Small business retail advice on how to choose POS software

The POS software you choose for your indie small retail business is an important decision. Get it right and the business could prosper and become considerably more valuable. Get it wrong and it could cost you plenty.

In thinking about the software you want, think about your business. Here are some headline level thoughts and suggestions.

  1. If you see your business as specialist in nature, the software you choose should be specialist.
  2. If part of your business pitch is to shop local, choosing locally made and supported software supports your pitch. Local software is software made and supported in Australia.
  3. If you want to be known as the local specialist, you need software that helps you do this consistently and effectively.
  4. If you do repairs or maintenance of any sort, you need software that can handle this.
  5. If you sell items bundled such as a rod, reel and line pack, you need software that can handle this.
  6. If you are in a tourist area and sell to people once, or once a year, you need software with loyalty facilities to maximise their rare visits to your shop.
  7. If you sell products by weight, you need software that can do this.

Think about these things and think about what you want in software in your business to help you stand out.

There are many generic and cheap point of sale systems in the marketplace. Price does matter. You would know that in your business. Think about the shopper who wants a full kit but says they want the cheapest. Think about your advice to them. If you say price does matter and that you get what you pay for, the same is true with retail business software.

A small higher price today for the right software could save many times the gap between it and cheap generic software.

So, work out what you want. This must come first, ahead of any budget.

Given that you can lease or even rent software, the capital cost is best assessed as a weekly cost on the business. This makes comparing systems easier. Once you work out the weekly cost and tote up what you get for this in terms of support serves and software functionality you can reasonable compare the different systems.

If you are not sure whether a software package will serve your needs, don’t choose it. You are better off saying no than fighting with the software and the supplier to get it working exactly as you want. However, it is likely that you will need to change some business processes to suit the software you do ultimately choose.

Be flexible. Once you have chosen software, follow the advice provided by the software company and the expert they send to your business to train you. If they suggest changes to your business processes, embrace them. While changing what you do can be frustrating, software designed specifically independent specialty retail businesses is specialist in nature and it does what it does based on years of development and feedback from many customers.

Be disciplined. Software is like a machine. It needs the right fuel. For software, that fuel is data. Ensure everyone in your business is disciplined in how the software is used. From the moment stock comes into the business to when it is sold. Track it. This will help you make better business decisions.

Be engaged. Your software company will want a two-way relationship If you have suggestions, share them Play a role in the continued evolution of the software. This helps you and other businesses in your channel.

Save time. The right software will help you eliminate manual processes. Embrace these opportunities as much as possible. Time saved is time you can invest in yourself or in the business. Seek time saving opportunities out.

Be realistic. Any new software will be a challenge. Know that you will have some rough days learning the new things. Accept these by focussing on the main goal of enjoyment and efficiency once you know the software well.

The software you choose reflects your business. Take your time. Be certain about what you want. Invest well and the right software will easily pay for itself.

End of financial year advice for indie retailers

Here is our short-form end of financial year advice for small business retailers:

  1. Take a backup at the close of business on June 30 and store this in a safe place.
  2. Produce a year on year sales comparison report – for your management benefit.
  3. Produce a report of stock not sold in the last six months so you can kick off the new year with a mission.
  4. Only do a stock take if your data management though the year has not been structured and consistent.

Yes, it is that simple. No longer does June 30 have to be crazy or stressful.

Here at Tower Systems we have been helping our POS software retail customers for months through free live online training workshops, regional user meetings, training videos and on on one support and advice, to be ready and to eliminate the need for a stressful June 30.

POS software scale integration helps indie retailers sell easily and accurately

Tower Systems has offered federal government approved POS software scale integration for several years. We have plenty of indie retail customers using our tools to sell easily, accurately and seamlessly, through their scale integrated POS software.

The authorised and government approved integration of scales with the Tower Systems POS software enables us to deliver a beautiful solution to small business and independent retailers in many situations.

Our Tower Systems POS software talks with the scales, reducing the opportunity for data entry mistakes, making the sales process faster and delivering business outcomes that enable small business retailers to benefit.

Delivered years ago and maintained since, our POS software scale integration is a fine solution for retailers that sell products by weight: candy stores, pet stores, produce businesses, garden centres, butchers, supermarkets and more. We can connect scales to the POS and enable sales by weight. It is easy and fast.

Any retail business selling products by weight can rely on our scales integration for fast and accurate selling at the counter or anywhere in this business.

Although there are alternatives to selling by weight such as splitting and pre-packing stock and double-typing prices at the counter, these methods waste keystrokes and time while increasing the risk of avoidable data entry mistakes that can impact a business  bottom line.

The scanner / scales tool that we recommend is connected to our POS software provides a range of solutions / benefits:

  1. All-Weighs Scale Platter with integrated Produce Lift Bar or Produce Rail™
  2. FirstStrike advanced decoding software delivers the best performance in reading poor quality labels
  3. Aggressive and ergonomic 360° 5-sided scanning
  4. Host Download – Lowers Service Cost and Improves Operations
  5. Diagnostic Reporting – For improved preventative maintenance
  6. Productivity Index Reporting™ – Helps identify poorly printed labels
  7. Cashier Training™/ Ergonomic Index – Identifies Poor Scanning/Weighing Habits

We work with each of our customers to deliver a solution tailored through settings and other opportunities to serve the needs of the business. Our experience o=ver the years from POS software scales integration has enabled us to provide a flexible and valued solution to our customers in this area.

Scales integration is another way our small business focussed POS software company serves businesses well, providing solutions that enable local family-owned small business retailers to compete against big businesses.

How our Fishing shop software helps local fishing and outdoors shops serve local communities

Thanks to advice and support from people in fishing & outdoors businesses in Australia and New Zealand, we have a software fine-tuned for this important, valuable and loved retail niche. These people are our experts. We are grateful for their guidance and advice.

We do all the regular POS software stuff you’d expect from good POS software, and we serve fishing and outdoors business specialist requirements, like these…

  1. Sell by weight or length – Easily sell bait by weight or line by length
  2. Sell by bundles / packs – Sell a rod / reel / line bundle easily. This makes it harder to price compare. It pitches you as offering value.
  3. Unpack bundles – You can take bundles and packs purchased from a supplier and break them down to single products, maximising return.
  4. Repairs & Job Tracking – Manage repairs, track progress in house or with third parties and notify customers by text when items are ready.
  5. Stock Notes– Easily add care instructions to any receipt, based on the product purchased.
  6. Catalogue Management– run promotions through the system for automatic pricing (ie multi-buys and catalogue items) (buy any 3 lures for $10 or further discounts when purchasing bigger qty’s of bait).
  7. Market to Your Customers– Keep in touch with customers based on their purchase history, interests, club membership, birthday, & more.
  8. Offer Customer Loyalty– Move away from straight discounting and implement a loyalty facility that encourages customers to spend higher amounts more often.
  9. Receipt Coupons–Easily control when coupons are printed on receipts. Offer further discounts when certain products are sold or advertise services in store when purchasing in specific departments
  10. Automated Reordering– reorder based on min/max levels or even based on seasonal sales figures
  11. Stock Images– images loaded against products can appear at point of sale to assist in the process, and can flow through to your website.
  12. Customer Order Management–Track special orders and print a label with the customers details and sms them when it comes in
  13. Staff Tracking – Track all suspicious transactions, cancelled sales, discounted sales, deleted sales, quantity changes and more.
  14. Gift Cards & VIP Cards – Our scanable cards speed up transactions and increase professionalism.
  15. Website Integration – Our software connects with Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce.  Have your accessories available for sale, and firearms available for enquiry without the need to do extra work.
  16. Accounting Integration – Have your sales and purchase information automatically flow into Xero, MYOB & Reckon.

Our training is one-on-one, in your business. Our help desk support is personal, based out of Melbourne, and personal too – because we know personal service matters in small business retail.

Talk to one of our experts about an obligation free personal demonstration:

  1. VIC / SA / WA:Tim Batt 0401 833 917;
  2. NSW / ACT / TAS:Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148;
  3. QLD / NT: Justin Randall 0434 365 789

Retail business management advice: how to cut employee theft

How employees who steal do steal from a retail business has changed over time. As technology and changed and as society has changed, theft techniques have changed.

It is vital that indie retail businesses keep up to date on how to detect and confront theft by employees. It is critical these businesses are ahead of the game in this pursuit.

The challenge is, you don’t know what you don’t know. This is where the comprehensive and POS software integrated approach recommended and guided by Tower Systems can help. The company leverages years of experience, personal retail management knowledge and expert mentorship from some world class leaders to provide its retail business community advice and help.

Detecting and mitigating employee theft in retail starts with the POS software itself. It is critical that retailer use software that has tools, known and unknown to users, that help confront the employee theft challenge. The best detection is the surprise detection, catching an employee when they least expect it, when they think they can get away with theft crime undetected.

The employee theft tracking and evidentiary tools in the Tower Systems POS software have been proven time and again to help retailers, police and prosecutors to deal with theft situations.

The best news is that engaged retailers who follow our advice are able to see theft easily, before the cost on the business is too great. Clearly, this is the best situation – early detection, early addressing of a situation before it becomes expensive and possibly terminal for a business.

Through our in-house theft specialists and personal experience running retail businesses, we offer training, advice and help using the awesome theft tracking and mitigation tools in our retail business POS software. At all times, our work is done in ways and following processes that are useful to any authorities brought in to deal with an employee theft situation.

Indie retail businesses can cut the cost of employee theft. It takes good POS software backed by good support with an oversight from leadership.

Tower Systems has years of experience working with small business retailers, police, prosecutors and insurance companies to help detect and mitigate theft in retail businesses, especially independent retail businesses.

Small business retail advice: make every day your pay day

We hear retailers saying that times are tough, that business is tough, that the economy is difficult. 

While complaints are easy, acting is harder. Our view is that everyone in small business has to act to the conditions. If times are tough, get tougher, smarter and faster is pursuing better times.

This is why one piece of advice we give to small business retailers is that they/you should make every day your pay day.

Today, the best way to extract value from our businesses is to make every day your pay day, to not rely on your pay day being the day you sell the business. The days of a retail business selling for a handsome multiple of net earnings are over for now. Making money when you sell is not and common. hence, the needs to make money today. What you make reflects in your P&L.

The P&L matters as this is what you need to be guided by in all business decisions and actions.

The challenge is how do you do this?

Retailers need to look at their businesses differently. This starts with the mindset of every day being your pay day. Each decision needs to be considered in this context, in the context of the P&L impact.

Focusing on profit today will give you a better result today and make your business more valuable tomorrow.

Here are some suggestions for making every day your pay day:

  1. Run with the leanest roster possible. Just about every retail business we review has capacity to lower labour costs. In a typical retail business, one hour saved today is worth around $75 in revenue.
  2. Ensure you can sell when the business is closed. Yes, this means sell online.
  3. Promote the business outside your usual foot traffic area … increase your customer base.
  4. Promote your business outside the brand people know you as. or example, online pitch under a brand other than your brand.
  5. Have your best people working the floor, helping customers spend more.
  6. Have stunning displays that attract people from outside the shop.
  7. Have compelling displays in-store that encourage people to browse beyond their destination purchase.
  8. Always have impulse offers at high traffic locations.
  9. Charge more every time you can. Loyalty programs such as discount vouchers, bundling into hampers, multi buys such as 2 for 3 and other opportunities enable you to do this by blocking price comparison.
  10. Buy as best you can.
  11. Grab settlement discounts every time you are able.
  12. Measure product category performance by gross profit. Quit the categories that are not paying for themselves.
  13. Promote outside your store using online and social media opportunities.
  14. Leverage adjacency information. Chase a deeper basket – people purchasing more each visit.

Be responsible for the profitability of your business. Don’t blame your suppliers, your landlord, your employees or some other external factor … it all comes down to you – the decisions you make and the actions you take.

If you relentlessly pursue profit with a clear focus you are likely to see profit grow. That’s better than waiting to make money when you sell because that’s less likely to happen in this market.

Doing all this relies on your measuring the performance of your business. The Tower software helps with this. It is easy.

POS software help desk

We are proud to offer our customers easy access to POS software support when they need it.





Serving small business retailers.

Because small business matters.

Supporting shop local.


Small business retail advice on quitting stock

This advice could be useful to any type of retail business that wants to quit stock, especially if they ant to quit stock quickly. Too often in our work with retailers we see processes in place for quitting stock where speed is not the focus. We think that is unhelpful for once you decide to quit stock, it needs to go, quickly.

If you want to quit stock, quit it, quickly. Quickly means different things to different people. I think it means 7 days … gone and out of the shop in 7 days from when you decide to quit the products. Of course, this will vary based on your own local circumstances.

The easiest way to quit stock is for your shoppers to understand the deal. Understanding the deal starts with how you brand the sale.

A sign with SALE on it could mean anything. Do NOT use this. There are too many around, each meaning a different thing.

A sign with, say, 50% off could be confusing as they don’t know the starting price and some may not understand percentages.

Sign with HALF PRICE is more easily understood but they still do not know the starting price.

If you really want to quit stock, we suggest you have tables or dump bins at price points: $1, $2, $5 – or that ever is appropriate to you.

We, in one of our own shops, tried a $9.99 priced item at 50% off, half price and $5.00. The $5.00 pricing worked the best, by far.

This is my recommendation on quickly quitting stock: get the price messaging right.

If your price messaging is hard to understand or if there are too many different price messages you could be creating a barrier and this could stop you achieving the sales outcome you want.

Small business retail management advice: make every day your payday

There was a time when small business retailers could rely on selling their business for a handsome increase on the price they paid thereby providing a good pay day, when businesses sold for a good multiple of net earnings.

No more. Today, the best way to extract value from our businesses is to make every day your pay day, to not rely on your pay day being the day you sell the business.

The challenge is how do you do this?

Retailers need to look at their businesses differently. This starts with the mindset of every day being your pay day. Each decision needs to be considered in this context.

Focusing on profit today will give you a better result today and make your business more valuable tomorrow.

Here are some suggestions for making every day your pay day:

  1. Run with the leanest roster possible. Just about every retail business we review has capacity to lower labour costs.
  2. Have your best people working the floor, helping customers spend more.
  3. Have stunning displays that attract people from outside the shop.
  4. Have compelling displays in-store that encourage people to browse beyond their destination purchase.
  5. Always have impulse offers at high traffic locations.
  6. Charge more every time you can. Loyalty programs such as discount vouchers, bundling into hampers, multi buys such as 2 for 3 and other opportunities enable you to do this by blocking price comparison.
  7. Buy as best you can.
  8. Grab settlement discounts every time you are able.
  9. Promote outside your store using online and social media opportunities.
  10. Leverage adjacency information. Chase a deeper basket – people purchasing more each visit.

Be responsible for the profitability of your business. Don’t blame your suppliers, your landlord, your employees or some other external factor … it all comes down to you – the decisions you make and the actions you take.

If you relentlessly pursue profit with a clear focus you are likely to see profit grow. That’s better than waiting to make money when you sell because that’s less likely to happen in this market.

Doing all this relies on your measuring the performance of your business. The Tower Systems POS software helps with this. It is easy.

Bike software helps bike retailers find new shoppers online

The Tower Systems Bike Shop Software helps retailers sell through Shopify and Magento, easily … thanks to a direct POS software integration for e-commerce.

We also work with and provide a POS software link to awesome online bike sales tools like SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange. Direct from our POS software we feed data as selected by the retailer for hosting on any or all of these bike sales platforms.

Hundreds of bike retailers use this software already.

Offering direct, easy, accurate and secure access from the in-store POS software to SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange helps bike retailers find new shoppers online and sell direct online.

The link between the Tower Systems POS software and the SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange online search and sales tools is perfect for local indie bike retailers to leverage the on line sales opportunity. It is smart, searchable, easy to use and easy to manage.

We help bike retailers manage inventory in-store and online, from multiple locations including pop-up retail situations at events. Plus, we can help you sell anywhere, mobile or on the road thanks to our awesome Roam technology. Our Bike Shop Software really is a tool for today’s modern bike shop.

Bike retailers who want more can easily establish their own direct and useful online store in addition to the to SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange platforms. This provides bike retailers the best options for online sales and customer attraction.

We are proud to deliver this within our software, proud to be helping local Aussie and New Zealand bike retailers reach new customers, win new business and sell efficiently and profitably online.

What Tower Systems is doing here for bike retailers is one of many benefits delivered to these local and valuable businesses serving lovers of bikes, cycling and those who love and care for them. We are proud to support all things cycling through our software for the retailers with whom we partner.

Talk with a Tower Systems Bike Shop Software account Manager today. We would love to show you our software, learn about your needs and talk with you about bike shop specific benefits: SA / WA / NT: Tim Batt 0401 833 917; NSW / ACT / TAS: Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148; QLD / NT: Justin Randall 0434 365 789.

Queen’s Birthday holiday

We’re celebrating today’s public holiday but have ensures that our after hours phone network is available for urgent customer service queries. Plus our awesome knowledge base is live and accessible.

POS software advice for small business gift shop owners

Gift shop owners have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing gift shop software. There are many systems around and many companies from which to choose.

Choice is a good thing as it means you can compare and comparing is good.

If you are thinking about POS software for your gift shop, look around, do research, look for software that serves your needs  that is backed by training that works the way you want and has a support infrastructure setup how you would like to access support.

The software choice you make for your business is too important to get wrong. Hence, our advice to take your time, do your research, and make sure it is the decision you want.

Tower Systems serves hundreds of gift shops with Australian developed and supported gift shop software. We have been developing and supporting our gift shop software for years.

We think choosing a local company matters. It means they are closer to you, more understanding of local needs and more able to directly engage with you. Just as you might pitch shop local when promoting your local business that serves a local community, we think this m matters

Here is some of what you can do with the Tower Systems gift shop software:

  1. Handle buy now pay later with serval pay later services integrated with the software.
  2. Sell anywhere including in store, on the shop floor, at the local market, in homes, at clubs. Our Roam service makes selling anywhere easy.
  3. LayBy. If you offer this se4rvice in the old-fashioned (and often loved) way, we can help.
  4. Integrated EFTPOS. Fewer mistakes. A faster sales counter.
  5. Integrated Xero. Save time. Cut mistakes., Help guide better business reporting.
  6. Differentiating loyalty. Encourage loyalty with smart tools designed for your type of business. Give points the flick.
  7. Easy selling.
  8. fast selling.
  9. Beautiful receipts … Yes, you control their look!
  10. Special customer orders.
  11. Manage repairs – if you do them.
  12. Add value with what you sell. This is a secret and special facility our customers love.
  13. Cut dead stock.
  14. Help drive companion sales.

POS software is everywhere. Finding what is right for you  takes time, care and a software company willing to work with you to see if their pitch is right for you.

Tower Systems could be right. Check is out…

Advice from our POS software co. for small business retailers doing it tough

We are often asked by small business retailers for business help when it is too late. In this article, we outline steps any retailer can contemplate from them moment they realise their business is in trouble, from the first thought that closing may be the only option.

If your retail business is in tough times and facing possible closure, you may be able to save it if you act quickly and ruthlessly. Based on years of working with many different retailers, we have found some basic steps can successfully turnaround a business in trouble. But you need to be ruthless.

  1. Know your truth. If you run a computer system, analyse the data it collects. If you don’t know how to do this, find out. Look for surprise information in your data, things you did not know about your business. For example, look at the top selling items. If there are surprises there they could inform other decisions you make to urgently address your situation.
  2. Trim employee costs. Cut employee hours and work more in the business yourself if you are not doing so already. While this can have a significant personal cost, the less you pay others the more be business benefits in financial terms.
  3. Trim overheads. Cut everything you can: cleaning, power usage, insurance, freight, banking. Look at every supplier relationship you have and see if you can negotiate a better deal to cut your operating costs. However, do not turn off lights as darkness is death in most retail businesses.
  4. Stop unprofitable behaviour. If you are doing things in your business which lose money or do not contribute to a good future for the business, stop doing them. Regardless of history or what your business might stand for, continuing with unprofitable activity only makes your situation worse.
  5. Quit dead stock. If you have stock on the shop floor which is old – ‘old’ can vary between product categories – and for which you have already paid, quit it. However, stock that is greater than six months old is a reasonable guide – then take action to sell this at a substantial discount.
  6. Cash matters. Converting anything you have fully paid for to cash has to be your key goal.
  7. Different retail options. Maybe a right or left turn away from what your business has been is an answer.
  8. Move things around. If your business is in trouble it is likely that it has not changed much in recent years. Change it. Move departments around, shake things up so your customers trip over things they did not think you sold.
  9. Review prices. Look at the common items you sell, consider a small increase in your prices. It could be a small increase will not hurt sales volume yet will add profit to your bottom line.
  10. Upsell well. At the counter, work to extend the basket for every sale possible. Do this with clever counter product placement and witty and engaging banter with customers offering upsell products. You goal has to be to make more from each customer.
  11. Market within your budget. Photocopied black and white flyers designed with care can be cheap and effective.
  12. Get suppliers to help. Suppliers often have old stock themselves which they want to quit at a substantial discount. Buy items you have not stocked before, negotiate good prices and put the stock out with a healthy margin but still at a discount to what others would be charging. Negotiate to pay once you are paid by customers.
  13. What assets can you sell? Do you have computers, retail fixtures, vehicles or other assets you no longer use in the running of the business? If they are not being used, turn them to cash as quickly as possible.
  14. Get a job. If you have a partner in the business with you and the business can run with one partner, one of you should get a job outside the business. This is especially helpful in a husband and wife situation where the family income can benefit.
  15. Talk to your landlord. A good landlord will prefer a good business to stay rather than have then close down and a new tenant having to be found. Talk to the landlord, be honest with them about your situation. Given the landlord all of the information they need to make the decision you need them to make. This information will include sales figures, expenses and margin information. Usually, the more transparent you are with the landlord the more they will support your business.
  16. Talk to colleagues. If you have nearby business colleagues in the same line of business, they might have stock they are happy to provide you for free or at a discount to give you stock to move for a good price.
  17. Deliver amazing customer service. When serving customers be the perfect shop assistance and not the owner of the business facing closure. Keep your mind on the job at hand and not the cliff you’re worried might be a few steps ahead.
  18. Whoever is pressuring you the most to close or contemplate closing, talk to them. If it’s a supplier, the tax office or some other organisation or individual pressuring you about debts, be upfront with them, lay out for them your plan detailing the action you will take to turn your situation around, be clear about what you are doing and outline a timeline step by step for them. Seek their support.
  19. Set a timeframe. Decide where you want to be in a week, four weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks. Set realistic goals. Measure yourself against those goals. Know what you will do if you fall short.

No two situations are the same. No situation is impossible. No business is dead until the doors are closed for the last time.

Never give up. Fight hard and fight smart to turn your business around.

Retail business management advice: compete by not competing

Too often we in small business see competition and get angry. We ignore the opportunity to change gears and stop competing

In our Tower Systems smart POS software we offer facilities through which you can change gears, through which you can recast your offer so it cannot be compared to those from a competitor.

Sometimes, the best way to complete is to not compete, to change the conversation, to get people seeing your business through a fresh lense.

These gear changing competitive tools in our current POS software include:

  1. Educate. Yes, our POS software helps you do this.
  2. Appreciate. Show your customers you love them, through personalised service during and after the sale.
  3. Aggregate. bring data together, information together, in a way that enhances your view of the business and your service of your customers.
  4. Motivate. Motivate your staff in ways that are smart, understood and customer-focussed.

Now, to some more practical ideas…

  1. Discount Vouchers. This is the most effective form of immediate loyalty rewards we have ever seen, driving excellent sales results. Charge more for an item and reward shoppers with cash off their next purchase.
  2. Buy X get Y – Multibuy. This focuses people on a volume based offer rather than a direct simple purchase.
  3. Package multiple items together for a price you set. Done right you can get more than the total value of the items in the package.
  4. Special orders. Major retailers tend to prefer to sell what they have. Special orders are often considered too difficult. If you manage it well and make it easy, you can pitch your business competitively.
  5. Sell you. Include insights, knowledge and advice with purchases, on receipts, automatically. Show, through every sale, that buying from you is different to other retailers where they could have purchased the same item.

Next time you feel competitive pressure from a big business, ask what you could change gearsin your business to position you differently, to not look like you are competing.

The more you can do to block direct price comparison the better.

Here at Tower Systems we can help with these and other initiatives in this area of smart competition.

How small business retailers can increase shopper loyalty with smart POS software

There was a time when retail loyalty programs focussed on points. Points were the currency that shoppers chased and retailers pushed. The thing is, points soon lost value, points became meaningless … because everyone offered points, all businesses accused them for shoppers who signed up. Points at one place were worth ten cents while at another place you needed a hundred times that to get close to ten cents worth.

Points based loyalty programs today are worth far less than ever before. They are not the traffic driver or differentiator they once were.

Shoppers love the new approaches to loyalty, approaches like BOGO – buy one get one free or half price, or the coffee card type approach but for other items for which this approach has not been usual or the $$$ off approach where shoppers accuse cash value to their ‘account’ for future use in store.

Giving shoppers control, allowing them to shop how and when they want, for what they want, delivers a better outcome to businesses that are genuinely customer focussed.

In the Tower systems POS software we deliver access to a suite of loyalty facilities that drive good outcomes, valuable outcomes, because shoppers appreciate the loyalty facilities and respond accordingly.

Take the BOGO opportunity in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software. Using this, we have seen jewellers, fishing shops, garden centres, gift shops, newsagents and toy shops drive shopper engagement, drive deeper shopping baskets as a result of a simple offer, clearly articulated and easily managed by the POS software.

As an engaged POS software company, we see it as our obligation to serve our customers through providing commercially valuable outcomes. In the loyalty space we shine, we bring to the table terrific software tools and a retail business understanding and experience that combine to deliver measurable outcomes.

We help our small business retailers grow more valuable businesses.

That $$$ off. Through this suite of loyalty marking tools we help small business retailers differentiate themselves, pitch differently to big businesses, to be more nimble and to be be more customer focussed.

Shoppers are loyal to businesses that respect them. Tower Systems helps small business retailers demonstrate respect in ways that shoppers love and in ways that are digestible to and commercially valuable for retailers.

This is good business.

Gift shop POS software for independent gift shops – Aussie made and supported

A challenge for local independent gift shops is to get people to shop local. That is, to not shop online or shop from overseas or not shop from big business.

Tower Systems, through its Gift shop software and its link with Shopify and Magento can deliver to these indie small business retailers the ability to sell locally and to sell online from the one business, from the one stock range … efficiently, accurately and with success at finding new shoppers.

The Tower Systems Gift shop POS software offers gift retailers a kit of facilities that will help any business ease shopper return to the business, maximise shopping basket value, ensure less over stocks and empower you in dealing with suppliers and landlords.

The software is a retailer first solution. That is, it focusses on delivering for the retailers as theirs is the business that matters most.

Tower Systems does this as it owns retail shops, and has done since 1996. This is a differentiating factor, which empowers the business to deliver finely tuned solutions to gift shop owners, which they understand and appreciate.

Here is some of what we think really matters about what we do and what we offer Australian gift shops like yours:

  1. This awesome gift shop software is developed in Australia.
  2. It has been designed specifically for gift shops.
  3. Our customer service team is Australian based. If you call, email, text, Facebook message or visit us, a human, with a real name, responds.
  4. Our software is regularly enhanced, based on user suggestions.
  5. You have access to unlimited one-on-one training.
  6. We offer business growth training, providing business context for cool things you can do with the software.
  7. Easy access to a fantastic knowledge base– like a searchable manual.
  8. Easily link with your website to sell online.
  9. Easily link to Xero– save time, cut mistakes and cut accounting costs.

Local independent gift shops matter to local communities. Tower Systems wants to help them be strong, focussed and successful. We seek to do this through awesome software, updated software … which is backed with understandable and easily accessible training.

If you own a local gift shop, Tower Systems would love to talk about your needs and explore whether what we offer could help you make your business more successful.

A key difference between Tower Systems and VEND POS software

Some Tower Systems customers have been targeted by the VEND POS software company recently with a pitch to switch software.

What the VEND pitch has, in our opinion, failed to declare is what VEND does not offer.

We are a vertical market POS software comp0any. That is, we serve deeply the needs of specialty retailers in selected marketplaces. We specialise in software for specialist retailers in a through fully selected group of retail channels. Plus, we deliver all of this from within our software, without the need for our customers to rent or buy other software.

Being a comprehensive one stop shop for specialty retailers matters as it sees us delivering a more complete business solution to:

  1. Bike Shops.
  2. Jewellers.
  3. Garden Centres.
  4. Toy Shops.
  5. Book shops.
  6. Gift shops.
  7. Pet stores.
  8. Produce businesses.
  9. Newsagencies.
  10. Fishing and outdoors businesses.

These and more specialty retail channels are served from within our POS software, which has been developed, tailored and tuned for each and which is regularly updated.

Further, we work with the suppliers in these channels, closely, to help them serve the needs of the retailers they themselves serve.

If you look at VEND, from what we can see, it is a basic POS platform that uses other software to enable it to be pitched as specialty. That is, if this is the case, VFEND relies on these other companies to help VEND make their pitch.

At Tower Systems, we stand responsible for what we pitch and sell. We stand behind it through our training. We stand by it through our customer service from our help desk. This, to us, is a significant difference, a significant departure from what VEND offers to the businesses in ur channels to which it pitches.

Tower Systems is an Australian POS software company, based in Hawthorn Victoria. We are close to our customers with a range of touchpoint. This matters because it facilitates evolution of our software, ensuring it can and does meet the needs of retailers in the niche channels in which we serve. We are proud to do this and proud to be narrow in our specialty retail POS software focus.

To compare our software, reach out to us and one of our POS software experts will show you our software personally, after, first, asking about your business needs.