offers.

Retailers can call the vouchers what they like. They can also choose how the value on a voucher is calculated and what it can be redeemed for.


New free POS software training opportunities launched

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.11.18 pmTower Systems has launched free POS software training opportunities for small business retailers through to August 26.

This new series of fresh training focuses on business outcomes for retailers using the Tower software.

Covering the why, this training helps retailers move beyond traditional use of POS software and into greater value.

The training is available for free to any Tower Systems customer. It can be undertaken from anywhere with broadband access and a phone. We cover the cost of the call for audio access anywhere in the world.


Buy X get Y free facility in POS software helps retailers compete

The fresh Buy X get Y free facility in the Tower Systems POS Software provides with enhanced loyalty options when considering how to encourage shoppers to spend more.

This facility is particularly useful for habit based purchases, where shoppers purchase an item or a category of items multiple times in a reasonable period of times.

Several retail channels will benefit from the enhanced facilities including pet shops, newsagents, garden centres and convenience stores.

Developed in close consultation with retailers in several retail channel niches, this facility is already in active use thanks to wonderfully supporting customers in our beta release program.

The loyalty options in the Tower Systems software continue to evolve to provide flexibility to retailers keen to offer relevant pitches to their shoppers.

We are grateful to the guidance of customers involved in this latest project.


Smart POS software takes stock performance measurement and management to a higher level

We are thrilled with the feedback on a new report we are trialling in our POS software. Developed with a senior business consultant for a group of retailers in the high ticket price item space, this report provides an alternative view on inventory performance, a view we think many of our customers will find useful as they look to extract more value from their businesses.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.39.36 pm

This latest report reflects further enhancement of the Tower Systems software along a path of continuous improvement and in response to customer requests.

Engaging our development team direct with customers is a most useful exercise for any software company.


No, Aussie retailers, you are not required by the ATO to do an annual stock take

If your retail business turns over less than $2M a year you are not required to undertake a stock take. Click here for the ATO advice.

There are several ways to calculate trading stock. One way is to do a stock take. Our POS software can help any retailer undertake this. Another way is to track all goods inwards and all goods outwards (sold). Depending on your theft situation this leaves you with an accurate understanding of stock.

To check parts of your business, to see whether theft is an issue, you can easily do a spot stock take of part of this business. In a short time this can indicate whether a full stock take is necessary.

Offering a range of options in the stock take area, Tower Systems serves the needs of retailers with flexibility and compliance in terms of the tax office requirements.

We mention this today to provide clarity on what is required of retailers in terms of stock takes.

Of course, some from the lunatic fringe will say we are wrong. We are certain of our advice as we have spoken with the ATO directly as well as with a CPA. Our advice is sound. But we have a warning: this advice is appropriate if you use smart POS software properly. Our software is appropriate as it manages inventory on hand in a manner sought by the ATO.


Why our newsagency software is the best

What makes the newsagency software from Tower Systems the best? Here is our answer:


This is one of our own newsagencies. It is a valuable point of difference.

We have owned and operated newsagencies since February 1996. This has provided us with a live testing ground for innovation not only for newsagents but all retailers.

A software company walking in the shoes of its customers is better resourced to serve those customers than any other software company.

Today, more than 1,900 newsagents use our software. We think this is three times any other.


Another POS software training video from Tower Systems

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.59.19 amWe have launched another training video for retailers using our POS software. This new video is not your usual training – no, it highlights a new feature of the software, something fresh for all users. It provides a high level introduction from one of the architects of the new facility. All customers have been provided free access to the video and plenty have viewed it already. We are thrilled for such terrific engagement.


POS software to shine at Reed Melbourne Gift Fair

11705154_10155758806665142_7798774737494542679_nPOS software company Tower Systems will be showing off its latest gift shop software at the Reed Melbourne Gift Fair in two weeks.

Our involvement is already being promoted in the thick catalogue promoting the fair – sent to all gift shops, suppliers and other retailers in the gift space.

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this fair again this year. We anticipate learning plenty as well as making connections with many possible new customers as we show off what we do pitch the Tower AdvantageTM.

We are especially excited about some surprises we have to share at this marquee event.


Tower Systems POS software website mobile friendly

IMG_8357The reaction to the latest mobile version of our POS software company website has been terrific.

Launched weeks ago, the new mobile website automatically loads when it detects website access via a mobile device.

being a technology company, how we represent ourselves publicly speaks to the relevance of our software and services to the businesses we serve.

The latest mobile website innovation is leading edge. It makes us proud.

All the functionality a POS software user could want is available from the website.


At the Harrogate Gift Fair in the UK

Mark Fletcher, the owner of Tower Systems, is in the UK for the Harrogate Home & Gift Fair 2015. This international fair attracts exhibitors and attendees from around the world.

We are participating by invitation by suppliers with whom we already partner on behalf of retailers see serve using our POS software.

One outcome from participation of the fair is expected to be more help through the Tower software for retailers selling products from suppliers at the fair.

Participating events like Harrogate provide valuable eye-opening opportunities.


More reports knock points based loyalty programs

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 9.43.34 amMore and more reports are surfacing questioning the value of points based loyalty programs.

There appears to be growing fatigue among shoppers with points based programs.

Points based programs are popular with retailers. They do not offer a point of difference to retailers.

While the Tower Systems POS software supports individual, franchise, buying group and other points based loyalty programs, it is our exclusive discount voucher loyalty facilities that offer a genuine point of difference to retailers and their shoppers.

The New Loyalty is a fresh approach to loyalty marketing for retail businesses.


Tower Systems – an awesome POS software company

You guys are awesome and your software is awesomer.

This has to be the quote of the year from one of our customers. It makes us proud that we have made someone so happy.

The comment came about because we have helped a business get into our software and see that not all POS software companies are the same.

The thrill came when they saw what they could earn about their business from our software. A short time and they are loving outcomes being achieved.

We’re here to help.

That’s out motto. We believe it and live it through our cations with and for our customers.


Practical help from speciality POS software for small business specialty retailers

Small business retailers in the niche retail channels of gift shops, garden centres, jewellers, bike retailers, newsagents, homewares shops and several others can rely on the Tower Systems POS software to improve their situation. here are some of the ways retailers tell us they benefit by using the software:

  1. Guide shoppers to spend more in a visit.
  2. Attract shoppers to return to the business more often.
  3. Reduce dead stock.
  4. Reduce theft.
  5. Streamline selling.
  6. Reduce mistakes in sales processing by eliminating double handling.
  7. Better manage employee time.
  8. Better manage supplier relationships through buying based on facts and not emotion.
  9. More effectively plan for the future of the business thanks to access to accurate data.
  10. See things in your business that you may miss today.
  11. Offer a professional experience with personalised attractive receipts, personalised attractive gift certificates, structured Lay-By and a data driven approach to ordering.
  12. We bring structure and ease to the end of shift balancing process.
  13. You can easily manage catalogue and promotional pricing as well as bundled deals and through this drive sales.
  14. There are 100+ reports on which you can rely to assess the business. However, the reality is you will fall in love with two or three reports and rely on these.

Smart POS software helps small business retailers sell Spiderman

IMG_7982Spiderman is a superhero loved by generations. He is more popular today than decades ago thanks to a reinvigorating of the franchise by Marvel.

Retailers using our POS software can track the success of superheroes in their retail businesses. They can do this through a range of views, providing insights beyond what is common in POS software.

The insights can help retailers undertake more finely tuned marketing.

Spiderman, for example, can appeal to a young kid discovering their first superhero as much as he can appeal to a baby-boomer reliving memories of their first Spiderman comic back in the day.

These different customers engage with their fan driven interests in different ways. Thanks to a clever approach to viewing data, retailers are able to treat both interests differently and the same as may be needed from time to time.

This is another smart approach to inventory management from the smart software development team at Tower Systems.


Gift HQ trade show a hit for Tower Systems POS software

IMG_8005We are thrilled with the results of the Gift HQ trade show in Brisbane over the weekend to last night. We connected with many businesses that can benefit from what we offer through our Point of Sale software and our customer service facilities. Having specialist software for each of several niche retail channels helped us serve a broader range of the visitors to the fair.

We also met existing customers to share new facilities in our software.

Gift HQ has been an important extension to our Queensland presence and service. We are grateful of the opportunity to participate.


Using a fresh approach in loyalty to differentiate your retail business

While running a points based loyalty program is what most retail businesses using our POS software do, it is our Discount Voucher facilities that deliver the best results we are seeing.

In our own retail businesses we will report growth of 10% in the three months to June 30, 2015. Much of the success comes down to smart use of Discount Vouchers.

Using our POS software you can run a points program that looks and feels just like what the major supermarkets and department stores offer. It’s easy to setup. Your customers carry a professional plastic card with your brand. Alternatively, you can use Discount Vouchers.

Discount Vouchers don’t need a card – they print on receipts and offer an amount customers can spend right away. Our experience and the experience of hundreds of our customers is that Discount Vouchers drive faster and deeper engagement with the business – making a visit more valuable right away.

dvsthlYou can call the voucher anything you like and change this at any time.

You set the rules on how the value of the voucher is calculated.

You set the rules on what the voucher can be redeemed for.

You set the rules on how long a voucher lasts and whether you can go beyond this.

Male shoppers are more likely to spend the voucher immediately.

Many customers use the voucher to purchase items more expensive than the items in the initial purchase.

Customers see the voucher as cash, often commenting that they like this better than points. They like the transparency.

In our own retail experience where we compete with major retailers in a Westfield centre we have shoppers commenting they like our vouchers compared to the rewards programs of our competitors.

We are confident that our Discount Voucher facilities can help you:

– Get customers spending more in a visit.

– Bring existing customers back sooner.

– Attract new shoppers to your business.

– Drive impulse purchases at the sales counter.

Our POS software discount Voucher facilities have been developed for: pet shopsgift shopsjewellersbike retailersgarden centresnewsagentstoy shopsfirearms retailers and adult shops.

Our retail consultants can help:

  • NSW/ACT/TAS/QLD. Nathan Morrison. 0417 568 148.
  • WA/SA/NT. Tim Batt. 0401 833 917.
  • VIC. Mike Hill. 0423 848 482.

See our company website and our company blog for more information.

You also have access to Mark Fletcher, the owner of the company. His number is 0418 321 338 and his email


More POS software training for the new financial year

Tower Systems has kicked off the New Financial Year with the launch of fresh POS software user training opportunities for retailers who partner with us.

The free online new training is genuinely new: fresh, new topics … designed to help retailers get more from their Tower Systems relationship.

Our customers can book in for the free training now from our website. We send an email with instructions on how to get online.


POS Software training studio busy with EOFY training

IMG_7974The studio at the Tower Systems head office has been busy as we host regular online live training workshops in how to handle stocktake and end of financial year matters using our POS software in the last days of this financial year.

This photo is from the studio during one of our live training sessions. Having a professional studio setup helps us deliver training away from the busy help desk. It’s a valuable point of difference for us.