When comparing POS software companies, visit their offices for a tour

Your success with POS software is often more dependent on the people behind the software than the software itself.

Good POS software is a moving thing.

What it does for you today will be different to what it does for you tomorrow.

What it does for you tomorrow will depend on the people behind the software.

When comparing POS software from different companies, compare the people in the companies, visit their head office and meet the team. See for yourself if the team has what it takes to make you confident they can deliver for you over the long term.

Companies which suggest you don’t need to visit are those less likely to have the team you will want and need.


POS software helps small business retailers with targeted marketing

Small business bike shops, jewellers, garden centres, gift shops, pet shops, homewares shops, newsagents and more are using the targeted marketing facilities in the smart POS software from Tower Systems to more closely engage with shoppers.

Our targeted marketing tools leverage shopper details including purchase history to facilitate selective highly-targeted marketing to attract known shoppers back into the business. These smart POS software tools are vital to small business retailers keen to be noticed in a crowded marketplace.

Tower Systems is hosting another free training workshop on targeted marketing for retailers using its software on May 6. This is part of the weekly free training workshops run  by the company for many years now. These workshops are a true point of difference for Tower Systems, they are a benefit retailers love.

Linked with loyalty facilities including discount vouchers, the targeted marketing tools in the Tower software are unique to Tower, they offer a genuine point of difference on which small business retailers can rely. We have case studies which offer evidence of engagement growth as a result of using the facilities.

Targeted marketing is another part of the Tower AdvantageTM.


Aussie POS software helps small business retailers grow

Small business retailers want to grow, who doesn’t? With rent and labour costs increasing each year, growth is mission critical. POS software company Tower Systems helps its customers grow by providing advice on how to use the software to grow.

As retailers ourselves we can provide practical advice on how to use the software to more than transact sales, we can help retailers use the software to grow their businesses. We do this every day on our help desk, through our consulting services, through our knowledge base and through our business mentoring assistance.

We encourage, guide, educate and support our small business retailer customers in their desire to grow their businesses. it’s something we take serviceably.

Even on the weekend. Take today, Saturday … we have been helping one business owner understand opportunities in their slow selling inventory pool to unlock cash and space for more productive use.

We are serious in our commitment to small business retailers from our software through to the practical advice and support we provide.


What is unique in the Tower Systems Jeweller software?

In a recent Q&A for publication we were asked about what is unique about our software for jewellers. With limited space here is our answer listing the key unique offerings from Tower Systems in its service of jewellers:

  1. We are a software company, not a consulting business using software as a mechanism for driving consulting fees.
  2. We are in your business. Not a contractor we hire, not over the phone, when we install the system we do it in your business, working with you.
  3. Second-hand goods. These facilities have been developed with jewellers and authorities so you have the right records on hand.
  4. These facilities have been developed to help you streamline workflow and keep in close contact with customers throughout.
  5. Manufactured goods. From concept to manufacture, you can manage and track what you make for whom and when. This is a billing and management asset.
  6. We offer more facilities than any other system. These offer you flexibility for driving purchases in the current visit and for bringing shoppers back more often.
  7. You have access to extraordinary customisation, enabling you to represent your business son receipts, invoices and other documents how you want.
  8. Embedded in our software are facilities for tracking how the software us used. This enables us to help you monitor and reduce employee theft.
  9. Retail focussed. The big challenge of retail is to uncover opportunities which you can still leverage them. We have smart reports which unlock for you information about your business which can help you here.

POS software helps gift shops, small business retailers handle special orders

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.14.08 amThe POS software from Tower Systems has excellent facilities for handling special orders, pre-orders and other forms of orders for customers that are unique to the customer and a point of difference for the business to offer.

Special orders and customer pre-orders are a point of difference for small independent retailers over big businesses. Being bale to do this with consistency and certainty can help these businesses more successfully compete.

Thanks to years of refinement and working with retailers in a wide variety of retail situations, Tower Systems offers a competitive advantage from the recording of customer details, tracking an order,k advising its arrival and handling a range of payment options including time payment.

We have retailers today transacting valuable business in pre-orders of highly valuable product as a result of these tools in the software. They are financially better off today and over the long term as special order customers tend to return for more orders.


Learning from US retail experiences to provide enhanced POS software

usretailWe are fortunate to have been part of a retail study tour of innovative retail situations in the US over the last ten days across three states.

We have looked at large, small, city, regional, specialty, mass, experimental and traditional businesses.

The insights gained are feeding into plans for our software beyond the wonderful advice and feedback from our existing customers.

The insights gained range from the retail management practical through to next-gen opportunities.Being on-trend is an important to retail focussed POS software companies as it is to retailers themselves.

Competition in our various specialist retail channels being what it is, we will not be sharing any insights here. Rather, our customers will have more private briefing opportunities and our software will deliver insights through change.


Xero features Tower Systems POS software

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.26.18 amCloud accounting software company Xero features Tower Systems and its retail management software on the Xero website. This privilege is for software companies which have met compliance requirements set by Xero – which tower did early in 2014.

Today, we are thrilled to have plenty of retailers using our software and our automated link to Xero … saving them time and money in the management of their financial records.

We use the Xero live and automated link for our own retail businesses and can speak to the benefits ourselves.


Tower Systems helps Plants Plus retailers migrate to new loyalty offer

Plants Plus garden centres using the Tower Systems Garden Centre software have appreciated the migration path offered by Tower to switch from the loyalty program used centrally by Plants Plus to the new facility adopted y the group.

Working with Plants Plus head office and their service provider, Tower systems has offered a seamless and valuable solution which helps these garden centre operators to ensure continuity of service to loyal customers.

In addition to the Plants Plus loyalty facilities, Tower supports several other loyalty offers – delivering appreciated flexibility to garden centres for their support of shopper loyalty … encouraging return purchases. From points based programs to dollars off immediate loyalty rewards, the Tower software provides flexibility to retailers looking for options through which to drive customer engagement.

Developed in close consultation with garden centre operators and other independent retailers, the Tower software offers business building facilities on which retailers can rely to drive business growth.

What sets Tower apart is the practical advice it provides for integration of the facilities into the business.


How our Pet Shop software company cares about local small business pet shops

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.30.51 amBeyond awesome pet shop management software, easy to understand training and helpful backup support, Tower Systems helps pet retailers in practical everyday ways.
Take our shop local campaign. We have developed artwork pet retailers can use to promote their businesses to your community. We provide access to an ever-evolving resource of digital art which can be printed locally, use on Facebook pages or on other social media platforms to reinforce the shop local pitch.
We can provide digital art retailers can use on receipts to extend the reach of shop local pitches. The art included with this post is just part of the range available for free.
Given the big businesses with which pet shops compete and the money they spend on advertising, we wanted to offer independent pet retailers practical help, for free. So we created our latest shop local artwork series. We’ll happily share the artwork with anyone.

How does this connect with our Pet Shop software? In our software you have access to facilities which help you better connect with shoppers, facilities which help you practically compete with big business, facilities which provide growth opportunities.

9 ways the jeweller software from Tower Systems helps small business jewellers

The Tower Systems jeweller software continues to evolve thanks to suggestions from jewellers large and small, in groups and independent.

Our commitment is to provide software you can use to guide more profitable control over your business – without the need to hire a consultant.

Here are 9 ways this software can help your business:

  1. Report smart. Our easy to read yet comprehensive reports help you better understand your business without having to hire an expensive consultant to do this for you.
  2. Receipts, invoices and other documents can be customised toreflect the taste and style of your business.
  3. From repairs to serial number tracking, we help you deliver consistently professional and personal service.
  4. Get customers spending more. Our loyalty facility tuned to the unique spending habits of jewellery customers improve the spend per visit.
  5. Easy LayBy. You can LayBy with certainty thanks to professional facilities backed by good documentation to your customers.
  6. Cut your bookkeeping and accounting fees. From GST reporting to having an up to date P&L, we can save time and money by linking to software like Xero.
  7. Connect your online with your shop. Our Web Store facility handles this.
  8. Cut theft. When you are not there, our software tracks behaviour. Our free Theft Check service has been successful to catching theft before it is too late.
  9. The Tower AdvantageTM. Our professional and friendly help from training to support to business advice. We are not your average software company.

Small business retailers appreciate support in making the locally made pitch

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 3.57.45 amThe free marketing collateral we released for small business retailers is being appreciated. Retailers love that the collateral is available without strings, is free and is unbranded.

We are thrilled with the feedback and are working on adding to the suite of free collateral available from our website.

We are grateful to be in a position to give back to small business retailers.

Covering a range of themes, the example included with this post is most popular as it promoted LOCALLY MADE – a very strong message in any retail situation.


10 ways gift shop software from Tower Systems helps small business retailers

The Tower Systems gift Shop software has been designed and developed here in Australia for Australian gift and homewares shops. It serves local needs, works with local suppliers and is more finely tuned to your business needs.

Here are 10 ways this software can help your business:

  1. Get customers spending more. Forget the old points approach, our loyalty facilities get customers engaged to spend more and spend it sooner.
  2. Buy better. Buy more of what is selling and less of what is not. We recently we showed one owner $7,500 worth of stock which had not moved in a year.
  3. Easy LayBy. More expensive items can be attainable if you offer a LayBy service. Ours is easy to use and brings structure to offer a consistent service.
  4. Bring customers back. With no extra work, make a pitch customers see when they get home. We can bring as many as 25% of shoppers back in.
  5. Increase your Gross Profit. In our gift shop software we have facilities which help you maximise gross profit. We’d love to show you these.
  6. Cut your bookkeeping and accounting fees. From GST reporting to having an up to date P&L, we can save time and money by linking to software like Xero.
  7. Connect your online with your shop. Our Web Store facility handles this.
  8. Cut theft. We you are not there, our software tracks behaviour. Our free Theft Check service has been successful to catching theft before it is too late.
  9. Managing suppliers for success. Our smart reporting given you better data than your suppliers. This will empower you to get more from them.
  10. The Tower AdvantageTM. Our professional and friendly help from training to support to business advice. We are not your average software company.

Sunday retail management advice: success today is important for tomorrow

Too often we see small business retailers running their businesses thinking that they will make their money when they sell. Our experience working with thousands of retailers is that focusing on today, on the right now, will ensure the best outcome for the future of the business.

Our strategy – Make every day your pay day – is simple and effective. It’s made up of basic points:

  1. Run with the leanest roster possibl Just about every newsagency business I review has capacity to lower labour costs.
  2. Have your best people working the floor, helping customers spend more.
  3. Stock what sells.
  4. Get rid of stock which is not selling.
  5. Have stunning displays that attract people from outside the shop.
  6. Have compelling displays in-store that encourage people to browse beyond their destination purchase.
  7. Always have impulse offers at high traffic locations.
  8. Charge more every time you can. Review your prices for products people come to yoo because of convenience.
  9. Buy as best you can.
  10. Grab settlement discounts every time you are able.
  11. Use your business data to guide your decisions.
  12. Promote outside your store.

Be responsible for the profitability of your business. Don’t blame your suppliers, your landlord, your employees or some other external factor … it all comes down to you – the decisions you make and the actions you take.

If you relentlessly pursue profit with a clear focus you’re likely to see profit grow. That’s better than waiting to make money when you sell because that’s less likely to happen in this market.


POS Solutions publishes inaccurate information on discount vouchers

POS Solutions has again written about the Tower Systems Discount Voucher facilities on their company blog.

While we will not go through all points in their blog post, we will address some in the interests of accurate representation of discount vouchers. The first point published by POS Solutions to address is:

Let first start off with the obvious, I would be delighted if Discount Vouchers worked. It would be a good for my clients, and I am in business to make my clients better. Furthermore, I do not appreciate name calling or rudeness. I am not trying to divert anything, and I have done a significant amount of research on this question.

This infers that Discount Vouchers do not work. That is not true. The Tower Discount Vouchers do work. In our own businesses we have the voucher and supporting financial data to prove this. Many retailers using Discount Vouchers say they have similar successful results. Despite this evidence, POS continues to spin that they do not work. The distinction is, the Tower Systems Discount Vouchers work.

The writer on the POS blog says they have done Wikipedia research and research on their own blog. That research is about a voucher from their own software. While that voucher may be called a discount voucher, it is not a Tower Discount Voucher, it has not been created with the same sophisticated and successful Tower software.

POS then states:

At the time I released this report, I noted that their users felt that the results I got were consistent with their results. You can read yourself the comments. Not one person said, “hey my results using Discount Vouchers are different to these figures.”

This statement is not supported by the facts – which users? Where did they say this? They publish no details supporting their claim.

Then there is what we would label as spin:

Additionally, at the time, this critic offered to release more data and then withdrew that offer immediately. See here for the formal withdrawal.

This statement not supported by the facts – there was no formal withdrawal. They engaged in a game which looked like an attempt for us to help them understand how our software worked.

Then they publish a breathtaking assumption:

That I feel that this loyalty program is expensive, well most reward programs in retail run at about 1% of sales see here. The Discount Vouchers scheme as you see from the above image run at $4,475.89/$98,299.79 = 4.6%. It is expensive!

This statement demonstrates an ignorance of how you measure the success of Discount Vouchers as the benefits are not only those directly achieved from voucher redemption purchases. No, the benefits flow deep within the business. This is a newsagency achieving 19% year on year revenue growth – many times more than the newsagency industry average. Take out the natural growth being achieved in the business and focus only on growth from the time Discount Vouchers kicked in and the benefits are more than the flawed POS Solutions assumption.

The author of the POS Solutions blog post makes another assumption about our approach to Discount Vouchers:

this scheme has minimal measurements

This is false and misleading. They do not know what reporting tools are available. The measurements available are not minimal.

Then they make another assumption:

Finally a Discount Voucher scheme, gives a voucher for every sale

This is not true of the Tower Discount Vouchers and even basic research could have helped POS Solutions avoid making such a damaging and false statement. For sales there are tight controls on the release of the vouchers. It is a considered process with excellent business rules. Also, there is the opportunity to produce vouchers for non customers. We will not go into that as it would divulge too much information the the folks at POS Solutions who appear obsessed with us.

POS finishes their post with an example:

I remember one client of mine that ran for a while a Discount Voucher system, told me that a customer came in and took two magazines. He then purchased one and promptly used the discount voucher to buy the other one. What he felt was that Discount Vouchers produced no incremental sales lift but caused a cannibalisation of his existing revenue by selling at a discount, product that would have been bought anyway. This was the first sign, I had that something was not right.

Our Discount Vouchers setup following our rules would not have issued a voucher in this situation.

We are curious as to why POS Solutions is so interested in our discount vouchers facilities. When we launched them they said they had the same facility. While they may (or may not) have something called discount vouchers, only Tower Systems has the Tower Discount Voucher facilities.

We note that our discount vouchers are in wide use in pet shops, garden centres, bike retailers, newsagents, gift shops and other retailers.

This post is about us being on the public record abut the matters POS has raised.


Perth newsagency management workshop appreciated

Newsagents in Perth appreciated the newsagency management workshop we sponsored last Wednesday. It brought together a range of businesses for a valuable discussion about business and an exploration of strategies and tactics they could use to find greater success today and into the future.

The session attracted not only Tower customers but also newsagents using other software. We were happy to have the opportunity to help all.


Garden centre software helps nurseries and garden centres through Autumn

As seasons change so does activity in garden centres. Thanks to terrific marketing and management facilities in our Garden Centre software, partners of Tower Systems have available to them tools with which they can trade against traffic troughs and data which guide decisions to ensure more successful quiet times and busy times.

Our practical help for Garden Centres in quite times is free training reminding them of opportunities for driving business outcomes. We did this recently for a customer, showing them opportunities they were not leveraging, opportunities highlighted in their own business data. The result is a boost for the business without them having to spend any additional money.

We love helping our customers in practical ways like this.


Expanded POS software beta program to help small business retailers

Tower Systems has overhauled its POS software beta release program, with an open call to all customers to apply to be considered for the beta program.

Retailers in the program will receive early releases of software enhancements in return for feedback on changes delivered.

Through the open call to all customers Tower Systems is ensuring a wide pool of participants. This is important as diversity in the test community helps ensure diversity in the software testing and this results in better software.


Homewares software cuts time for managing Maxwell & Williams inventory

Years ago Tower Systems developed a good relationship with the folks behind the respected and highly sought after Maxwell and Williams brand. Thanks to this work we offered homewares retailers using our homewares software the ability to import stock files and invoices. Other benefits flow from this work. We help homewares retailer to save time managing their engagement with the Maxwell and Williams brand.

Supporting the respected Maxwell and Williams brand is part of the assistance we provide here at Tower Systems to homewares stores using our software.

Special orders, LayBy, gift packs, seasonal offers, catalogue pricing, movement of stock between stores, serial number tracking and a host of other facilities service the needs of engaged homewares retailers.


POS Solutions makes inaccurate claims about discount vouchers

Not all discount voucher facilities in POS software programs are the same it would seem. The experience we have in our own retail shops and the experiences we hear about from our customers are different to what others report with whether call discount vouchers in their software.

POS Solutions, a competitor of Tower Systems in the newsagency space has made claims about loyalty and discount vouchers which we challenge here in the interests of accuracy and robust competition.

At their company blog, POS Solutions publishes this:

Firstly i actually do not like discount vouchers as they are an incredibly costly programs, see here for numbers.

They link to an article of theirs from a year ago where they use a report from our software to claim that discount vouchers are expensive. There is no evidence in the Tower report or elsewhere to support their claim.

Our experience in our own retail businesses and the experiences reported to us others using our discount vouchers facilities is that they are not costly. We say POS Solutions makes the claim in a marketing effort to divert attention from a successful loyalty program.

It is important to note that the Tower Systems discount vouchers approach is sophisticated and exclusive to us. The calculations in our software are secured and encrypted. While we have no copyright over the term discount vouchers, we do have copyright protection over our code and protect this with care for us and our softwares.

The POS Solutions website and blog publishes this statement:

Additionally what type of a person will you be attracting, those that like perpetual discounts. I have seen a report that people whose first purchase is induced by a price reduction are 50% less likely to want to make a second purchase. This I can believe as what your discount is doing is attracting consumers hunting for a bargain, this is scarcely prone to instil shop commitment.

The evidence is that discount vouchers attract a valuable shopper delivering bonus margin dollars at the high GPO end of the range offered in the business.

They refer to a report but no link – leaving the reader to question the source of the report.

POS also publishes this about discount vouchers:

Also it has no chance of reaching those people that do not buy in your store in the first place. If they have never ever purchased something in your store, just how will you provide them with a voucher?

This statement demonstrates that POS Solutions has not researched the marketing opportunities in the Tower Systems discount vouchers facilities.

POS has previously stated that it offers discount vouchers. This was published around the time we released our facilities. In recent times they have taken to criticising discount vouchers. In the meantime, our discount voucher offering delivers for newsagents using them commercial benefits which we say provide them a terrific commercial advantage.

In the Tower software there are several loyalty options which can be used separately or together. Our discount vouchers facilities are unique to our software. They are a key factor in driving double digit sales growth and double digit gross profit growth. 


Jeweller software helps jewellers cut management consulting fees

More and more jewellers are looking to reduce the fees they pay consultants to be told how to run their businesses. Jewellers we work with using our Jeweller Software tell us they like that they can produce reports and from these make decisions for themselves – thereby eliminating the need to pay consultants.

Thanks to smart reporting and ever enhancing reporting, the Tower Systems Jeweller Management Software is proving to be a terrific assist for the reduction of outside consulting fees, thereby improving the bottom line of the business.

In our next software release we will make available enhanced reporting which goes even further to helping jewellers in this area.


Tower Systems stands strong in support of small business newsagents

Tower Systems is proud to have been able to help newsagents deal with the challenges in the proposed changes to magazine supply. Our submission to the ACCC has been appreciated by many as has been our public support of small business newsagents in the face of what appears to be unfair treatment by magazine distributors in their planning to change supply rules.

Our most recent work was in a submission to the ACCC. From what we can see we are the only newsagency software company to have made a submission.  Click here for the Tower Systems submission.


POS software helps toy shops manage for success

Toy shops using the Tower Systems Toy Shop Software are able to easily handle requirements common in growing toy shops:

  1. Instructions. We help you help your customers use what they buy from you.
  2. Special orders.
  3. Seasonal catalogue promotions.
  4. Purchases of parts to make a model or some other piece-by-piece kit.
  5. Age checks for age related items.
  6. Allocation of limited supply of highly sought after items.
  7. Preselling popular lines sure to sell out.
  8. Multi-buy pricing.
  9. Seasonal year on year comparison.
  10. Serial number tracking for collector items.

The Toy Shop Software from Tower Systems was a hit at the recent Toy Fair in Melbourne – in terms of connecting with new customers and for talking with suppliers and toy shop owners about opportunities for working even more closely together.


New POS software update for small business retailers

Retailers using POS software from Tower Systems have been briefed on the next update which will be in beta release this month. The company is releasing information about features in the update as part of its weekly customer communications.

Feedback from customers is terrific about this next update. Several new facilities are direct user suggestions.

Tower Systems operates a transparent approach to encouraging user suggestions and welcoming other users to comment on these suggestions. The process is unique to Tower and part of the Tower AdvantageTM program.


Retailers love free roster software from our POS software company

The free roster software released by Tower Systems to its customers two weeks ago has achieved excellent take-up. Businesses have established rosters and are using the software to more carefully manage labour allocation. One feature of the roster is that it shows the cost per day of the rostered labour. This is vital for any business seeking to manage operating costs.

Cloud based, the roster software can be used right away without the need to install any software.

Thanks for user feedback we have been tweaking the software, taking on board terrific suggestions from customers eager to help us make this software even better. We appreciate this help.

This new software from Tower Systems is another way the company is being true to its motto: We’re here to help.