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We are proud of our POS software help desk team members with practical retail experience


Here at Tower Systems, our POS software help desk team members all have practical retail shop floor experience.

From selling using our POS software to pricing inventory, receiving new inventory through to completing a full sock take.

It is practical experience this this, and more, that helps our POS software help desk specialist to have context that is useful when speaking with local small business retailers. It is a key difference, a valuable difference, something to set tower Systems apart.

No small business retailer or staff member wants a tech person telling them how it is in retail because oftentimes the tech knowledge does not match the shop floor experience or requirement. Having real world retail experience can guide a more useful conversation that can help local retailers and POS software help desk people together find the appropriate approach.

We’re not saying that our retail experiences trump yours, no way! Rather, we are saying that our retail experiences provide us with an empathy for shop floor retail and it is this that we can bring to any discussion. It makes us more attuned to real world situations that those without retail shop floor experiences may dismiss before even listening fully to you.

Yes, shop floor retail experienced POS software help desk people are more useful when providing POS software help desk services to local small business retailers.

This is a big different. Our commitment to ensuring our POS software help desk team members have retail shop floor experiences demonstrates our commitment to retail above the software technology itself. It offers a discernible point of difference that anyone considering POS software can assess and measure. We do think it is differentiating for us, and has been fort decades. It’s a factor in our 3,000+ small business community size.

When you call our POS software help desk it starts with us understanding your query, requirement or concern. We listen, ask questions and engage in a conversation. landing on a thorough understanding off what you are calling about is key to the next steps toward resolution that satisfies you.

If you want to talk retail, give us a call. We’d love to talk shop with our, sharing war stories and learning from each other. We believe in local small business retail and appreciate its vital role in the local economy.

By Mark
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