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Supplier electronic invoices and stock files easy with POS software from Tower Systems


Through our Tower Systems POS software we make it easy for local small business retailers to load electronic invoices and supplier stock files and inventory images provided by suppliers.

Our approach follows worldwide standards in this regard, and has done so for many years.

We will work with any supplier to facilitate ensuring their electronic invoices, stock files and image files are easily loaded through our POS software for the retailers we partner with.

Our work includes helping suppliers to tune files for easy loading. We do this work for no cost to retailers or suppliers.

By loading electronic invoices, stock files and product image files, retailers are able to load more accurate data into their Tower Systems POS software and this benefits their business as well as their customers and their suppliers.

We have worked with suppliers across many different specialty retail channels and through professionally structured EDI processes to more loose or free flowing links. We can tailor our approach to what works best for suppliers and for the retailers they supply.

We are used to working with large supplier IT departments right through to sole trader suppliers who have no It department. Our help is universal, regardless of size. Our focus is on serving the needs off our POS software customers. This is paramount to us.

As our work has evolved to include delivering POS software connected websites, we have focussed more on accurate product descriptions as well as product images, to make it easier for retailers to transact online through accurately representing products.

Our work has included with suppliers in the following product categories: bikes, jewellers, garden centres, fishing, homewares,  toys, games, sewing, gifts, newspapers, magazines, stationery, firearms, confectionery and more. It is a diverse mix of suppliers we have worked with and helped.

By helping small business retailers to access electronic invoices, stock files and product image files, we help these local retailers and their suppliers. We are grateful to be of service.

Tower Systems serves more than 3,000 local retail businesses in New Zealand and Australia with specialty POS software made for a variety of specialty retail settings.

By Mark
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