Changing our approach to advising new stock files

We no longer publish here new stock files available to customers. We have made this move for competitive reasons.

There are some files that give us a competitive advantage that is better protected by not publishing details here.

We publish to our customers details of new stock files via secure direct email communication that includes a link directly to each file tested and available online for our customers.

This change not only protect our IP it also helps our customers leverage their competitive advantage through their relationship with us.


New POS software stock files available

Tower Systems has tested and loaded the following stock files for its customers:


New stock files for POS software users

Reminder: our team tested and loaded new stock files for for retailers using our POS software.


New stock files for Tower Systems POS software users

Tower Systems has tested and loaded the following stock files to its website for use by retailers using its Point of Sale software:


New POS software files for retailers now available

We have tested and loaded the following stock files to the downloads area of our website for retailers using our POS software.

  1. Collins Debden Diaries 2015
  2. Artwrap September 2014
  3. Browntrout August 2014
  4. Andrews McMeel Calendars 2015
  5. Stylesetter September 2014
  6. Hallmark September 2014
  7. Henderson Greetings September 2014
  8. hiPP September 2014

Our customers can use these files with confidence.


Sunday small business retailer management advice: do your own stocktake

A stocktake is less about the value of the stock than about getting accurate data on which to base smarter business decisions. Too often retailers waste money bringing in an external stocktaker.

Using good Point of Sale software, retailers can do the stocktake themselves. It will save time and money.  Plus you will be able to:

  1. Automate stock reordering.
  2. Do rolling stock takes and end the need for an annual count.
  3. More easily track what is being stolen.
  4. More quickly identify under-performing stock.
  5. More easily compare supplier performance.
  6. Delegate stock management to team members in the business.

The benefits are there for the taking – get started by using your newsagency software. I urge newsagents to talk to their software company about it.  My software company is running rolling free training workshops for interested retailers. We all need to help lift the efficiency of small business retailers.

Don’t do a manual stock take in 2013 it’s a wasted investment.