Xero features Tower Systems POS software

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.24.39 amWe are thrilled to see the Tower Systems POS software featured on the Xero website as an approved partner.

This has come about following certification of our software as offering required and proven integration with xero accounting.

We are thrilled!

Being first with this in a specialist retail marketplace helps not only us but our close to 3,000 customers.

The Xero link is easy to use and seamless. It’s our recommended accounting system link but not our only one.

We use Xero ourselves in our retail shops – making our advice and assistance more knowledgeable than a software company without their own retail businesses.


PayPal payments at breeze at the retail counter

Paypal RetailerThis screen shot is from a  live in-store PayPal payment using the Tower Systems  POS software. We have removed the customer name – but that would usually appear. The customer details are shared by PayPal as part of the line integration in our software.

It’s fast, easy and it is another first from Tower systems.

We are grateful to PayPal for the opportunity to be a trial developer and to lead in our retail channels by bringing shop floor PayPal market and marketing to our small business customers.

The integration is live in our software and retailers are embracing it – not only for sales but to drive new traffic for their businesses.


POS software users love the PayPal pay with your phone facilities

photoWow! that’s the reaction from one retailer the first time they saw PayPal being used to pay for an item purchased through our software. We were thrilled.

We are using the PayPal payment option in our own show and knew of how well it worked. Seeing the joy from other retailers is a thrill once they realise how they can use the PayPal facilities to promote their business to PayPal shoppers and thereby possibly attract more shoppers to their business.

This is an excellent example of valuable POS software development work delivering appreciated and valuable outcomes for retailers.


POS software shines with comprehensive serial number tracking

SerialNumberScreenSerial number tracking is so complex that many POS software programs ignore this functionality.

The Tower Systems POS software offers enhanced serial number tracking, new tools that help retailers who sell products with serial numbers, to track goods by serial number from the moment they enter the business to when they exit through sale or return.

The serial number facilities have been enhanced in our latest POS software update.

What’s interesting is that the serial number facilities are being used by businesses outside what we expected. We are thrilled to see this.


Beautiful POS software receipts help retailers look more professional

RecThe humble retail receipt has been overhauled in the latest POS software from Tower Systems.

While Tower receipts have always been flexible and professional, the new style receipts offering extraordinary customisation take receipts into a new world, they allow small retailers to leap-frog major retailers.

The extended flexibility and attractive graphical interfaces make the receipts more useful in attracting shoppers back into the business, they make the receipt a key element in business marketing.

Already in use in many retail businesses, the new receipts are a winner not only with customers but also with retail business owners.


POS software provides small business retailers with a competitive customer display solution

CustDisplayTerrific new retail customer display facilities are being embraced by retailers using the Tower Systems POS software. Serving customised content on customer displays within the context of a sale helps retail businesses drive sales and improve business outcomes. While the Tower software has served customer display access for years, enhancements take the facilities to a new level, offering small and independent retailers facilities with which they can more effectively compete with major retailers.

Feedback from customers is that the new customer facing display looks beautiful. We love hearing this and love even more the feedback that they are helping shoppers spend more money with our customers.


POS software Stocktaking on the retail shop floor with your tablet computer

StocktakeScreenRetail shop floor stocktaking is easier than ever thanks to even better support for portable hand held devices from Australian POS software company Tower Systems. Standing in front of items on the shelves or in warehouse racking, counting and recording on-hand quantities is fast and easy with the Tower software and the HP Elite Pad.

Collected wirelessly, the Elite Pad maintains accurate real time stock on hand data for the business, allowing disruption free stock taking – saving time and helping the business grow.


Making the sign-up for POS software / xero integration easier

xerosignupTower Systems has automated the process for connecting its POS software with Xero thanks to a completely online cloud-based service for the bridge and data flow connection.

From the Xero page on the Tower website, users have access to all they need to make the link live and working for them. And Tower users are doing this, turning on the link and switching to Xero for a more integrated and comprehensive accounting solution.

Tower Systems is thrilled to be acknowledged by Xero as an authorised partner and listed on their website.


Tower Systems POS software users offered $5 pre tap and go eftpos terminal

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.40.36 amTower Systems POS software users have been offered several options from our eftpos partner Tyro including a low cost pre tap and go $5 terminal. This non exclusive offer has been put to the Tower community along with other offers to help Tower retailers cut eftpos processing costs.

We’ve emailed all our customers with details of the offer.

UPDATE: POS Solutions has said of our offer: “have only just got it, something POS Solutions clients have had for quite awhile. What they have done is linked into our offer. Every tower user who takes up this offer should thank POS Solutions.” This is not true. Our offer is our offer. It’s part of a long term relationship with Tyro pitching a series of offers. What we have offered has no connection whatsoever to anything POS has done. It’s a pity they have made this false and misleading claim.


POS software discount vouchers delivering excellent retail performance results

Success stories from retailers using the proprietary discount voucher facilities in the Tower Systems POS software are encouraging more to engage with these business growth tools.

Developed in close consultation with retailers in several retail channels, the discount vouchers are proving to drive more valuable engagement from shoppers. They do this by offering a more easily understood reward for shoppers in return for more immediate loyalty to the retail business.

Working well in newsagencies, jewellers, bike retailers, garden centres, gift shops and pet shops, the discount vouchers provide local small and independent retailer businesses tools with which they can demonstrate a point of difference shoppers love.

Backed with excellent training and insightful business advice and help, the Tower Systems discount vouchers are delivering to independent retailers a bankable point of difference.

Tower released the discount voucher facilities without cost to Tower retailers, delivering extraordinary additional value to the Tower user community.


POS software update feedback shows retailers loving the new software

With more retailers loading the new POS software from Tower Systems which has just been released we are tapping into more feedback.

Retailers love the new facilities in the POS software. Feedback has been excellent.

With more than 300 individual enhancements and many offering more specialised facilities in our various retail channel niches, retailers love that the software is even closer to their very specific business needs.

Tower Systems is staging the roll out of the update and giving users control over when they install as we know small business retailers hate surprises and do not want new software forced on them without their own control.

To harvest feedback the company has in place a range of touch points for customers to comment on the update, gain additional insights or to find out about deeper business implementation. These touch points in addition to an engaged help desk team provides our customers with channels through which every question can be answered and every need considered.


Sunday retail management advice: say no to poor customer service and improve your business

Tower Systems is thrilled to have won several more customers from a competitor this month. We have done this on the back of delivering better customer service.

Good customer service from your POS software company can improve your business.

One customer switching lost important business data as a result of poor service from their old POS solution provider.

Another customer switching lost hours of time as a result of delays in help desk assistance from their POS solution provider.

This is our retail management tip today – use POS software from a company that delivers timely, professional help desk customer service on which you can rely. You will save time and money.


Smart POS software management reporting helps retailers to compete against their most important competitor

MSCPOS software experts Tower Systems have produced a video on how to use the POS software to help retailers compete against themselves.

In this video we outline how to use the Tower proprietary Monthly Sales Comparison Report, a powerful report that helps any retailer better understand their business from then inside out.

There is no comparison for the value of data to drive business decisions.

The video is another in a series of professional videos from the team at Tower Systems – helping retailers lever more value from their software.


POS software loyalty program video helps retailers drive sales

Discount VouchersPOS software experts Tower Systems have produced a video on how to use the the front-end loyalty offer of Discount Vouchers to drive sales. Explaining exactly how vouchers work and how to use them in retail, the video is a perfect tutorial on growing your retail business using leading edge smart loyalty tools. Packed with evidence, examples and facts, the video is a must-see for any retailer wanting to grow their business.

The Tower POS software offers points based loyalty as well as group retail linked loyalty but it is the discount vouchers program that is driving exceptional year on year growth.

This video provides evidence of the growth the vouchers are helping retailers to achieve.

The professionally produced video is another from the in-house team at Tower Systems.


POS software company shows off the value of operating a retail business

2.6POS software experts Tower Systems have produced a video on the latest facilities in its POS software and in the video you can see the benefits of owning a POS software company and a retail business. In one scene you see some of developers behind using the software in a live environment. This is gold for users – showing developers learning retail from the other side of the counter.

The latest video offers more training and insights for Tower Systems customers.

The bigger the distance between POS software development and retail businesses the less likely the software is to serve needs. This is where Tower Systems shines through its ownership of retail businesses.



New POS software training video link on Xero link

Xer0 LinkPOS software experts Tower Systems have produced a video on how to use the POS software Xero in retail for transferring sales and cost of sales data to Xero.

As the first specialist software company serving newsagents, jewellers, garden centres, bike retailers, gift shops and pet shops to offer an approved Xero link, Tower demonstrates its technical and business leadership.

This educational video is another in a series from the professional customer swerve team at Tower Systems.

The Xero link is available in the Tower software now.


POS software training video: how to use the PayPal link and increase sales

PayPal LinkPOS software experts Tower Systems have produced a video on how to use the POS software PayPal link in retail for receiving payment from customers. This latest video demonstrates the link that is available now to all Tower customers.

Tower Systems is the first POS software company in its specialist marketplaces to offer the link.

The educational video produced by Tower shows how the link works in a retail business.

We are thrilled Tower was selected by PayPal for this honour.


POS software gift cards promoted in new video

Loyalty CardsTower marketing manager Laura Sharp features in a new video on using gift cards with the Tower Point of Sale software. This new video is one of several new educational resources produced by the company to promote its point of difference and the valuable services it provides access to. Laura manages the design and production of gift cards for customers as part of her role with the company.


Serial number tracking using POS software helps retailers

Arriving Items with Serial NumbersThe serial number tracking facilities in the Tower POS software is loved by retailers as they can track items at the serial number level easily. jeweller, bike retailers, garden centre retailers, pet shop retailers and newsagents are among the retail channels using these facilities.

Tower Systems has a new video on serial number tracking – one of a new package of videos on our software.

Retailers love our training videos. They make learning easy.

Gone are the days when software companies expect users to wade through complex and technical documentation to learn. Videos and other online tutorials make it easy and this is where Tower Systems leads with its in-house studio and professional video production.


POS software launch video

posvideoTower Systems has produced a professional video to introduce the 2015 edition of its software. Hosted by our Software Development Manager, this video calls out the highlights of the most comprehensive POS software update from Tower in years.

Representing a year of professional software development and consultation with customers, the update release is supported by this overview video, training videos, written materials and fresh advice accessible online.

The YouTube video is another way Tower Systems presents itself in a fresh and unique way to its retail partners.

This is best practice POS software support.


POS software company uses technology to deliver excellent customer service

Thanks to state of the art infrastructure, POS software company Tower Systems is today delivering to small business retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, The Cook Islands and other nearby countries timely and personal customer service.

Using VoIP technology and harnessing resources in three offices outside Victoria, the company is able to provide continuous live Help Desk services even though Victoria where the company is headquartered has come to a stop for the Melbourne Cup public holiday.

Having a geographically spread workforce and backing this with smart technology, Tower is able to deliver to its customers consistent help desk based services. This is a superior experience to the usually mobile phone based after hours and public holiday services retailers can experience from others.

While we all love a good public holiday, retail today is a seven day a week business with long hours and the need for rapid responses on technical and other questions. Partnering with a POS software company that gets this and backs it with sound infrastructure is good for business as to keeps downtime to a minimum.


Retailers loving cloud based POS software backup service

backupRetailers are loving the cloud based backup service launched by POS software company Tower Systems.

This new safer approach to backups offers retailers using the Tower software double protection with a local safe backup as well as a cloud based safe backup.

these backups are taken during the day without interruption to the business.’

retailers are able to reduce rostered hours as a result of embracing the new approach to backups. The net saving is considerable and the business as more backup protection for their all-important business data.


New stock files for Tower Systems POS software users

Tower Systems has tested and loaded the following stock files to its website for use by retailers using its Point of Sale software:


Easy selling by volume helps retailers drive sales

IMG_9821The Point of Sale software offered by Tower Systems offers retailers the ability to sell products at priced set by the volume of an item purchased.

The flexibility in pricing allows retailers to be flexible on the shop floor in a structured way than can guide volume purchases. This is especially useful in garden, homewares and gift retailing – three areas where Tower Systems shines with retail channel specialist software.

This is another way Tower helps retailers grow their businesses.


Cloud based backup service helps retailers eliminate the end of shift chore

bupWhile Tower Systems has supported external and automated backup services for years, this week the company launched a new even more hands-off cloud-based backup service that offers excellent protection to participating small retail businesses users our our POS software.

Run on a subscription basis and backing up to the cloud real-time through the day, this is a comprehensive replacement of the old end of shift backup approach for small and independent retailers.

The new approach represents better protection for our small business retail customers. It is available for commercial implementation following comprehensive live testing.

Tower systems has been using the new facilities in beta for two months. This week’s announcement moves the opportunity to full commercial release.