Christmas party for the POS software team

xmaspoartyA week ago today we had a terrific company-wide Christmas party at the Royal Yarra boat shed on the banks of the Yarra in Melbourne.

We flew team members in from interstate for a sumptuous BBQ lunch before people kicked on to smaller group events around Melbourne.

It was a good weekend of catching up with friends and colleagues … celebrating Christmas.


Christmas in the POS software office

xmasIt’s not all tech talk and business this time of the year in the head office of our POS software company. Being Christmas time, we enjoy more Christmas cheer at lunchtime and during breaks thanks to more diverse food choices including tasty mince pies.

The office is decorated too – bringing some festive colour into our workplace.

The photo shows some of the decorations at our reception desk.

So while we may be all business on the phone during calls, we’re chilling out and enjoying the Christmas season in between. We draw the line at singing Christmas carols though – no one wants to hear that.


Jeweller software users loving beautiful receipts

Jewellers appreciate design and elegance and we deliver on both fronts through our jeweller software thanks to easily customisable receipts, invoices and other business documents.

Offering freedom over design, font selection and other options, we enable Jewellers to present their business as they choose in these everyday business documents.

The flexibility offered is a point of difference in our software which is already used by hundreds of jewellers.

Whereas some see the shopper receipt as a necessary business document, we see the shopper receipt differently: as a key branding message from any retailer, a platform through which you can speak to the shopper and entice them back into the business sooner.


PayPal payments POS software integration helps small business retailers compete

Here is another video in our instruction series on how to use our POS software integrated PayPal payments platform in any retail store. Whole the video was created for newsagents, it relates to any retailer using our software.

We are grateful to PayPal for choosing to launch this partnership with us.

What we have done with PayPal in 2014 has provided us with a valuable point of difference.


100 pet shops now use the Tower Systems pet shop software

Tower Systems has just installed its 100th Pet Shop software site in Australia, making it the most widely used pet shop software solution in the country.

Thanks to close work with pet retailers and pet shop suppliers, we continue to evolve our solution and its implementation to better serve this vital retail channel.

2014 has been a stellar year with plenty of new installation. Already, we have significant installation bookings for 2015 taking our Pet shop software into more independent pet retailers.

Early in the year there will be further innovation that will make our software even more valuable to pet retailers.


Tower Systems website hacked

We sent this advice to our customers earlier today:

Tower Systems website hacked

A representative of CERT Australia, part of the Federal Attorney-General’s Department, contacted us this morning and advised that our website had been hacked. They discovered this on seeing some user and company data on a platform commonly used by hackers.

We have confirmed the authenticity of the data.

From what we understand, the information hacked is user email addresses and Tower website usernames. We do not store any customer financial records or banking information on our website.

Our website is hosted off site in a commercial server farm with a high level of security. The same server farm is used by RMIT, Fosters, kikki.k, Hallmark and Australia Post. That the hacker got into our website back end demonstrates a level of determination and skill.

The next time you log into our website you will be asked to change your password. Please log in and do this ASAP.

We have today made a number of back end changes to security. Plus we are working with the off-site server farm business.

It is possible that the main impact of the hack will be an increase of spam emails to you. We apologise for this.

For the record, I note that our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in which all support call records are maintained is separate to our website and hosted out of the US. The hacker has not chested this site.

Also, to be certain, when you purchase items through our website, all payment details are handled directly by the ANZ with no payment data recorded or kept by us.

Mark Fletcher
Managing Director
M | 0418 321 338

Gavin Williams
Chief Operating Officer
M | 0418 554 759

Update: we now know how our website and others were hacked. We have other evidence which will help the investigators of the crime.


Tower Systems / PayPal partnership helps small business retailers

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 7.00.13 amPOS software company Tower Systems is helping small business retailers with its brilliant PayPal integration.

Using this first to market opportunity, retailers can expect to find new shoppers thanks to the help of PayPal in unlocking access to more than 5.5 million PayPal users in Australia.

This is an excellent example of how a POS software company can help retailers grow their businesses by attracting new and valuable shoppers.

Tower Systems is grateful to PayPal for selecting them as a launch partner.


Small business retailer cash flow advice meeting fully booked

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.54.56 amSmall business retailers using our Tower Systems Point of Sale software have booked out our cash flow advice training workshop tomorrow. The final session of our live online training workshops for this year, it is a thrill to see so many business owners interested in freeing up cash so close to the Christmas season.

In each of the training sessions offered this year, our training team has focussed on topics that will immediately benefit small business retailers – helping them to leverage technology for better business outcomes.

That retailers happily book and participate is a thrill for us as it helps them get more from their software and that is the key goal of these FREE training sessions.

The comprehensive regular online training from Tower Systems is an appreciated point of difference offered by Tower. Customers benefit from learning and we benefit from active feedback in a group satiation where our users can talk with each other and we can learn. It’s proving to be a wonderful two-way resource in 2014.

reflecting on our live training workshops for 2014, we are pleased to have delivered on our promises and proven that our blog posts here about what we will do are acted on for the benefit of our customers.


Sunday retail management advice: use QR codes to drive shopper engagement

logo138Tower Systems has developed for small business retailers a FREE cloud based QR code accessible content hosting and shopper interaction platform.

QRKI offers excellent facilities for allowing in-store and out of store access to product videos, instruction files, competition entries and other information sharing and harvesting opportunities.

Free from Tower for any business, QR code is another example of Tower Systems helping small and independent retail businesses to use technology to compete.

We created QRki to help small businesses harness the opportunity of QR codes without needing to invest in software of their own.

We’ve kept the price low to make access affordable. It’s part of our commitment to small businesses and independent retailers.  We’ve also enabled QRki for anyone to use – you don’t need to be a Tower Systems customer.

Developed in Australia but for use from anywhere in the world, QRki is another example of cloud based innovation for small businesses.

Share your feedback at  You can also speak direct with the owner of Tower Systems, Mark Fletcher, on 0418 321 338 (+61 418 321 338).

We hope your like QRki.


POS software customer displays help drive sales

cdispThis photo shows how one newsagency is using the smart customer display through our POS software by having ads play between customers and then the screen share the ad with details of purchases being scanned.

Being able to manage the serving of ads to customers at the counter is an important feature of our software, something that has been enhanced as hardware has evolved. The latest HP all in one registers are particularly good to work with thanks to their small footprint and smart customer display technology.

Small business owners love that thanks to the HP technology and our software they can offer a customer-facting IT solution that is competitive with bigger businesses.


Newsagents loving Hallmark EDI assistance

hmkNewsagents using the tower Systems newsagency software are loving the trustworthy EDI files they are able to easily process to maintain an accurate stock file.

The EDI connection is just part of the Tower Systems / Hallmark co-operation that is designed to drive retail sales for newsagents.

We make it easier for newsagents to get more value from their Hallmark relationship.


Helping Plants Plus garden centres navigate change

With the decision by the Plants Plus group to no longer support their eftpos terminals for connection with their loyalty program, Tower systems has stepped in with assistance to offer a more integrated and whole of business appropriate system to serve the local business needs while serving the whole of group loyalty system needs.

The diversity in the loyalty offerings in our garden centre software shines again.


Garden software helps Plants Plus members with loyalty program

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 8.43.49 amWith the Plants Plus loyalty program counter-top terminals being withdrawn, Tower Systems is helping more Plants Plus members run the Plants Plus loyalty program thanks to integration in our garden centre software specifically to serve the needs of Plants Plus.

Our integration meets with Plants Plus loyalty program standards, enabling shoppers to shop at any store with our software and accrue and redeem points according to the rules of the program.

Our integration not only serves Plants Plus stores, Plants Plus itself but also the needs of their corporate loyalty program provider – the largest in Australia.

Networking retail businesses under the Plants Plus banner in this way is another point of difference for the Tower Systems garden centre software. It is one of a range of loyalty offers we have within our software.


For a POS software company we help a lot with hardware

testingprintersHere at Tower Systems we try and help customers with hardware queries that relate to the use of our POS software.

One customer recently asked us to test our software with a receipt printer they have had in-store for many years. They sent us the printer and we tested it extensively. It did not do the job because the software is far more advanced than the printer technology.

The customer purchased a new printer to make more effective use of our software.

We are happy to undertake this testing as it could result in customers saving money non new hardware. The testing also exposes us to more hardware than might otherwise be the case and these experiences can be useful in broadening the range of hardware on which we have experience.

Testing hardware like this is a free service.


POS software scales integration helps food and convenience stores

scalesThe POS software / scales integration undertaken by the development team at Tower Systems is delivering terrific sales for the company among convenience stores and other retailers who sell items by weight.

In addition to produce and confectionery retailers using the scales facilities in the POS software, convenience stores are also embracing it as they too play in the space of selling items by weight.

The photo shows scales in our office purchased for testing.

What is interesting is that some retailers already using the Tower software are loving that they have selling by weight as an option within the software thanks to the diversification plan that has been undertaken by Tower systems over rent years.

We have terrific reference sites for our scales facilities.


Pet shop software helps pet retailers with catalogue sales

Tower Systems is helping pet shop owners and staff with Christmas catalogues, ensuring that products are sold at the right price as proposed in banner group Christmas catalogues.

Being able to import catalogue pricing data into our Pet Shop Software is a one of many features pet retainers who use our software love.

We help them save time in running catalogues plus we help them transact with accuracy and certainty. These are important factors in a successful catalogue.

In our Pet Shop Software catalogue settings retailers can define date and time periods for offers as well as other criteria for offers in the catalogue such as multi-buys and other packaging and pricing options.

Using these facilities independent and small business pet retailers are able to more effectively compete with the chains operating in this vital retail channel.


New jeweller software to offer advanced valuations help

Thanks to consultation with and advice from engaged jewellers, Tower Systems is advanced on developing next generation jewellery valuation facilities to be released as part of its jeweller software.

Set to offer even more flexibility and professional representation, the new valuations facilities slated for real ease early in 2015 will represent much appreciated input from jewellery who undertake considerable valuations work in their businesses. This live field level assistance is wonderful as we refine the jeweller specific specialisation in our software.

With more jewellers joining our jeweller software user community in 2014, we have more knowledge from which to draw as we take the software on the next steps of its journey. We are grateful to our jeweller partners for their help as assistance.


Sunday retail management advice: how to cut labour costs in your retail business

Plenty of retailers are cutting labour costs in their businesses thanks to opportunities within the Tower Systems Point of Sale software. Here are some of these:

  1. Time saved by eliminating the end of shift backup by switching to the secure perpetual backup that requires no staff time.
  2. Time saved on accounting thanks to the smart Xero accounting software interface.
  3. Faster selling at the counter – less staff needed to process more sales.
  4. Faster reordering through the software.
  5. Faster processing and pricing of new stock.
  6. Faster decision making thanks to accurate business data being at your finger tips.
  7. Faster answering of customer queries freeing staff for making money on the shop floor.

Tower Systems offers not only excellent POS software, it also offers retail management expertise on the best use of this software for valuable business outcomes.

We love helping retailers in practical ways to get more from their partnership with us.


POS software discount vouchers driving Christmas sales for retailers

One of our our POS software customers called us this week excited to share three stories about how discount vouchers are increasing retail sales:

  1. A customer thought an item was too expensive at $35.00. When told they would get a voucher worth $3.00 they went ahead, received the voucher and then purchased a second item worth $25.00.
  2. A customer who stopped in town on their way through spent $20.00 on an item, received a $1.50 voucher and used this toward a $35.00 purchase.
  3. A customer who spent $18.95 on an item and received a voucher for $1.95 came in the next day with a friend and spend $24.95 in two items and then spent the voucher from that purchase on a $19.95 item.

Almost every day we are hearing stories of how the vouchers are helping retailers across a variety of channels to grow revenue organically without risking too much margin. This is great news for any retailer and especially in the independent small retail channels in which we operate.

In addition to excellent software in this fresh and valuable approach to loyalty, Tower System is providing professional and insightful advice on how to use the software facilities to increase shopper spend and through this drive retail business value.

We’re thrilled to be of service in this way.


Tower Systems Christmas party next weekend

We are bringing the team to Melbourne next weekend for a terrific Christmas party in a boat shed by the banks of the Yarra. We’d have a lamb on the spit roast, delicious salads, a selection of tasty Aussie desserts and an open bar. As a consequence our office staffed Saturday support will end at 11:30am instead of the usual 3pm.

Always with a mind to customer service our after hours numbers will be working all through.

We will also email our customers so everyone knows the plans.


Busy December with POS software installations

Our POS software installation teams around the counter are busy putting new systems in and upgrading systems as existing customers become more engaged.

While you’d expect retail to be too busy this time of year for a new software installation, we are finding retailers keen for benefits we can make available to them and therefore making sure they have time for us to visit and being new POS software and opportunities to their business.

We are grateful for the opportunity of a busy December. It’s bringing 2014 to an end on a wonderful note.


POS software users love extensive online knowledge base for self serve assistance

Small business retailers often use technology because they feel they have to more so than because they want to. Their reluctance for technology often spills over to their engagement with POS software help desks and other assistances.  Not so the POS software knowledge base offered by Tower Systems to its approaching 3,000 small business users.

In the knowledge base, Tower customers can find out how to use the software, how to change settings, how to learn new facilities as well as how to integrate parts of the software more seamlessly into the business.

Evolving every week to fresh content that is searchable in a variety of ways, the knowledge base is proving to be a resource customers love as they can access it any time, from any place and in a way that keeps them in control.

The POS software knowledge base from Tower Systems is helping the company win new customers!


POS software training workshops help retailers save money

Pos software company Tower Systems has announced details of three new live and interactive half hour POS Software training sessions for december, offering small business retailers excellent opportunities for learning in a time efficient way.

Here are the three new workshops the company has developed in association with partner retailers:

  • Using Catalogues for Christmas – 30 Minutes, Tuesday 2nd December 2pm AEST. Quickly and easily setup automatic discounts for a Christmas sale.
  • Applying Discounts In Retailer – 30 Minutes, Tuesday 9th December 2pm AEST. Discount stock in Retailer at Point of Sale.
  • Free up cash in your business – 30 Minutes, Tuesday 16th December 2pm AEST. Find and quit dead and slow moving stock in retailer.

Participating in the training is free to all Tower POS software customers.


POS software users love timely training even at Christmas time

Retailers using the Tower Systems POS software are loving the brief end of year live online training workshops being offered by the company.

Targeting topics of particular interest at this busy end of the year and running only for 30 minutes each, the free training from Tower has hit the mark.

This is Tower Systems delivering on its promises, demonstrating consistency and showing off genuine care for its customers.

The next free training session is December 9. It’s on applying discounts.