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Sales of products for insurance claims easy with POS software from Tower Systems


The POS software from Tower Systems manages and simplifies handling insurance claims for retailers in various industries, including jewellery, bicycles, gardening supplies, and homewares. These insurance claim relates sales management facilities were developed with retailers with years of experience fulfilling insurance claim related sales.

Here is some of what the Tower Systems POS software offers in managing insurance clim related product sales:

  • Dedicated Insurance Features: Tower Systems POS offers built-in functionalities specifically designed to manage insurance sales. This eliminates the need for manual processes or external integrations, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Streamlined Claims Processing: The software facilitates a smooth workflow for processing insurance replacements and manages appropriate record keeping. Retailers can efficiently handle customer claims, receive payments directly from insurers, and ensure accurate record-keeping.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: By efficiently processing claims, retailers can provide a faster and more positive experience for customers dealing with insurance replacements.

With years of experience in this space, Tower Systems and its POS software can help retailers win more insurance clim business.

Insurance companies benefit too from this work. Tower Systems empowers insurance companies to leverage a broader network of small and independent retailers for claim fulfillment. This expands options for customers and potentially reduces claim processing times. We ensure retailers have the necessary tools and training to handle insurance claims accurately and efficiently. This reduces the risk of errors and streamlines the overall claims process for insurance companies.

We are committed to enhancing the insurance claim facilities in our POS software as needs evolve in retail businesses and from the insurance companies with which they partner.

If your retail business handles sales related to insurance claims, our POS software is worth considering. We’d be happy to arrange an obligation free demonstration so you can assess the software for yourself. Be sure to have a list of must-have requirements so that we can show how the software may handle these. If the software does not handle any, we will tell you.

Our POS software has been made for a range of specialty retail settings. The insurance claim product sales management facilities in the POS software are available in any marketplace.

Tower Systems’ commitment to ongoing improvement through customer feedback ensures the insurance claims functionalities stay current. This benefits both retailers, who can adapt to evolving insurance processes, and insurance companies, who receive a future-proof solution.

We are grateful to our local independent retail business customers for their support.

By Mark
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