POS software helps garden centres track cartage

Garden centres and nursery businesses using the Tower Systems Garden Centre software are able to use the software to manage and track cartage costs of raw materials to their business and to account for this in a way appropriate to the inventory management needs of the business.

Software tha can track truckloads of raw materials and at the same time track a greeting card or any other similar small item is powerful and flexible. Indeed, flexibility is a hallmark of the Tower software as it delivers excellent outcomes for retailers in operationally diverse businesses such as a modern garden centre where it can be a cafe, plant shop, homewares shop, services business, raw materials business and adviser.

The Tower Systems Garden Centre Software is flexible and evolving to meet the needs of a continually evolving business model.


POS software helps retailers win insurance sales

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software have access to facilities ideal for handling insurance sales – of items being paid for by insurers as replacements for items lost or damaged. We have had this facility for years as part of a suite of mature services for retailers serving diverse needs in several marketplaces.

Jewellers, bike retailers, garden centres and homewares stores benefit from these insurance facilities. Insurance companies too benefit in that they can rely on small and independent retailers to be retail outlets for satisfying insurance claims.

Insurance claims is one area of our software where we continually adjust and enhance the software based on customer and other stakeholder feedback.


New POS software receipt options offer even more flexibility

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 7.57.15 amNew Point of Sale software from Tower Systems is offering new style receipts. That is, receipts with new facilities, new flexibility that retailers are sure to love as they make the receipts their own in terms of content and style.

Offering excellent flexibility, the new style receipts offer facilities beyond what can be shown in a single photo. Retailers who have seen the receipts love them and the options they provide – especially options that will help retail businesses grow.

The humble receipt is not humble in the Tower Systems software. It’s a marketing and management tool that will help more businesses grow.


POS software for gift shops shines leading up to Melbourne Gift Fair

aghaThe POS software for Gift Shops from Tower Systems features on the flysheet for the catalogue just sent out to all gift shops and gift wholesalers in the lead up to there Melbourne Home and Giving Fair.

This new marketing extends the reach of the Tower software around Australia and to New Zealand as the company reaches out to serve more small and independent gift shops with software tailored to their specific needs and to help them better connect with their specialist product suppliers.

In addition to pitching the software, the Home and Giving catalogue marketing also provides gift retailers with a link to the Tower Gift Shop Software landing page on our website through which they can learn more about the software and see a video with even more information./

As by far the most widely used gift shop software in Australia and the software with long term and deep connections between retailers and their suppliers, Tower Systems is proud to support the industry association, the AGHA, with this catalogue promotion.


Helping retailers manage and sell hampers using POS software

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.11.20 amWe have scheduled a free online training session for later this month for retailers using our POS software on how to create and manage the sale of hampers in just abut any ape of retail business.

This free live training workshop will cover software settings and facilities that help retailers drive better business outcomes from this. the workshop is part of a regular package of free live training for Tower Systems customers.

Retailers can book online. There is no cost to access the workshop. We even pay for the call for audio content.


Thrilled with POS software stocktake surge

Checking back on POS software customer engagement out of our 2,800+ retail business customers shows an excellent surge in engagement with stock takes. More than any other year. More retailers and a greater percentage of our retail business community.

We are thrilled that so many retailers did stock takes using our software, participated in training, asked us questions and used our software facilities.

It’s a pleasure to see more retailers actually using this time and money saving facility in their software.

The greater engagement encourages us to push again in 2014/15 as it shows the lead up we engaged in this year with free live workshops, free video based training, free one on one training and more all helped to encourage retailers to use their software and benefit from this.

Today, thanks to the push, more independent retailers have accurate stock on hand data as a result of our campaign.


Smart POS software helps gift retailers serve valuable collector shoppers

twr-collectibleThanks to thorough customer care facilities, retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software are able to easily serve product and brand collectors who may shop with the business to build their collections of items dear to their heart.

Serving hoppy shops, gift shops, homewares shops, speciality retailers and newsagents, the collector facilities make it easier for a retailer to track special orders and new editions to a collection as they are released by a supplier.

What is interesting to us is that collectors come many backgrounds and have diverse interests.  We are finding that it is the less traditional collector opportunity where our software can be genuinely useful in helping the collector and the retail business.

The photo is from a fantasy line available through a specialist gift wholesaler in Australia and Tower Systems is thrilled to help their retailers and the wholesaler to better serve collectors of these sought-after items.


The easy way to learn how to use POS software – for retailers & retail employees

towertrainingTower Systems makes it easy for retailers and retail business employees to learn its smart POS software when and where they want through a comprehensive cloud based POS software Training Academy.

Through this exclusive to Tower academy users are able to learn the whole software or just the part of the software they are interested in at that time.

Customers tell us they love this resource and appreciate the investment we make in maintaining it as useful for all retail niches we serve.

The Training Academy is exclusive to Tower and serves as a valuable point of difference – winning new business for us.


POS software advertising screen promotes gift shop software

twr-adscreenThe photo shows how a customer-facing screen in a retail business using our POS software can promote the business to drive impulse purchases to shoppers facing the sales counter. This ad careen and software serving ads on the screen is part of the solution embedded within the Tower software.

Available on a range of computer hardware, the photo shows a new release of the HP all in one POS register. Tower Systems is a key partner of HP.

Note the visual link between the ad on the screen and the pull up banner behind the counter – this shows off how a retailer can visually connect ads and in-store displays.



Portable POS terminal makes shop floor selling easier for retailers

twr-portableposMore and more retailers are embracing the portable POS terminal and POS software from Tower Systems as they leverage the shop floor to win business from browsers before they move out of the shop.

Thanks to smart POS software development and a tight and co-operative partnership with HP, Tower Systems has been offering its latest shop floor solution for some months with plenty of take up.

The new HP / Tower union was on show at a trade show recently (see photo) where it caused a stir with retailers as they expressed excitement at what they saw – a fully function POS software application running wirelessly and away from the counter – delivering the flexibility bricks and mortar retailers have long sought as they compete with online retailers.


Sunday retail business management tip: use your POS software to balance your register

The end of shift balancing should take only a few minutes using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

Once you enter the count for each denomination of notes and coins you’re done and the software does the rest of the key work: banking sheets, business performance comparisons, sales by department and other reporting as may be selected by the business.

The Tower approach is deliberately safe for the retailer in that it reduces the opportunity for theft. It is also fast and structured – helping businesses breeze through the end of shift with speed and certainty.

Good POS software gets these every day tasks right from the outset.

This is our management tip today – use your POS software to guide and manage your end of shit process.


POS software training academy continues to help retailers and retail employees benefit

towertrainingThe Tower Systems POS software Training Academy which offers access to more than 130 video training resources continues to be a loved and embraced resource for the close to 3,000 retailers who partner with Tower Systems.

On the landing page for the Training Academy, retailers can access single training videos as well as curated courses for their particular retail niche as well as for areas of their retail niche.

This unparalleled training resource is valuable not only to retailers Tower Systems partners with but to their employees who can complete learning and receive a certificate of achievement that can help them find future work.

Tower Systems remains alone in offering such a comprehensive service to retailers in its spaces.


VIP discount vouchers take retail shopper loyalty to a whole new level in smart POS software

vipvouchersSome retailers prefer to give customers a card and to accrue points to a loyalty program based on purchases. Others prefer a voucher offering $$$ off their next purchase to drive faster loyalty.

Thanks to smart software development, using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software retailers can  combine both using its- a VIP card and discount vouchers to bring to retailers and their customers.

The combined VIP Discount Vouchers are a powerful double-value customer engagement device – available to all retailers using the Tower software. It’s a facility that has been in the software from the launch of these loyalty tools, something some retailers have been using with success for quite some time.

To help retailers understand the opportunity and to leverage it for their commercial benefit, we have added fresh advice and content on VIP Discount Vouchers to the knowledge base accessible by our customers. This is another way tower Systems is helping retailers to get more from their software.


Loyalty facilities help Pet Shop Software users drive sales

With more of our 50+ pet shop software customers using our powerful front-end loyalty facilities we are hearing some wonderful stories about sales success as a result. In one case recently, just a couple of weeks after installing our software, a leading aquarium business was reporting incremental sales as a result of the vouchers with many of the add-on sales being achieved in the day of the purchase.

Where shoppers infrequently visit a business there is tremendous value to be leveraged through a value-based offer that rewards loyalty if they engage then and there.

The Tower Systems Discount Vouchers facilities offer retailers tools that they can leverage as appropriate to their needs today, next week, next month or whenever.

A bonus is that the vouchers can connect with a VIP card so that the retailer has all details necessary to understand shopper behaviour if that is important to them.

Having options for driving the financial risk and guiding the shopper reward gives the business a smart suite of options they can tweak as needed through the year to make the most pot the loyalty options.


Sunday retail business management tip: demonstrations help drive sales

There is nothing like getting out on the shop floor and modelling, using or playing with products to help drive sales.

High street retail is, after all, tactile.

Retailers competing with online have this over online businesses – the opportunity for tactile engagement.

Our experience working with a variety of retail businesses using our POS software has revealed the wonderful and valuable success that can come from active shop floor engagement with products: from low priced impulse lines in convenience stores to high-end trees in premium garden centres to gilt-edged dinner sets in homewares stores. Engaging with a product and encouraging shoppers to touch and feel products can drive excellent sales results.

This is our retail management tip today – be tactile with products and get your products in the hands of your customers.

You can beat online businesses with an engaged touch and feel approach. The key is to follow this up with purchase. In some situations this is best achieved with an offer. In other situations it is achieved with easy shop-floor selling.

The key for high street retailers is – play to your strength of touch and feel.



Expanded range of POS software videos help retailers leverage smart technology

pos-software-videosTower Systems has expanded the range of POS Software related training and marketing videos available covering its software and services for retailers. This program is on-going with new videos coming out regularly – showing the company as being relevant and up to date with training and marketing content.

Our customers tell us they love learning about the software via video and we are grateful to have an opportunity to oblige.


Briefings start on new POS software

Tower Systems has expanded its briefings on the facilities in new POS software that is just a few weeks away from commercial release. With the intensive quality assurance process close to finalisation the commercial release are close – thereby enabling these latest briefings to commence.

Delivering access to new facilities and genuine operational gains, this new POS software use sure to be embraced and loved y retailers in the various specialist retail vertical markets operated by Tower Systems.

Jewllers, bike retailers, garden centres, gift shops, firearms retailers, newsagents, adult shops and pet shops will benefit from this new and fresh software.

From business management to shop floor operation retailers will love the new generation facilities in this new POS software from Tower Systems.


Automated backups make POS software easier to use

backupsThe Tower Systems POS software has offered automated backups for many versions. These can be to devices or to the cloud – whichever option is preferred by Tower customers.

We mention this again today as there is a competitor of ours saying that we cannot do this. It makes them look like liars when our knowledge base show we have had the facilities for ages.

The screenshot shows one of the knowledge base articles available to our customers guiding them on setting up automated backups.

Automated backups save retailers time and money. Our helped eek team is available to help any of our customers set up backups that are automated.


Helping retailers setup a loyalty program using POS software

pos-loyaltyTower Systems helps retailers run loyalty programs: from one on one training to live group training workshops the compare offers personalised and interactive training. It supplements this with excellent training videos that professionally support how to establish a loyalty program in your retail business using our software.

The screen shot on the left shows how our customers can access one of the training videos – from within our mature and content-rich POS software knowledge base.

This video is another example of Tower Systems delivering on its support promises. rather than announcing what we will do as is often the case with software companies, we have delivered excellent support and training resources that our customers can access when and where they want.


Smart POS software helps retailers balance end of shift

knoweosThe end of a shift in retail is an important time as it brings together data, cash and other informations and insights about the business. It can feed seamlessly into xero and other accounting packages and it can provide guidance comparisons on trading. In the Tower systems Point of Sale software retailers are able to achieve plenty through end of shift (EOS) processes.

Tower Systems helps its retailers get more from the end of shift processes through wonderful live training opportunities as well as through a deep well of knowledge in our knowledge base. A search this week shows there to be 83 articles. This includes professional training videos.

Our customers love our knowledge base resource as it is interactive. They can comment on knowledge and give us a thumbs up – that’s what the green thumbs indicate.

Our knowledge base is the envy of some competitors. It’s a reason some retailers switch to tower – once they see the help available 24/7 and compare it to what they have had access to they love the professional approach we have taken.


Terrific End of Year for POS software users

We have recorded our most engaged and prepared end of financial year ever with more retailers engaging with our EOFY tough points. Our live online training, one on one help desk support, training videos, knowledge base advice sheets and other contact points have been used by more customers than ever to gain more benefit from our software.

We are grateful to our customers for turning to us for help with making the most from the end of the financial year.

Now let’s have a great 2014/15!


Helping retailers profit from POS software

tower-postcard-may2014Tower Systems is helping retailers focus on profit with a professional encouragement campaign sent to retailers in several independent small business retail channels.

The professionally designed postcards reflect a consistent and strong message about Tower and the benefits accessible by our customers.

Through our smart POS software we help retailers grow profit in a variety of ways and we do this long after the system is installed: through training, support & enhancement.

The professionalism of the marketing reflects the professionalism of our software and back-end services.


Paypal in-store payment option to help retailers attract more shoppers

Our senior management team participated in another briefing with Paypal this week as the roll out of the Tower systems / Paypal payment option integration nears commercial release.

Designed to help small business retailers in Australia to tap into new customer opportunities, this link is another valuable benefit being delivered by Tower Systems for its retail partners.

Being first to market intensifies the work involved but it also provides a platform from which to demonstrate true leadership. Tower Systems is grateful for this opportunity and for the support from Paypal on this project.

We will announce sign-up details shortly.