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Cuddly Profits: How Tower Systems Can Help Your Bear Shop Thrive


Running a bear shop isn’t just about selling adorable stuffed animals. The bears in a bear ship are characters, family. You cherish them. Your shoppers cherish them. Often times, the bear chooses their family.

It is likely that every day you are dealing with passionate collectors who some browsing and learning about the beautiful handmade bears. We know it’s important that you have all the details about each bear at your fingertips.

Here’s where Tower Systems comes in – with software for bear shops.

Our bear shop software – it’s actually specialty software used in several retail businesses that has been found to suit bear shops – helps you run a a happy, successful and enjoyable shop for you and your bear collector customers.

Tower Systems understands that teddy bear collectors are a special breed. Our bear shop software offers features like:

  • Special order tracking: Allow customers to pre-order upcoming releases or rare finds.
  • LayBy management: Make big purchases more accessible with flexible LayBy options.
  • Collector profiles: Track customer preferences and buying habits for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Bear birthdays and special occasions: Send personalised greetings to keep customers engaged.
  • Bear care. If you repair bears, our repairs management tools can help manage this for you.
  • Collector loyalty. We offer loyalty facilities bear collectors are likely to love.
  • Club love. Our club support tools make it easy for you to serve club members and encourage them back sooner while supporting the club at the same time.

Of course, Tower Systems offers all the functionalities you’d expect from a POS system in out bear shop software, including:

  • Inventory management: Keep track of stock levels and avoid overbuying.
  • Supplier comparison: Easily see how different suppliers perform.
  • Sales and reporting: Gain valuable insights into your business performance.
  • EFTPOS integration: Accept electronic payments seamlessly.
  • Website integration: Ensure your online store reflects real-time inventory.

Customer Loyalty

Tower Systems goes beyond basic transactions. Our bear shop software helps you foster customer relationships with:

  • Loyalty programs: Reward repeat customers and encourage them to spend more.
  • Product care information: Provide personalized care instructions on receipts, adding value to the purchase.
  • Professional receipts: Customise receipts to reflect your brand and showcase your expertise.

The teddy bear business in-store as well as online is competitive. Tower Systems helps you differentiate yourself with features like:

  • Serial number tracking: Essential for managing limited edition and collectible bears.
  • Package deals: Create special offers to boost sales.
  • Marketing based on specialty interests: Target your marketing to specific collector preferences.
  • Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Magento integration.

Ready to Make Your Shop Pawsome?

Tower Systems offers a user-friendly platform with Australian-based customer support. They understand the unique needs of bear shops and are constantly evolving their software to keep pace with the industry.

Our video training library means you can refresh learning at your own pace and easily train new team members.

If you’re looking to streamline your operations, target the right audience, and build a thriving bear shop, consider scheduling a free demo with Tower Systems today. You might just be surprised at how hugely their software can impact your business.

By Mark
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