POS software helps garden centres to handle freight cost requirements

Tower Systems, in its POS software for garden centres, produce stores and farm stores, offers a terrific solution for handling complex freight requirements that are unique to these types of businesses.

Regular handling of freight costs does not work. So, the Tower Systems experts set about working with retailers in these channels, to understand their needs, and we developed a solution just for them. This was previewed, tested in the field and subsequently released – to appreciation of our customers in garden centres, produce stores and farm stores.

This is a big deal in that it demonstrates how our process of listening to and being guided by our customers works. It is a structured and consumer engaging process that puts their needs ahead of all others. Also, we ensure we listen to the community voice rather than the voice of one. This way we deliver a solution the community loves … and that matters to us.

Produce businesses come in many shapes and sizes. We hear them referred to as stockfeed businesses, farm supplies businesses, rural stores as well as produce businesses.

There are common needs in these businesses for software beyond what is usual in retail management software. This is what we do – create software for very specific retail business niches, like yours. We do the regular POS stuff you’d expect, and we serve produce requirements, like…

  1. Invoicing and account management – in our specialty software you can manage accounts in a way that is highly tailored to your business. You can produce picking slips, manage accounts, feed data to Xero and MYOB, accounting for freight and more.
  2. Pre-orders – We make it easy for you to pre-sell a delivery so that when the stock arrives you can manage distribution and billing efficiently.
  3. Bagging up feed – Using our software we manage you bagging up a bulk feed delivery into smaller, saleable lots, while keeping accurate stock on hand data.
  4. Making your own feed mix. We help you track managing bulk quantity ingredients and mixing these into saleable packs of your own brand of seed mix. What an awesome point of difference for your business!
  5. Special orders. You can bring product in for a specific customer or customers and have them notified automatically by email or text when the goods are in and ready. The software can even print a label with their details on it, to personalise the package.
  6. Pricing profiles.You can set pricing rules based on types of customers you serve in your business.
  7. Seasonal reordering.You can easily reorder inventory based on seasonal sales data managed by the software.

POS software for music instrument shops

Tower Systems is thrilled to offer POS software that serves the needs of music instrument shops. An experienced music instrument retailer and repairer discovered our software and let us know that we have facilities in the software ideal for their business.

The facilities in our POS software that can be useful in music instrument sales and repair include:

  1. Repairs management – including in-house and out of business repairs.
  2. Serial number tracking. Some instruments come with a unique serial number. This can be tracked to the customer.
  3. Product care support. This is a big help as some musical instruments require special care and that this can be automatically served is a bonus.
  4. Handling customer special orders. This is a real treat as many instruments are sold as a special, one-off even, order for a customer. Being able to record and track this will help.
  5. Managing bundle sales: instrument, case, warranty coverage.
  6. Tracking product purchase anniversaries. This can help with marketing back to customers to guide them and encourage them for future purchases, or for warranty or care support.
  7. Flexible management of the application of freight costs to product sale prices.
  8. Webstore data flow for easy online selling.
  9. Payment options for instruments including buy now pay later.

These facilities are in addition to the awesome facilities you expect to see in good POS software for small business retailers.

The software can run in a single store as well as multiple stores. This sees it working well for local small businesses as well as bigger businesses with multiple outlets.

Tower System is grateful for the opportunity to help local and independent music instrument and repairs businesses to better serve in their local communities and online.

It is said that music is life. Helping local music shops helps local communities in our eyes and that is a wonderful use of our software. We are grateful to have been found to have something of usefulness for local music and instrument retail businesses.

We love it when our software is food to be useful in another marketplace, one in which we have not been specifically targeting in the past. But here we are: music instrument shop software!

Church bookshop and church business / church store POS software

Church stores and Christian bookshops have unique needs when it comes to POS software and webstore connected POS software.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve a variety of Church owned shops across Australia and across faiths with our POS software. We have been doing this for years, learning more with each new customer we bring on. And, yes, church owned bookshops, stores and businesses are customers. Their needs are the same and the help we can offer is the same.

Along the way, we have fine-tuned our software to serve these businesses, to help them with their mission. This has resulted in better software from us, from which all of our customers benefit through POS software updates.

We serve the Christian bookshop / church store marketplace with terrific POS software, offering POS software, inventory management, webstore connection, subscription management and other solutions for these church community businesses.

Our handling of the GST and other factors have helped us deliver a solution of value and appreciation to the committees that run these businesses.

The needs of church owned businesses are unique and require thoughtful attention. This goes beyond the software itself and into the implementation in the businesses. We have a gentle and inclusive approach that ensures that all stakeholders within the church organisation are served.

Our accounting software integration, especially to Xero, makes our POS software solution for church stores appealing as it reduces the bookkeeping overhead and serves into the need for transparency when it comes to church funds. These are important factors.

Within our business we have team members with valuable expertise in serving the needs of church owned businesses. This expertise is leveraged to offer our church business customers complete insights into business operation options using our software.

We have been grateful for opportunities to speak at church business conferences and other events, to outline what our software does and to share how the software can be used to further the mission of church owned businesses.

Church and christian bookshops and related businesses are another niche served by Tower Systems. This is what we do, we tailor our POS software to serve the unique needs of specialist retailers so that they, in turn, can serve their specialist mission.

In terms of acquisition, we are used to presenting to committees and being patent while volunteers go through a selection process. Our sales team members answer all questions and demonstrate the software as often as needed so that everyone responsible is comfortable they have the information necessary to make the right decision.

2019 New Year resolutions for small business POS software users

2019 is two weeks in and already there is plenty happening in retail, especially small business retail.

As a service to POS software customers in our user community, Tower Systems offers a selection of small business retail new year resolutions from which retailers can choose business goals for the year.

Naturally, these resolutions are POS software related, as encouragement to our customers to get more from their investment. We don’t expect people to select any more the  one or two from this list. However, do something, have a goal that is POS software related, your business will benefit, you will benefit, for sure.


  1. Maintain better quality business data.
  2. Order based on actual sales data rather than gut feel.
  3. Spend more time away from the shop by managing remotely.
  4. Eliminate manual processes.
  5. Take action on employee theft.
  6. take action on customer theft.
  7. Reduce dead stock.
  8. Eliminate more paperwork.
  9. Engage in more data based business planning.
  10. Declutter my business data.
  11. Declutter the shop based on the business data.
  12. Delegate more.
  13. Set KPI goals, measure, track and engage.
  14. Learn more about the software.
  15. Learn something new from the software every week.
  16. Start believing the business performance data.
  17. Only sell products with a barcode.
  18. Establish new rules designed to protect data integrity.
  19. Deal more with suppliers that make doing business easier and less with suppliers that don’t.
  20. Leverage more control over the business.
  21. Manage staff performance more.
  22. Engage in more free training from Tower Systems.
  23. Ask Tower to tell me what they see about my business in my business data.
  24. Get more from the software.
  25. Treat data as an asset and not as a chore.

We hope that this list inspires, encourages, motivates and nurtures better business outcomes from the use of our POS software in your business.

More than an average software company, Tower Systems cares, deeply, about how our POS software is used and the outcomes it can achieve for your business. Our goal is to every day help our customers to achieve real benefits from the POS software.

Software is like any business tool. What you get out of it is determined by what you invest in the tool and how you use it. No, not a money investment, but a management investment. Respect, trust and use the tool and it will deliver for you. Treat it as a glorified cash register and that is what it will be for you.

Bike shop POS software helps bike retailers compete

Tower Systems serves hundreds of specialty bike retailers with awesome bike shop specific POS software.

With each update, our bike shop POS software gets better and better as each update contains enhancements suggested by our customers. We are grateful to them for their support, encouragement and business. Indeed, it is our customers who make our bike shop software better, year on year.

Specialist indie bike businesses need specialist software to serve these and other types of specialist needs.

Specialisation is what sets youapart.  It is what sets usapart too.

From managing seasonal sales to respecting product care instructions to offering easy sell packs with multiple items, our specialty bike shop software can help you serve in valuable and appreciated ways.

We can help maximise sales with smart shopper engagement. This is where you easily leverage customer data to reach out with personal reminders, which can bring customers who shopped with you once back again and again.

Imagine easily reaching out to those who purchased a specific brand or type of bike and inviting them to come see or purchase a product they are sure to like.

Our front-end loyaltyoffer helps you leverage one-off and infrequent shoppers, to maximise their shopping visit. We have retailers reporting 10% and more revenue boosts from this loyalty tool big retailers cannot copy.

These are some examples of how Tower Systems leverages its bike shop specific software for you – with training and assistance specific to your type of business, to ensure that you maximise the benefits for your business.

Another way to use the software is with Oxipay, a buy now pay later service that settles immediately to you. It is integrated as a method of payment.

Our Bike Shop Software also offers:

  1. Catalogue management – making catalogue sales easy.
  2. Easy link to online sales platforms for bikes.
  3. Easy loading of electronic invoices from your suppliers.
  4. Linking to a website for online sales.
  5. Easily handling BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) or other up-sell offers.
  6. Linking to Xero to cut bookkeeping and external accounting costs.
  7. Rewarding loyal shoppers with points, cash off next purchase or a mixture.
  8. Easy to use LayBy.

See the software live.For a free demo: Email: sales@towersystems.com.au. Check us out online: www.towersystems.com.au

This software is affordable. You can purchase the software outright, lease it or rent it. You can use it in your business loaded on local computersor in the cloud.

Supported by humans, in Australia. Our help desk is in Hawthorn, Victoria. No robots here. You can call, email, post a Facebook message Tweet or text us.

Training is personal.We come to your business and train you. The training is tailored to your needs. Plus, you have access to extra free one on one training.

Why gift shop owners and managers love our POS software for gift shops

Tower Systems has been developing, selling and supporting POS software for gift shops for years. There are many hundreds of retailers using this retail channel specific POS software.

Using our specialist POS software, gift retailers can be confident that we offer software that is fit for purpose, software that is deal for the need and packed with facilities beneficial to the unique needs of gift shops, especially gift shops serving local needs, local communities.

Here are some notes from a Q&A we did with gift retailers on our software.

What facilities do gift shop owners and staff  like are in your software?

  1. Easy to use yet structured and professional Lay-By.
  2. Customer special orders with TXT message when stock arrives.
  3. Professional gift cards with your logo and proper management of balance.
  4. Easy to produce gift vouchers.
  5. Gift receipts that can be wrapped with a gift (no pricing).
  6. Intelligent receipts with product care information.
  7. Easy handling of hampers and bundled offers.
  8. Supplier performance comparison.
  9. Employee performance management and rewards.
  10. Importing electronic invoices from gift shop suppliers. We work with for you.
  11. Linking to your website to manage a common stock file.
  12. Loyalty options including traditional points as well as front end loyalty to drive infrequent shopper engagement.
  13. Inventory management to guide you to a more efficient inventory level.
  14. Theft reduction tools to reduce the opportunity of employee theft.
  15. It’s easy to use.
  16. It’s regularly updated based on user suggestions.

What do you think makes your gift shop software different to others?

We develop the software ourselves here in Australia in close consultation with gift shop owners and employees – as well as with gift shop suppliers. This is truly specialist software created for your type of business.

What makes Tower Systems different as a supplier of gift shop software?

Our service is personal, professional and accessible. You have access to the entire Tower Systems team to not only learn how to use our software but also to how to make more money in your business by using the software.

How do you handle nervous computer users?

Gently, with respect.

What training is provided with the system?

When it is installed the training is one on one in your shop. Following the installation you can access more than 130 training videos and 626 plain English step-by-step articles in our online knowledge base.

Why would I use this and not a cash register?

Using the Tower Systems Gift Shop software would help you:

  1. Guide shoppers to spend more in a visit.
  2. Attract shoppers to return to the business more often.
  3. Reduce dead stock.
  4. Reduce theft.
  5. Streamline selling.
  6. Reduce mistakes in sales processing by eliminating double handling.
  7. Better manage employee time.
  8. Better manage supplier relationships through buying based on facts and not emotion.
  9. More effectively plan for the future of the business thanks to access to accurate data.
  10. See things in your business that you may miss today.
  11. Offer a professional experience with personalised attractive receipts, personalised attractive gift certificates, structured Lay-By and a data driven approach to ordering.
  12. We bring structure and ease to the end of shift balancing process.
  13. You can easily manage catalogue and promotional pricing as well as bundled deals and through this drive sales.
  14. There are 100+ reports on which you can rely to assess the business. However, the reality is you will fall in love with two or three reports and rely on these.

Is it possible to transfer an existing database?

Yes, our technical experts are very good at this. We have converted data from Retail Express, Lightspeed, Retail Edge and MYOB for gift retailers switching to us.

What kind of after-sales support is available?

Our Australian based help desk is available Monday through Friday from 7am AEST to 6pm AEST and on Saturday from 7:30am AEST through 3pm AEST.  We also offer 24/7 after hours support at no additional cost.

Our help desk services (office hours and after hours) are backed up by escalation to senior management of the business. Every customer is given the direct mobile phone numbers of our national management team including the owner of the company – as a measure of transparency and commitment to service.

Each week we host a live online training workshop covering a part of the software. This includes a Q&A session. Access to this online workshop is free.

Via our website we provide access to a comprehensive and constantly evolving knowledge base of articles and documentation. This is accessible 24/7 and can be searched using regular English terms. It is 100% non-technical, user friendly and designed for self service.

Small business POS software website integration helps small business retailers

Tower Systems makes it easy for small business retailers to connect their shops online, directly through their POS software, to websites in Shopify, Magento or Woo Commerce. Using the POS software as the owner and manager of the inventory data and images, loading items on a website is easy as is tracking sales and managing fulfilment.

In addition to develop0ing POS software, we develop websites for our small business customers. We have terrific experience and skills i8n this area.

Our POS software integrated websites serve a single inventory database between physical store and online store.

The Tower Systems web development team is skilled in WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify. The company has plenty of sites it can show in a live portfolio of successful e-commerce sites, serving shoppers in Australia and internationally.

Small business retailers can benefit from the retail management experience at Tower Systems experience that helps deliver a more retail focussed solution.

The Tower web team is also skilled at SEO and SEM services that help raise the website rankings in key search engines, ensuring the site is found ahead of others.

But best of all, Tower Systems provides professional advice and guidance to small business retailers keen to build their online presence. Our commitment is honest transparent advice on which any small business retailer can rely.

The Tower Systems web development team is Australian based, working out of the company’s head office in Hawthorn. This is important as many web development businesses are overseas. While you might have a locally based contact person development too often is done overseas, leading to challenges with delivery and usefulness.

Tower Systems is committed to local development for local businesses. Our developers understand retail in Australia and New Zealand. We leverage that to deliver practical and valuable business outcomes.

From simple websites to complex multi business solutions, the Tower Systems web development team for retailers is skilled and capable of delivering valuable solutions.

To find our more about our web development services, speak with a local Tower Systems sales person. They can point you to successful sites from us that are live and transacting today.

Here are just some of the many store POS software linked websites that we have developed:

  1. www.beanieboosaustralia.com
  2. www.popvinylsinaustralia.com
  3. www.willowbears.com.au
  4. www.willowbearsworldwide.com
  5. www.ittybittysinaustralia.com
  6. www.charliebearsinaustralia.com
  7. www.ezitask.com
  8. www.sendmytask.com

This is a selection of sites created by Tower Systems. Our web development skills are diverse. Our SEO and SEM skills are fine-tuned, to help you get the notice for your website.

This Gift shop POS software helps independent retailers sell more and grow more successful businesses

Tower Systems is proud to offer Australian designed, developed and supported POS software for gift shops. Our gift shop software is current, valuable, easy to use and able to grow with the business. In fact, our POS software for gift shops helps gift shops grow through terrific marketing and management tools, though intuitive guidance and with the backing and support of a wonderful team of retailers, skilled training and help desk team members in the Tower family.

The gift shops that we serve with our POS software are locally owned and run gift shops, the quintessential small business, usually a family business. Competition is tough for these small businesses. We understand that and have ensured that our software helps these businesses meet and deal with competition.

Tower Systems helps small business gift shops through its constantly evolving gift shop software. Using our Point of Sale software, gift shop owners and gift shop managers are able to trade more efficiently and successfully, they are able to trade with confidence and accuracy. They are able to build a stronger and more valuable business.

Here are some of the practical and beneficial ways the Tower Systems gift shop software can help any independent gift and homewares shop:

  1. Accurate selling.
  2. Easier selling.
  3. Faster selling.
  4. Selling on the shop floor, over the phone or online.
  5. Click and collect is easy as well as in buy now pay later.
  6. Less mistakes thanks to fewer steps in the sales process.
  7. Automatic handling of EFT processing thanks it integrated EFTPOS.
  8. Easy to run LayBys including managing the terms and conditions, collecting payment and locating lay-bys.
  9. Easy handling of sales over a date and time range.
  10. Structure around product returns.
  11. Easy finding previous sales.
  12. Easier management of staff rosters.
  13. Visibility of business performance when you are not in the shop.
  14. Access to a range of shopper loyalty options from points based to a cash amount off the next sale.
  15. Easy bundling of products into a package deal offer – this makes price comparison harder.
  16. Easier selling online through a connected website.
  17. Tracking sales by staff member.
  18. Tracking business performance by supplier – driving suppliers to facilitate your business success.
  19. Tracking business performance by key seasons.
  20. Easy management of special orders for customers.
  21. Creating orders for suppliers.
  22. Easily loading electronic invoices from suppliers.
  23. Comparing trading periods for quick spotting of business performance trends.
  24. Selling by measure.
  25. Selling by weight.
  26. Managing the repairs process if you offer that type of service.
  27. Running customer accounts and managing the collection of these accounts.
  28. managing sopper gift cards including tracking balances.
  29. Managing multiple retail outlets.

The Tower Systems gift shop software helps small and independent gift shops in many ways. This list here is just some of the ways. This software has been developed with and for gift shop owners and their employees. It is already widely used.

As specialty retail software designed and developed in Australia, this is software fit for purpose for small and independent gift shops. 

Tower systems continues to evolve the software to ensure it meets the evolving needs of gift retailers in Australia.

POS software helps independent retailers pitch shop local

In the Australian designed, developed and supported Tower Systems POS software, independent retailers  can easily to pitch that you are locally connected business.

This is a key mission of the Tower Systems POS software company. It is something on which we have focussed for years and something we deliver in our POS software, customer service, train ing, management advice and more as we go about business every day.

being local, serving local, engaging local matters. It is what Tower Systems helps retailers do through its POS software regularly, systematically and in a structured way. We are proud to offer this local focus and support.

For example, you can serve, on receipts, local information relevant in your area:

  1. A garden centre could provide advice on plants for local conditions.
  2. A fishing business could provide advice on local fishing spots that are hot.
  3. A pet store could include information about local dog parks and events.
  4. A toy shop could list local collector and game clubs to foster community.

We can help you do this, we can help you show through the software how your business is better for the local community than any big business competitor.


Here are four ideas you could consider to show off a local connection. This collection of ideas is all about things you could do that are newsworthy for the local media:

  1. Tell the town’s story. Invite a school class to create a diorama telling some history of the down in your shop window.  This will be educational, topical, newsworthy and something that gets people connected with those involved to your shop to see the window.
  2. Famous and infamous people. Get your customers to nominate famous people form the area from back since when the area was first settled. Again, educational and newsworthy.
  3. Sports heroes. Invite all schools and clubs in your area to submit a photo and a brief description of their sporting winners from this year. The display could be your way of holding the winners up for another moment of glory.
  4. Where we come from. get a school class to create a map of the word for your window and get your shoppers to place a flag showing where they come from. Maybe the could have a place to note a story of how they got there.

While none of these ideas is about you selling product, each does better connect your shop with your local community and that is vital.

Here are other tips on boosting the local connection:

  1. Be knowledgeable about local activities, events, issues and places.
  2. Talk about local matters on your social media outlets. Help publish local news.
  3. Support local groups with knowledge, prizes and attention.
  4. Encourage local groups to use your business.
  5. Serve your community in practical ways such as volunteering.
  6. Help even the groups you cannot help financially – with an events noticeboard and supporting them on your Facebook page etc.
  7. Talk local across the counter.
  8. Be visible at local events and activities.
  9. Encourage your employees to be visible at local events and activities.

Xero POS software link from Tower Systems helps small business retailers

Tower Systems helps small business retailers benefit through its direct POS software Xero link.

First released years ago and regularly enhanced, the POS software Xero link helps small business retailers…

  1. Save time.
  2. Cut mistakes.
  3. make better decisions.
  4. make faster decisions.
  5. Have more control over their businesses.
  6. Stress less.
  7. Sell their businesses.

We use Xero ourselves in our own retail businesses, where we also use our POS software. nWe have practical and personal experience on which we can draw to serve our customers, to provide them a better Xero POS software integrated experience.

When we provide training and help on this, we do so from years of personal experience. It is one thing to know what to do, it is another entirely to actually have done it yourself. This is where our story is unique in the POS software space, where we are able to best serve our small business retailers on an efficient and useful Xero POS software link.

Here is what is transferred to Xero through our POS software Xero link.

  1. Sales – End of Shift based Department level sales are transferred to Xero via a sales invoice.  Each department can be assigned its own Xero account.
  2. Stock Arrivals – Invoices that are received into Retailer are transferred over to Xero as department level purchase invoice. No individual stock items are transferred.
  3. Stock Returns – Returns are transferred as credits in Xero at the department level. No individual stock items are transferred.
  4. Write Off’s and No Sales – These are both transferred to individual expense accounts, depending on what reason was chosen when the transaction was performed.
  5. Cost Of Sales – An option on sales exporting is to export Cost of Sales.  While not a full implementation of COGS it does transfer over the cost price of items sold each day to reduce the value of Stock On Hand in Xero.  If you use this option you will export Write offs, not as expenses, but as adjustment to your Stock on Hand.   This makes processing adjustments for the End Of Month much easier.

We developed the link is association with xero, as a development partner.

While we have an integration with Quicken and MYOB, we love Xero as it is easy, well maintained and well supported … and we use it ourselves in our own shops having tried other accounting software solutions.

Small business POS software help desk escalation process

Small business retailers using our POS software have a structured process working for them, serving them, to deliver access to customer service quickly, efficiently and with certainty.

We have a documented escalation process to serve 0ur customers. Were do this with pride and clear focus as we know that good customer service on the POS software help desk is appreciated.

Our customers can contact us in myriad ways:

Calling our help desk – we have contact numbers in each state and NZ.

  1. Emailing,
  2. By Facebook message.
  3. By website message.
  4. By dropping in.

Accessibility matters to small business retailers. We understand that and ensure we are resourced for it.

We back easy access with terrific service and an escalation process on which our customers can rely. We’re human and mistakes can be made. This is why we have a transparent, structured and useful escalation process for our POS software customers.

Here is what we include in every weekly email we send our customers about help desk escalation:

If you any reason you are unhappy with customer service:

  1. Email support@towersystems.com.au with a subject of: Escalation.
  2. Please provide as complete a description of the issues as possible.
  3. If you have multiple points, please number each.
  4. If your concern relates to a specific employee, please include their name.

We handle escalations in a structured way. On receiving an e mail it goes to point 1. If you are unhappy with that, please escalate to the next point in line.

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER: csm@towersystems.com.au.
  2. CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER: Gavin Williams. 03 9524 8000. Email gavinw@towersystems.com.au.
  3. MANAGING DIRECTOR: Mark Fletcher. 0418 321 338. Email: mark@towersystems.com.au.

We have had this process in please for years. Feedback from o7ur customers is they love it’ll even though escalation is rarely called upon. Having the service there is a demonstration of good faith. It reflects the professional approach we provide. That our leadership team is easily contactable shows that we back ourselves with our POS software customers.

When it comes to POS software help desk access, accessibility matters. Knowing you can reach beyond the help desk matters and small business retailers understand this. It demonstrates our commitment to customer service for those we serve in this business.

Small business POS software helps indie retail in 2019

Retail changed in 2018 and it will change more in 2019. While some changes are obvious, l others are more subtle. Good POS software helps retail businesses to embrace change, to lean into evolving opportunities.

Through 0ur structured, fact-based, well-researched, thoroughly tested software update process, Tower Systems offer small business retail customers the opportunity to embrace change and place the business ahead of a curve of change.

The changes in our software are retail outcome led. That is, we bring to the software tools retailers want for their shop floor, online, in their back offices and on the road. We deliver tools and facilities retailers love because they are retailers more so that they are tech-heads. This matters as retail is unique.

Being retailers ourselves, owning and running three growing and engaged retail businesses in the gift, homewares and on-trend spaces, each with strong in-store and online sales, we leverage personal experience for spotting trends and testing the benefits of technology in delivering on those opportunities.

This is rare, a POS software company owning and operating retail stores. We are proud to have this opportunity, to leverage it for our customers and to use our shops as show places, testing labs and more on behalf of our POS software customer community.

Owning retail shops helps us produce old software, useful software, software fit for purpose in retail in 2019. This is a year of wonderful opportunity, of more change and of more opportunity for independent small business retailers. Were will deliver tools and benefits for our customers so they can leverage our software in 2019 for their own business benefit.

So, what does independent retail look like in 2019? We have some views on this and will share them without customers in our private communications. Our its are an amalgam of insights from study overseas, connection with retail experts and guidance received from retail groups to which we contribute and from which we learn.

Our goal this year is to help our retail business customers, to continue to grow their businesses, to be resilient and to benefit from change. Our hope is for 2019 of great achievement for our POS software user community. We will work diligently to help achieve this for our customers.

Happy New Year

May 2019 be bright and prosperous, fulfilling and wonderful, healthy and relaxing … for all of our customers and those who rely on their businesses for income and more.

We appreciate your support through 2018 and recommitment to be here for you in 2019.

Together, we can make 2019 a wonderful year!

POS software Xero integration helps small business retailers cut mistakes and costs

The beautiful and seamless integration between the Tower Systems small business POS software and Xero cloud based accounting software is helping more and more small business retailers to cut mistakes and same time.

Mistakes can happen every time there is manual engage meant with data. Our Xero integration cuts man cal engagement. In fact, in many =businesses, implementing the link significantly costs bookkeeping fees, delivering a terrific financial benefit too.

The Tower Systems Point of sale software / Xero link offers multiple benefits on which small business owners can bank…

  1. Cut accounting costs.
  2. Cut bookkeeping time.
  3. Improve business data accuracy.
  4. Improve business retorting.
  5. Make the business more profitable.

Xero does not connect to all POS software. Qs the premier small business account ting software in the world it is selective.

Tower Systems is proud to be a Xero partner and proud to deliver a quality Xero integration between our POS software and Xero. It is an integration we use ourselves in our own retail businesses. This provides us with experience we leverage for our customers every day. When we provide support, we do so from our own personal experience and this makes a big difference to the nature of support.

We were the first in our retail niches to integrate with Xero. We did this years ago and have maintained it ever since, working with xero through enhancements to deliver an appreciated and evolving solution for retailers who want too cut data entry, cut mistakes, cut bookkeeping costs and increase practical and beneficial business outcomes.

In addition to the Xero integration, Tower Systems POS software integrates with Shopify, magento and WooCommerce – the three leading e-commerce platforms in the world. The web development team at Tower has enhanced these to offer a multi-store solution whereby independent retailers can trade under a single branded website rather than needing their own website.

The Xero integration is the back-office piece where real labour costs are reduced. We only sell to independent small business retailers in selected retail niches such as bike shops, jewellers and garden centres. Having the xero integration is vital as they are all competing with big business and every saving, no matter how small, is loved.

POS software customer service between Christmas and New Year

These days between Christmas and New Year are terrific on the POS software help desk in that call traffic is not high and some customers take the opportunity to learn more about their software, to improve their businesses.

Our free training offer for all of our customers is loved and appreciated and this is the time of the year people can find time for learning more about the technology they have in their shops.

Our customers can book in for their free training by calling us or emailing bookings@towersystems.com.au. One of our POS software experts will provide one on one training tuned to the specific business, using data from that business. This makes the training more useful and beneficial.

While the free train ing offer is all year, this time of the year it is leverages more and we like that.

Christmas / New Year office hours

Here are our Christmas / New Year office. hours. Our comprehensive after hours phone network will remain available throughout for any urgent issue as well as email and our private customer Facebook page:

  1. December 26. Closed.
  2. December 27 Open 8:30am Close 5pm
  3. December 28 Open 8:30am Close 5pm
  4. December 31 Open 8:30am Close 2pm
  5. January 1 Closed
  6. January 2,Open 7am Close 5pm
  7. January 3, Open 7am Close 5pm
  8. January 4, Open 7am Close 5pm

As noted, after hours numbers will be live throughout, for urgent situations, along with our escalation process.