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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Awesome repairs management software for jewellers, bike shops, music shops, sewing shops and more


The repairs software that comes with the Tower Systems POS software has been made in association with retailers who do repairs in a range of specialty niche retail businesses.

Businesses that do repairs typically want to track the labour and parts used in repairs. They also want to track the repairs themselves, whether done in-house or outside the business.

Through the repairs facilities in the Tower Systems POS software we are able to serve a diversity of needs, all from local specialty retailers like jewellers, bike shops, sewing shops, garden centres and farm supply businesses. Yes, the repairs sides of these businesses share common needs.

There is no additional cost for the repairs facilities in the Tower Systems POS software.

The Tower Systems repairs software empowers you to:

  • Track Repairs Easily: Manage every step of the repair process, from job intake to customer pickup.
  • Boost Efficiency: Automate tasks and free up your team to focus on what matters most – excellent customer service.
  • Inventory Management Made Simple: Keep close track of parts and materials used in repairs, ensuring you never run low on what you need.
  • Accurate Billing: Generate clear and accurate invoices that reflect all work performed.
  • Happy Customers: Keep your customers informed with repair updates and estimated completion times.

This is robust and proven software first developed for jewellers and bike shops and now being used on so many different specialty retail settings.

ome of the functions our specialist retail software’s repair features are being used for include:

  • In Jewellers: Jewellery and watch workshop repairs, dated manufacturing.
  • In Bike Shops: Bicycle and tricycle repairs, warranty returns.
  • In Garden Centres: Landscaping services management.
  • In Firearms Stores: Gunsmithy and equipment repairs, warranty returns.
  • In Pet Shops: Aquarium installations.

The repairs management software tracks the labour and resources used from a billing and inventory management perspective. It also handles allocation of repairs or parts of a repair to venues outside the business (for contracting and supplier exchanges or repairs for warranty issues, for example) and tracks repair staff and couriers used in shipping repairs. Once the repair is ready for pick-up by the customer, the software finalises the billing and advises the customer by SMS or another preferred method. Payments are processed with the usual depth of our retail software’s point of sale functionality – customers can make multiple payments against a repair or a specialist manufacturing, pay through cash, EFTPOS, PayPal or other methods.

The Tower Systems repairs management software streamlines the repairs process, facilitates good communication and helps bring management certainty to the overall repairs process in your business. It helps local independent businesses provide the kind of professional, personal and efficient repairs services that major corporate stores and online-only offerings can only dream of.

We are grateful to our customers for helping us enhance the repairs software, to meet evolving needs in this space.

By Mark
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