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Why garden centre software is better for garden centres than regular POS software


While regular POS software will transact sales, manage loyalty, track inventory and report on business performance, specialty garden centre software like what we offer at Tower Systems offers facilities designed to help deep within a garden centre business to save time, manage for success and thrive.

Here are some of the unique facilities in the garden centre software from Tower Systems that garden centre owners tell us they love:

  • Tracking re-potting of products to maximise retail price.
  • Serving plant care information on sales receipts.
  • Attaching product care and use documents to sales.
  • Recalling customers based on purchases.
  • Serving local plant care advice on receipts.
  • Selling by weight thanks to scale integration.
  • Selling to fractions.
  • Selling by length.
  • Selling from our in the business – far from the sales counter.
  • Selling from a truck.
  • Buying products in bulk, mixing them to your recipe into smaller packs for easy sale of products unique to your business.
  • Easy selling at a local market.
  • Weatherproof product labels.
  • Integration with Evergreen Connect.
  • Managing local delivery from multiple vehicles / trucks.
  • Integration with Allotrac.

This software isn’t just another generic POS system. Tower Systems understands the unique needs of Australian garden centres. We have developed features with your specific challenges in mind, all thanks to the input they get from centres just like yours.

Tower Systems’ software goes beyond the basics. Imagine:

  • Building stronger garden clubs. The software has tools to connect with local clubs and share gardening tips, fostering a vibrant community around your centre. It helps the clubs flourish and for your business to benefit from this.
  • Smart marketing for repeat customers. Reconnect with past buyers based on their purchases, reminding them of the things they love.
  • A breeze to use, a breeze to manage. The software is designed for easy use by staff at all levels, with features like Xero integration and optional cloud-based storage.

Running a garden centre is more than just sunshine and roses. You need the right tools to keep your shelves stocked, your customers happy, and your profits growing. That’s where Tower Systems’ garden centre software comes in!

This is software made for garden centres, and software that continues to evolve thanks to the wonderful input from our many garden centre software customers. We are grateful to count more than 150 garden centre businesses as customers.

Now in case you are not sure:

  • Selling bags of potting mix or delicate seedlings? No sweat! Tower Systems handles everything, allowing you to sell by weight or measure with complete ease.
  • Knowledge is power, especially for plant parents. The software lets you add localised plant care information to customer receipts, ensuring they have the knowledge to nurture their new treasures.
  • The Aussie sun shouldn’t dim your prices. Print high-resolution, weatherproof labels that stay clear and crisp no matter the weather. Rain or shine, your customers will always know exactly what they’re paying for.
  • As your plants grow, so should your profits. Easily track repotting cycles and adjust prices accordingly, ensuring you maximise your return on investment.
  • Turn impulse buys into bundled bonanzas! Create irresistible package deals that combine plants, pots, and fertiliser, encouraging customers to buy the whole garden oasis in one go.

We are proud to serve garden centre customers in Australia and New Zealand.

By Mark
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