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Gift shop software from Tower Systems helps gift shops thrive in a changing marketplace


Gift shops need gift shop software, not just any POS software. They need softer tuned to the needs of their type of business because they are different to other retailers. Everyday POS software, generalist POS software does not cut it.

Running a gift shop is a dream for many who own a gift shop – sourcing wonderful gifts and helping customers find the perfect present. But behind the charming facade lies the day-to-day operations that can make or break your business.

Good gift shop software will help you run an efficient business with fewer mistakes, a business attracting new shoppers and reaching shoppers who do not live nearby. Good gift shop software will help you made decisions based on evidence more so than on gut feel. It will also help you detect and cut theft and find opportunities that you may have otherwise ignored.

Today in 2024, gift shops are changing, they are selling a more diverse range of products. This is where smart specialty gift shop software can help you attract new shoppers. For example, we see gift shops moving into clothing. being able to manage inventory buy colour, size and style can help you make more money from fashion products. Others are moving into offering products sold by length. Not all POS software can track sales to fractions. And other gift shops are in the collectible space and not all POS software can track inventory by serial numbers, with each product having a unique number.

Tower Systems goes beyond the basic functions of a Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Here’s how it empowers your gift shop:

  • Streamlined Sales and Inventory Management: Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficient transactions. Track inventory levels, manage suppliers with ease, and avoid dead stock with accurate data at your fingertips. From the moment inventory arrives in the shop through to when it is sold, it is tracked, easily, consistently. Workflow is smooth and easily followed by casual staff.
  • Boost Customer Loyalty: Gift shops thrive on repeat business. Tower Systems’ loyalty program features encourage customers to return, increasing your sales potential. we offer the traditional points based approach and the even more powerful cash discount offer where you have control over several levers to guide shopper behaviour.
  • Special customer orders: serve unique needs of customers with this facility that lets you manage it from the moment a customer orders.
  • Repairs: yes, some gift shops manage repairs for customers. Our gift shop software helps you manage this.
  • Customer life events: our gift shop software helps you track customer family life events, offering reminders and helping you to target market to shoppers.
  • Market based on past purchases: this is easy with our specialty gift shop software, helloing you leverage shopper relationships over time.
  • Embrace Online Sales: The world of retail is no longer confined to brick-and-mortar stores. Easily integrate your Tower Systems software with platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce and Woo Commerce allowing you to tap into the online market and reach a wider audience.
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Make data-driven decisions for your business. Our gift shop software offers instant access to an insights dashboard that reveals important data on which you can act with certainty. The insights dashboard is better than old0-school reports, even though we offer these too: Tower Systems provides insightful reports that help you understand customer trends, identify top-selling items, and optimise your product mix.
  • Australian-Made with Aussie Support: Tower Systems is a local company that understands the needs of Australian gift shops. They offer exceptional customer support, training, and resources specifically tailored to your market.

Tower Systems is built on the philosophy of empowering local businesses. We don’t just offer software; we offer a partnership. Our team, with extensive retail experience, understands the intricacies of running a gift shop and is dedicated to your success.

We only supply local independent retailers. Every customer is important to us. At Tower Systems you would be welcomed as part of a small vibrant community of local retailers.

By Mark
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