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Month: April 2017 (page 2 of 2)

Free POS software training for small business retailers

We are grateful for the support from our small business POS software customers for our online training workshops. The business management and engagement sessions are popular as customers learn more about the interface between our software and retail business operations.

Tower Systems has been running these weekly live training sessions for years and we will continue them thanks to the support of our customers.


Small business visual merchandising inspiration

We are grateful for the opportunity to visit many retail businesses in our work representing our POS software. Along the way we get to see some cool visual merchandise rising. Here is one display we love:

This is warm, engaging and inviting … less about shopping and more about discovery.


Small business POS software users appreciate local user meetings

We have just completed a sweep of Australian capital cities hosting face to face small business POS software group user meetings.

At these interactive sessions we demonstrated our soon to be released new software and provided a preview of our set new look and feel.

Across the country the responses have been terrific and valuable. The Q&A part of the user meeting series has ben particularly useful as we have been able to answer questions, learn from our customers and share in a practical and personal way with and for our customers.

The hosting of the user meetings is a real advantage for Tower Systems customers and a point t of difference for us. We could not have done what we have just done had it not been for engaged and connected customers who encourage us every day of the week.

Access to the sessions was free. In addition to terrific content we ensured easy access to parking. Plus we provided catering to keep attendees nourished.

By being in front of our customers through these meetings and offering face to face access to our leadership team in attendance, Tower Systems is making itself accountable to its customers. There is no more important task for a POS software company than this – than being practically accountable to those who use the software and rely on it day to day in their businesses.

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