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Helping local small business retailers beyond POS software


Our own experience in retail enables us to share advice beyond what is typical for a POS software company. here is one example of this, from a small business retail advice email that we sent over the weekend:

In one of our own shops the other day an 80 something guy bought a couple of greeting cards and mentioned it was the first time he’d bought cards for decades. It’s what we have to do when we can’t see the family I guess, he said.

The interaction was a reminder that how we sell, who we sell to and when we sell has fundamentally changed. Take this 80 something customer. The pandemic has him doing something new. All it will take is for him to get a card or a note back in the mail and he will be connected.

We think plenty of the changes will stick long after the pandemic is over, not that we can see it being over any time soon though.

This realisation that how people connect with our shops and businesses has changed is a reason we are trying TV advertising. Yes, our little POS software company is on TV. Last night a test campaign kicked off in Melbourne. (Scroll down to see the ad) Next month we have a much bigger campaign on the Prime 7 regional network across Australia.

How does this relate to local small business retail?

We all have to find new ways of attracting new shoppers and increasing our stickiness with existing customers.

Things won’t go back to the way they were, not in retail, not in business more broadly. They may go part of the way, but not the whole way. We think many changes introduced or sped up because of or through the pandemic will stay long term.

This is why we are embracing change in our POS software company and in the retail shops we own and consumer-facing websites we run. We are enjoying learning from changes, including those that don’t fail. We love a good lesson from failure.

Here at Tower, our job is to help you run a more enjoyable, successful and valuable business. We do this through our POS software and through websites we create for our customers.

By Mark
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