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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Easy recurring billing for firearms dealers in POS software from Tower Systems


This made and supported in Australia software for firearms dealers is packed with facilities firearms dealers are loving.

We are Tower Systems and we make POS software for a host of specialty retailers, including firearms dealers and gun shops. These businesses in Australia running a regulated environment in support for sorts shooters and hunters. We actively work with state and federal government to deliver software that serves the needs of tracking purchases and ammunition.

Our Firearms dealer software easily handles recurring billing, subscription billing. This can make billing for locker space or other recurring charges easy for you. Our software also handles age checking, and plenty more:

  • Easy record keeping with serial number tracking of items sold.
  • Easily handle special, one-off, customer orders.
  • Sell accurately by weight or measure – by whole numbers or fractions.
  • Leverage your knowledge, pass it on through structured opportunities.
  • A shopper loyalty program that works for your type of business.
  • Club pricing profiles. Set pricing rules based on customer type.
  • Selling items bundled together makes price comparison hard.
  • Track who sold what.

We are grateful to our community of firearms dealers who help us maintain up-to-date software for your type of business.

Save time with electronic invoices. Cut mistakes with integrated EFTPOS. Cut bookkeeping fees with Xero integration. Sell online with a direct e-com links.

Rental includes: software for all computers in a location, help desk access Mon-Sat, knowledge base access, integrations with: Shopify, Big Commerce, Xero, Deputy, Tanda, Planday, Slyp, Tyro, major banks, SmartPay and more.

We have released other changes that are getting cheers from our customers:

  • A ChatGPT integration that generates product descriptions for your consideration. This can help create more compelling descriptions.
  • An international barcode database lookup integration that makes adding new products faster and more accurate.
  • Auto background removal of photos you load, making them more useful for links to websites: Big Commerce and others.
  • Free integration with, to drive local shopper traffic.
  • Shopper self-checkout version.
  • A portable sell from anywhere / anytime solution for large properties, local markets and pop-up retail.

See this firearms dealer software for yourself. Click here for a recorded demo. We don’t collect your details, and you can share it will colleagues. If you’d like a personal demonstration in which we explore your specific business needs, please call us on 1300 662 957 or email our team on

You will see that Tower Systems has not made a generic POS system. This software has been found to serve the specific needs of firearms retailers. As a reminder, here’s a glimpse of what Tower Systems offers:

  • Serial number tracking: Accurately track firearms by serial number, a crucial aspect of recordkeeping in the firearms industry.
  • Age verification: Ensure you’re always selling to eligible customers with built-in age verification tools.
  • Compliance assistance: Simplify compliance with local regulations by having all your sales data readily organized.
  • Inventory management: Stay on top of your stock with features that track inventory levels and reorder points.
  • Customer loyalty programs: Reward your repeat customers with loyalty programs that incentivize future purchases.
  • Firearm service and repair management: Manage firearm service and repairs efficiently with dedicated tools within the software.
  • Business insights: Gain valuable insights into your sales data to make informed business decisions.

You choose how much training you want. Plus, you have easy access to a training library in short video format, for anyone in the business, free.

FIND OUT MORE. Talk to one of our firearms dealer software experts, call 1300 662 957 or email

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