New retailer loyalty advice now available

rewardsvoucherWe have published new advice on our knowledge base on how to use discount vouchers to drive shopper engagement in your retail business. This advice is from a business management perspective – beyond the usual  advice you might see from a POS software company.

We have developed the advice from our experience using the discount vouchers in our own retail business.

This latest advice will help more retailers make more money. We like that.


Helping small business retailers save time on POS software data backups

kb-backupOur rich content POS software knowledge base is full of advice and assistance for retailers using our Point of Sale software on how to do safe and fast backups of business data. This advice includes information on off site backups for speed and security in any size and scale of business.

The image shows some of the backup specific content on our knowledge base that can be searched by our customers. This rich resource is in addition to live help desk support available to our users as well.

Offering access to a range of backup options including cloud based services retailers partnering with us have choice available to them.


Brisbane newsagency software user meeting this morning

We have a team in Brisbane at the River View Hotel for our Brisbane newsagency software user meeting today. This looks set to be a terrific session where we will cover what’s in our next major newsagency software update as well as providing training on some excellent business-building facilities recently released in our software.

We help newsagents grow stronger and healthier businesses.


Firearms retailers appreciate firearms software specialisation

ptaFirearms retailers can rely on our Firearms retail software to continually improve to better serve their businesses.

Thanks to advice from several firearms retailers and state based regulators we are creating a new firearm permit to acquire (PTA) tracking facility.

Firearms retailers and their staff have directly guided this software development project.

Coupled with our advanced serial number tracking tools, you will be able to track a specific firearm back to a permit.

Where regulators permit, our software will create a file you can upload to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

We are ensuring that through this software we help you meet all published regulatory standards in anywhere in Australia.

As the owner of Tower Systems I stand behind our software. We will continually improve our firearms retail software to ensure it serves your needs well into the future.

Call one of our Firearms retail software experts today an obligation free in-store demonstration:

  • NSW/ACT/TAS: Nathan Morrison – 0417 568 148.
  • VIC: Mike Hill – 0423 848 482.
  • SA/WA: Tim Batt – 0401 833 917.
  • QLD/NT: Rohan Genn – 0434 072 417.

PayPal innovation spikes interest

We are thrilled with the surge in interest in the last week following the release of details of our long-term partnership project with PayPal.

Thanks to this innovation, our retail partners have options not available with some other POS software companies. This provides them and us with a commercial advantage now.

The support of PayPal through this project has been terrific.


Adult shop software helps adult shops compete with online businesses

Tower Systems has developed software specifically for Australian adult shops.

We use the adult shop software in our own adult shop – as do many other adult businesses.

Using this software you will get customers spending more and you will bring customers back to purchase more.

We have built into the software a safe, secure and adult shop customer friendly loyalty facility that does not require any sign up or record keeping – just they way adult shop customers love it.

We use the loyalty facilities ourselves to increase average customer spend and thereby get more value from each visit.

We also use the software to track everything we sell, manage staff, track staff performance, reduce employee and customer theft, manage GST collected and feed sales data through to our accounting software.

Our adult shop is in north Queensland and I’m in Melbourne. Having software that makes off-site management easier is important to me – as it’s important to many adult shop owners who cannot be in their business all the hours they are open.

Call one of our Adult Shop software experts today an obligation free demonstration:

  • NSW/ACT/TAS: Nathan Morrison – 0417 568 148.
  • VIC: Mike Hill – 0423 848 482.
  • SA/WA: Tim Batt – 0401 833 917.
  • QLD/NT: Rohan Genn – 0434 072 417.

Sunday retail business management advice: how to run a fit and healthy business

Retail is tough. Small business retail is tougher. Too often, challenges encountered by small business retailers are of their own doing. Like personal health, our choices impact our situation.

Here is some of our best practice advice for a healthy and prosperous retail business from the perspective of a POS software company.

  1. Scan everything you sell.
  2. Enter into your computer system all stock you receive and all stock you return to suppliers.
  3. Use your software to create orders for replenishment stock.
  4. Balance your registers every day using your software.
  5. Do spot stock takes for popular items to check for theft.
  6. Measure performance by department, category and supplier. Do more of what works and less of what does not work.
  7. Compare your performance this year to last year. Fix what is not working.
  8. Use your software as your eyes and ears. Good POS software has excellent back end reportage to let you see how your staff use the software.
  9. Train your staff to be fit for purpose in using the software.
  10. Focus on many small steps towards success rather than one big step.

We see many retail businesses prospering through smart engagement with the facilities in our POS software.


Pet shops love our pet shop software

Pet retailers love our pet shop software not only for its facilities but also for our supplier support and engagement.

Our work with Masterpet, Kongs, Pet Pacific, Dr Neil’s and Pet Premier means pet retailers are able to more easily load stock files and invoices, saving considerable time.

In addition to our supplier work, we also provide access to facilities pet retailers love and through which they can better serve their customers.

These are reasons more pet shops are switching to our pet shop software. 2014 has already been an excellent year with more pet retailers joining our user community.


POS software user meeting tour popular with retailers

usermeetThe national capital city newsagent user meeting tour commenced by Tower Systems this week is proving to be successful at attracting interest amend Tower retail partners thanks to the free training and business insights provided at the events.

While travelling on the national roadshow, Tower is making its leadership team available to other users for one on one discussions and assistance as the company demonstrates its commitment to meet with customers.

Access to the user meetings is open to any newsagent. It’s free, breakfast included.

Numbers are limited. Booking is essential.


Promoting PayPal as a POS software payment option in-store

paypcomingPayPal is helps partner retailers to promote PayPal as a payment option in-store with collateral and other promotional material and help to drive shopper engagement. Their in-store commitment is another way of helping retail partners to drive business through using PayPal itself as a means of reaching out to new prospective customers.

Our integration with PayPal is at for forefront of integration technology. In our marketplaces we are first to market – driving good business outcomes.


PayPal in-store payment through smart POS software at a simple swish

paypknxscreenPaying via PayPal for anything in a store using our smart POS software is easy. Via the app and our smart integration the retailer will already know about a customer with a PayPal enabled device just as the customer will know about retailers nearby offering the Paypal payment option.

When it comes to paying at the counter, it’s as fast as using a credit card. And certain too with excellent details provided for transparency to the customer.

Refunds are a breeze too.

The integration between the Tower Point of sale software and PayPal is leading edge for us, our software and our retail partners.

We are grateful to PayPal for their support and faith in us.


Live, local ,user meetings help POS software users

perthmeetToday in Perth we completed the second stop in a national tour offering live newsagency POS software user meetings – delivering free training, business insights and other help to guide newsagents make more from their technology investment.

With 241 newsagent customers in Western Australia we made sure a stop in Perth was on our agenda. In addition to the meeting we got to engage in one on one catch up with customers to discuss business specific situations.

From what we can see we are the only newsagency software company delivering these benefits.


PayPal POS software receipt improves the customer experience

paypknxreceiptCustomers using PayPal to pay for goods and services in a business using the tower software receive a receipt on their PayPal app – giving them immediate certainty about the transaction and the handling of it by PayPal.

The image shows the receipt issues by PayPal through iteration with our software in a live use a few days ago.

Connecting our software to the secure PayPal server and through this to a customer’s mobile device via the PayPal app is an excellent ethnology feat we are delivering to small business retailers – enabling them to compete with bigger retailers moving to more flexible payment options.

Tower Systems was selected by PayPal to lead this integration in our key marketplace. Being first is an advantage we’re thrilled about.


POS software PayPal integration makes payment easy

paypknxscanHere’s how easy it is to scan a PayPal generated QR code using a scanner in store connected with our POS software. Using the PayPal app you are identified to the store, you swipe to say you want to pay and then scan the QR code.

Fast and easy.

Live use in one of our own shops proves how fast and easy this PayPal payment option is. Excellent security makes it safe too.

The selection of Tower Systems by PapPal is tremendous kudos for our company dour clients. We are thrilled to be first in our marketplace with this.


PayPal payment live use in smart POS software commences

paypknxTower Systems is thrilled that following an extensive joint project commenced with PayPal in 2013 and considerable beta testing and we last week commenced live use of our fully integrated PayPal in-store payment option.

This integrated PayPal payment facility will not only help retailers accept a new form of payment, it will drive traffic to their businesses thanks to the wonderful support of PayPal and the engagement of the PayPal community.

Being the first to market in our specialist retail channels not only gives us a wonderful commercial advantage, it also provides us with experiences that will play out in other areas of our business as we bring on more suppliers with smart POS software integrations.

Tower Systems is proud of the work of its design, development, testing and deployment teams who has collaborated so well with the experts from PayPal on this project.


Sunday retail small business management advice: grow sales with pick n mix options

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software can easily offer discounts based on a mix of products selected by the customer. You could have a price for one, a different per unit price for two and an even more different price per unit for three.

This approach to pricing is flexible, easy to implement and business building.

Retailers are able to select pick n mix packs, volume packs and other collections of items with tremendous flexibility. This gives small and independent retailers tools and facilities equal to those used by major retailers.

Offering price flexibility is a terrific way small and independent retailers can grow their businesses.

Tower Systems offers free assistance to retailers on the setup of these marketing campaigns.


Hidden gems in Point of Sale software screen

gemsLong after retailers start using Point of Sale software from Tower Systems the company provides access to free training opportunities. One such training opportunity coming up is a one hour live online workshop: Hidden Gems in the Point of Sale screen. This is a perfect learning opportunity for any small business retailer or their staff using the Tower software as it will show time and money saving tips and techniques in the POS software screen.

We invest in training like this ever week as a demonstration of our commitment to help our small business customers get more from their software experience every day.

Access to this training like all our live online workshops is free.


Surge in pet stores embracing pet shop software

With four more pet shops signing on to install our Pet Shop Software in the last week, 2014 is continuing to be a terrific year in this important marketplace for us.

Using our specialist pet shop software, pet retailers can rely on supplier interfaces through electronic invoices, customer engagement through excellent loyalty facilities and business insights facilitating better business decisions based on valuable business data.

Pet retailers are helping to guide the next release of the Pet Shop Software thanks to engagement points established by Tower Systems to transparently seek customer feedback.


POS software user meetings help small & indie retailers get more form POS software

usermeetTower Systems next week starts a national capital city newsagent user meeting tour to provide newsagents with wonderful learning opportunities, marketing insights, newsagency management advice and other content that will add value to the Tower relationship with newsagents.

While travelling on the national roadshow, Tower will make its leadership team available to other users for one on one discussions and assistance as the company demonstrates its commitment to meet with customers.

Access to the user meetings is open to any newsagent. It’s free, breakfast included.

Numbers are limited. Booking is essential.


How data mining through POS software helps retailers increase sales

datasalesA retailer recently asked us how they could increase their sales. After a review of their data we found they had plenty of shoppers purchasing items in the craft / knitting / crochet area. We suggested they source gifts to sell to these shoppers.

Now, three weeks on, they have sold close to $1,000 of the new range of products they purchased to serve these customers.

The retailer is thrilled with the result and encouraged to do more.

In the databases maintained by the Tower Systems Point of Sale software there is gold to be mined in the form of insights about shoppers, their interests and habits. This data can be used to guide buying, product placement and business marketing to deliver a better commercial outcome to the business.

Tower Systems welcome opportunities wot work with retailers to mine existing data to unlock new opportunities.


Beware when comparing support fee costs

A POS software company with which we compete is billing some customers on a six monthly cycle for software support fees. It appears they are doing this to compete with us as they can say their support fee is the same as ours. The reality is their support fee is double ours when we compare as our fee is annual and in a situation we saw very recently their is six monthly.

Caveat emptor: let the buyer beware.

If you are comparing support fees between POS software companies be sure that the fee you are comparing is for the same coverage period. You don;lt want to be caught as someone was recently.


More suppliers offer Tower Systems customers access to electronic invoices

Tower Systems has brought on more suppliers offering access to electronic invoices. We are not announcing company details here however as the list is commercially sensitive in that we have done the work with some suppliers to get them on board and we;re not about to help competitors catchup.

Being the only POS software actively engaged with suppliers at specialist trade shows, speaking at supplier conferences and engaging in other supplier events helps us leverage the opportunities for our customers.

The latest suppliers to come on board will be appreciated by many of our customers.


POS software helps retailers better serve collectors of all types of collectibles

collectCollectors come in all shapes and sizes. They are important customers to many types of retail businesses. Some businesses identify them as collectors and others do not. Some bring in product on a regular basis that builds collections over time and to a calendar while others serve special orders driven by customer requests.

Regardless of the types of collectors served and how you may serve them, Tower Systems has facilities within its Point of Sale software to serve the needs of retailers serving collectors. From personal barcodes on products to tracking orders, to tracking collection to managing product shelf life, the collectible product facilities are used extensively within the Tower Systems retail business user community.

The facilities serving the collectibles area is another example of the value of specialist software developed ion close association with retailers in the space.


Tower Systems coming to Auckland Gift Fair

springfairPOS software company Tower Systems will be at the Spring Gift & Homewares Fair in Auckland at the end of this month. This will be our second gift fair in New Zealand this year. We’re excited for the opportunity.

We will be the only POS software company at the fair – showing new gift shop software and new homewares business software. Both are out just in time for the trade show.