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The POS Software Blog

News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Aussie made bike shop software serves local bike shops and their community


Choosing software can be difficult. For a bike shop, you have specialist needs that are not covered in most POS software. Our bike shop software is made for you.

We are grateful to the hundreds in the bike retail community who guide us.

In-store and online, Tower Systems helps. Here are some websites we have created specifically for bike shops – they are connected to our POS software:

  • Wollongong Bike Hub:
  • Gippy Cycles:
  • Artavilla Emporium:

Here is a 1hr video of a demonstration of our $185.00 a month bike shop software.

We are proud to share this demonstration as an example of openness, transparency. Too often, POS software companies make you jump thr0ugh hoops to see the software, they too often hide. That’s not us. This one hour demonstration is publicly available and easy for you to share with others who work in your bike shop.

Tower Systems serves hundreds of bike shops with software made for their type ion business, software that continues to evolve and serve not only bike retailers but bike suppliers as well.

By Mark
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