Tower Systems POS software PayPal integration excites retailers

paypknxHaving briefed retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software at user meetings in recent weeks one of the most exciting features in our new software is the PayPal integration.

Being first to market and with a solution developed in close consultation with and at the request of PayPal, we are positioned to help retailers leverage the marketing and management opportunities available.

At our user meetings we demonstrated PayPal live to our customers, making it easier for them to understand how it could be useful to their businesses.

The PayPal integration is an excellent point of difference in our software compared to others. The user meetings are an excellent point of difference in the service we offer compared to others.


Sunday retail business management advice: 16 ways retailers can reduce employee theft

  1. For everyday items, items most people will use or could convert to cash, use stock control. Enter new stock as it comes in, scan all sales and only reorder based on what you software says. Every month do a stock take. Take cigarettes – Tobacco stock discrepancies are an indicator of theft. Had one newsagent been doing this they would have caught their $250 a day employee theft months earlier.
  2. Scan everything you sell. Do not use department keys as this makes it easier for employees to steal since they know there is no trackback to stock on hand. Using department keys is an invitation to steal.
  3. Do your end of shift through your software and have a zero-tolerance policy on being over or under. Reconcile banking to your computer software end of shift. One newsagency where this was not done was being skimmed regularly for $200 a day.
  4. Do spot cash balancing. Unexpected checks can uncover surprises. One newsagent needing to do a banking during the day uncovered a $350 discrepancy that lead to discovery of systematic theft.
  5. Change your roster. Sometimes people work together to steal. One newsagent found a family friend senior and their teenage daughter stealing consistently.
  6. Check your Audit Log. Look at cancelled sales, deleted sales and items deleted from a sale. Leaving a cash drawer open from the previous sale, scanning items, taking the cash and cancelling the sale is the most common process used by employees to accrue cash they then take from you. Good software tracks cancelled sales and what was in them. This can be matched with video footage.
  7. Check GP by department. If GP is falling outside what you expect, research it further.
  8. Setup a theft policy. Put this on a noticeboard in the back room. Get staff to read it and sign up to it. See the last page of this advice.
  9. Keep the counter clean. A better organised counter reduces the opportunity for theft as it makes detection easier.
  10. Have a no employee bags at the counter policy. This makes it harder for them to hide your cash.
  11. Beware employees who carry folded paper or small notepads. These can be used for them to keep track of how much cash is in the register that is theirs – i.e. not rung up in the software.
  12. Beware of calculators with memories at the counter. One newsagency employee used the memory function to track how much cash had to be stolen prior to balancing for the day – cash from sales not rung up.
  13. Do not let employees sell to themselves. If they want to purchase something make them purchase it from the other side of the counter.
  14. Be professional in your management of the business. The more professional your approach they less likely your employees will steal as they will see the risk of being caught as high.
  15. Advise all job applicants that you will require their permission for a police check. From the outset this indicates that you take your business seriously. In many situations applicants who have been asked for permission to do a police check advise they have found a job elsewhere.
  16. Do not take cash out for your own use in front of employees. If they see you take cash for a coffee or lunch some will see this as an invitation.

POS software on show at Spring Gift Fair in Auckland

springgiftTower Systems is thrilled to be showing off its latest POS software for gift shops at the Spring Gift Fair in Auckland starting from tomorrow.

As the only POS software company at the fair we will embrace helping gift and homewares retailers to make the most of smart Point of Sale software in their business.

We will be showing new POS software for gift and homewares retailers, software is is being released in the next couple of weeks, software that delivers new facilities based on the latest international retail trends for small and independent retailers.

If you are at this terrific Auckland gift fair event, be sure to stop by our stand and say hi.


Professional POS software receipts help small retailers compete

twr-promoreceiptReceipts say a lot about a business from professionalism to confidence to customr focus.

retailers using the Point of Sale software from Tower Systems have plenty of options through which they can customise receipts to better promote their business and serve customers.

Besides accurately recording details of a purchase transaction, retailers use the Tower receipts to drive shopper engagement with activities like their business Facebook page, enter competitions and provide useful product information.

Retailers also use the Tower software produced receipts to indicate cash available as a discount on a future purpose – in the example shown this is called a discount voucher although our retail partners can call it what they like.

Key to all this is that the receipt follows a clean design and is easy to use – with good use of font size and attributes such as bold to draw attention to key call-outs.

Giving retailers flexibility in receipt style and design is a marker of flexible POS software.

A good receipt will drive shopper engagement for a retail business. The latest version of our POS software takes receipt options and opportunities to a new level for our retail partners.

The Tower software supports many receipt variations.


Portable POS software helps retailers sell from the shop floor

twr-portableposRetailers are loving the shop floor portable POS software solution Tower Systems offers.

Retailers are loving that we have a new way of helping them grow their business.

Thanks to refreshed POS software, new wireless portable POS hardware and excellent support from our team we are helping more retailers to bring selling from behind the sales counter and deeper into the business.

From a garden centre employee selling out among the trees to jeweller customer adviser standing with a customer at a display case away from the counter, we bring smart technology to retailers where they need it.

We help retailers sell more effectively.

This smart shop floor technology solution is a next-generation solution fit for all types of retailers, especially the independent retailers we serve here at Tower Systems.


POS software helps retailers engage shoppers in competitions

hmkbbqThanks to receipt options and other facilities in our POS software, retailers can help drive shopper engagement in competitions – such as the Hallmark cards competition offering the opportunity to win a $500 BBQ in participating stores that’s running at the moment.

Retailers can promote competitions like this on their receipts. They can also promote it on customer displays. This type of promotion is free. It is excellent use of existing retail management infrastructure – manages by our POS software as directed by our retailers.

Connecting shoppers on receipts and at other touch points with in-store promotions such as the BBQ prize adds value to the in-store promotion and drives the likelihood of shopper engagement in the promotion.

Smart use of our smart POS software drives better outcomes for our retail partners.  Our help desk enjoys helping retailers to leverage these opportunities.


Helping small business retailers to identify dead stock

Dead stock in a retail business is dead money. Tower Systems helps its POS software users to identify dead stock with excellent reporting tools, understandable business advice and practical help.

Thanks to smart reporting, a retailer using our software can quickly see items which have not sold in a selected period of time. This list can then become a focus of business activity with a view to either returning the stock or acting on it in some other way on the shop floor to turn the stock into cash.

Moving old or dead stock starts with understanding. Our POS software makes accessing this understanding easy. We back this with helpful advice from a small business retailer perspective. This is where our help desk is different what is usual for a software company like us. It’s more practical and outcome focussed.

Moving stock in a timely manner is crucial for all retail businesses. We are proud of the stock management and movement tools we provide access to through our software and the support we provide those using these tools.


New retailer loyalty advice now available

rewardsvoucherWe have published new advice on our knowledge base on how to use discount vouchers to drive shopper engagement in your retail business. This advice is from a business management perspective – beyond the usual  advice you might see from a POS software company.

We have developed the advice from our experience using the discount vouchers in our own retail business.

This latest advice will help more retailers make more money. We like that.


Helping small business retailers save time on POS software data backups

kb-backupOur rich content POS software knowledge base is full of advice and assistance for retailers using our Point of Sale software on how to do safe and fast backups of business data. This advice includes information on off site backups for speed and security in any size and scale of business.

The image shows some of the backup specific content on our knowledge base that can be searched by our customers. This rich resource is in addition to live help desk support available to our users as well.

Offering access to a range of backup options including cloud based services retailers partnering with us have choice available to them.


PayPal innovation spikes interest

We are thrilled with the surge in interest in the last week following the release of details of our long-term partnership project with PayPal.

Thanks to this innovation, our retail partners have options not available with some other POS software companies. This provides them and us with a commercial advantage now.

The support of PayPal through this project has been terrific.


Promoting PayPal as a POS software payment option in-store

paypcomingPayPal is helps partner retailers to promote PayPal as a payment option in-store with collateral and other promotional material and help to drive shopper engagement. Their in-store commitment is another way of helping retail partners to drive business through using PayPal itself as a means of reaching out to new prospective customers.

Our integration with PayPal is at for forefront of integration technology. In our marketplaces we are first to market – driving good business outcomes.


PayPal in-store payment through smart POS software at a simple swish

paypknxscreenPaying via PayPal for anything in a store using our smart POS software is easy. Via the app and our smart integration the retailer will already know about a customer with a PayPal enabled device just as the customer will know about retailers nearby offering the Paypal payment option.

When it comes to paying at the counter, it’s as fast as using a credit card. And certain too with excellent details provided for transparency to the customer.

Refunds are a breeze too.

The integration between the Tower Point of sale software and PayPal is leading edge for us, our software and our retail partners.

We are grateful to PayPal for their support and faith in us.


PayPal POS software receipt improves the customer experience

paypknxreceiptCustomers using PayPal to pay for goods and services in a business using the tower software receive a receipt on their PayPal app – giving them immediate certainty about the transaction and the handling of it by PayPal.

The image shows the receipt issues by PayPal through iteration with our software in a live use a few days ago.

Connecting our software to the secure PayPal server and through this to a customer’s mobile device via the PayPal app is an excellent ethnology feat we are delivering to small business retailers – enabling them to compete with bigger retailers moving to more flexible payment options.

Tower Systems was selected by PayPal to lead this integration in our key marketplace. Being first is an advantage we’re thrilled about.


POS software PayPal integration makes payment easy

paypknxscanHere’s how easy it is to scan a PayPal generated QR code using a scanner in store connected with our POS software. Using the PayPal app you are identified to the store, you swipe to say you want to pay and then scan the QR code.

Fast and easy.

Live use in one of our own shops proves how fast and easy this PayPal payment option is. Excellent security makes it safe too.

The selection of Tower Systems by PapPal is tremendous kudos for our company dour clients. We are thrilled to be first in our marketplace with this.


PayPal payment live use in smart POS software commences

paypknxTower Systems is thrilled that following an extensive joint project commenced with PayPal in 2013 and considerable beta testing and we last week commenced live use of our fully integrated PayPal in-store payment option.

This integrated PayPal payment facility will not only help retailers accept a new form of payment, it will drive traffic to their businesses thanks to the wonderful support of PayPal and the engagement of the PayPal community.

Being the first to market in our specialist retail channels not only gives us a wonderful commercial advantage, it also provides us with experiences that will play out in other areas of our business as we bring on more suppliers with smart POS software integrations.

Tower Systems is proud of the work of its design, development, testing and deployment teams who has collaborated so well with the experts from PayPal on this project.


How data mining through POS software helps retailers increase sales

datasalesA retailer recently asked us how they could increase their sales. After a review of their data we found they had plenty of shoppers purchasing items in the craft / knitting / crochet area. We suggested they source gifts to sell to these shoppers.

Now, three weeks on, they have sold close to $1,000 of the new range of products they purchased to serve these customers.

The retailer is thrilled with the result and encouraged to do more.

In the databases maintained by the Tower Systems Point of Sale software there is gold to be mined in the form of insights about shoppers, their interests and habits. This data can be used to guide buying, product placement and business marketing to deliver a better commercial outcome to the business.

Tower Systems welcome opportunities wot work with retailers to mine existing data to unlock new opportunities.


Beware when comparing support fee costs

A POS software company with which we compete is billing some customers on a six monthly cycle for software support fees. It appears they are doing this to compete with us as they can say their support fee is the same as ours. The reality is their support fee is double ours when we compare as our fee is annual and in a situation we saw very recently their is six monthly.

Caveat emptor: let the buyer beware.

If you are comparing support fees between POS software companies be sure that the fee you are comparing is for the same coverage period. You don;lt want to be caught as someone was recently.


POS software helps retailers better serve collectors of all types of collectibles

collectCollectors come in all shapes and sizes. They are important customers to many types of retail businesses. Some businesses identify them as collectors and others do not. Some bring in product on a regular basis that builds collections over time and to a calendar while others serve special orders driven by customer requests.

Regardless of the types of collectors served and how you may serve them, Tower Systems has facilities within its Point of Sale software to serve the needs of retailers serving collectors. From personal barcodes on products to tracking orders, to tracking collection to managing product shelf life, the collectible product facilities are used extensively within the Tower Systems retail business user community.

The facilities serving the collectibles area is another example of the value of specialist software developed ion close association with retailers in the space.


Tower Systems coming to Auckland Gift Fair

springfairPOS software company Tower Systems will be at the Spring Gift & Homewares Fair in Auckland at the end of this month. This will be our second gift fair in New Zealand this year. We’re excited for the opportunity.

We will be the only POS software company at the fair – showing new gift shop software and new homewares business software. Both are out just in time for the trade show.


Stunning Gift Fair experience

Tower Systems is enjoying an excellent gift fair experience at the Home & Giving show at the Showgrounds in Melbourne. This part of the overall Melbourne Gift Fair is more relaxed than the main hall as it’s away from the city.

The relaxed feeling comes from a more open space, a space where people can engage in business discussions without being cramped or pushed.

So far, three days in, Tower Systems has met with many prospective new newsagency, gift shop, homewares business and garden centre owners and managers. We have had a wonderful opportunity to show off our software and the exciting features available and soon to be commercially available.

As the only software company at the fair we are getting excellent attention. We love it!


Sunday retail business management advice: you are not living a movie

Movies tell us that problems and challenges are often resolved by one big thing or a single move. Life is not a movie though. The challenges in small business retail are rarely solved by a single big move.

In our experience, working with close to three thousand retailers, the best approach to even the toughest challenge is to have many small steps in play to confront the challenge. Such a many step approach is safer and more likely to produce an outcome than a single step approach.

It is rare that there is a silver bullet to solve a problem or turn around a situation.

Unfortunately, sales people selling to retailers too often pitch that what they are selling is the single big thing they can do to make their business better. Of course, it suits them to say that. It is very easy to buy into the spell of a problem solved or a business turned around. It’s human nature to want a simple fix to a major challenge.

The reality is different. The most successful small and independent retail businesses we see through our work at Tower Systems are those engaged in layered, multi-faceted steps to growing the business.

We enjoy helping is big and small moves in client business from providing insights to getting practically involved in the businesses. As retailers ourselves we have many skills on which we can draw.


How we work with small business retailers to enhance our POS software

swspecPOS software company Tower Systems takes a professional and inclusive approach to developing key enhancements to its retail management software. This approach includes preparing written specifications for new functions and major enhancements to existing functions.

Written specifications are peer reviewed and user reviewed, to ensure that they are a comprehensive as necessary to provide the business case and the technical roadmap to creating the required new facilities and or enhancements.

The user review process can also include suppliers to retailers using the Tower software. This can be a drawn-out process given the number of people and businesses involved. the result is better software covering more facilities and delivering better outcomes for customers.

Software development is all about delivering access to facilities that are genuinely useful to our customers. The tighter the management of the development of our software the better the solution.

Too often, software companies in our small business channels develop software without a plan, without standards and without a vision that includes the vision of the end user. The tower Systems approach to structured software development is a key factor in our sales success and in customer retention success.


All POS software has bugs – it’s how the company responds that matters

All POS software, and all software for that matter, has bugs. Some are known and others are yet to be discovered. Having bugs is a function of the human involvement in software development. Bugs are, usually, not deliberate and users of the software are often the first to discover bugs.

What is most important about software bugs is how software companies react.

At Tower Systems we have a structured approach for investigating bug reports and dealing with bugs. We have several checkpoints in the company for proving a bug and ensuring its is resolved. We also have escalation points where team members and users can take queries about a bug to ensure it has the level of attention they want.

Through a structured process of research, development and quality assurance, Tower Systems takes bugs seriously. With thousands of businesses relying on our software we understand the importance of software quality.


POS Software helps small and independent retailers with branding

brandingBranding is important to small and independent retailers and when it comes to branding the Tower Systems Point of Sale software offers a diverse range of business branding opportunities. The opportunities include on receipts – where retailers can include their logo to their specifications, extending the reach of their business brand into the shopping bag, wallet or purse – reminding the shopper of the brand they purchased from.

Tower Systems helps retailers place their brands through written advice, one on one advice, video based training and other assistance.

In one situation recently we helped a retailer rebrand and they were thrilled with the result and the wider reach they were able to achieve as a result.


POS software helps garden centres track cartage

Garden centres and nursery businesses using the Tower Systems Garden Centre software are able to use the software to manage and track cartage costs of raw materials to their business and to account for this in a way appropriate to the inventory management needs of the business.

Software tha can track truckloads of raw materials and at the same time track a greeting card or any other similar small item is powerful and flexible. Indeed, flexibility is a hallmark of the Tower software as it delivers excellent outcomes for retailers in operationally diverse businesses such as a modern garden centre where it can be a cafe, plant shop, homewares shop, services business, raw materials business and adviser.

The Tower Systems Garden Centre Software is flexible and evolving to meet the needs of a continually evolving business model.