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In case you’d missed, the local Australian newsagency business is changing, and doing so rapidly. Most have has a good Covid – in part due to decisions by government and in part due to smart pivots.

Here at Tower Systems, we sell newsagency software. We also own and run the newsXpress newsagency marketing group, which has 200 stores working together reinventing the local newsagency experience … with energy, optimism and success.

In September, newsXpress announced to its members that the success of the group has enabled the group to cut monthly membership fees from $375.00 to $175.00.

This is another example of newsXpress investing in our newsXpress community, just as the bonus 5% rebate was recently, adding thousands of dollars profit for many newsXpress members.

While the member fee has been reduced, services have not: exclusive suppliers, discounts off wholesale, special deals, early access to valuable trends, lease negotiation help, half price websites and advice in transforming businesses to attract more shoppers.

Oh, and you can choose any card company you want.

The $175.00 a month newsXpress membership fee is not a special offer. It is our new pricing model. It coincides with a new member agreement.

If you are keen for a more successful, more enjoyable and more valuable newsagency business, we invite you to consider newsXpress. Call Michael on 0400 331 055 or email our team at

We’d love to email you Cultivating Joy in your newsagency, a 64-page booklet that outlines exactly what newsXpress provides its members.

We’d also love to send you a copy of our agreement, so you can see the detail for yourself.

We can share evidence with you of newsXpress members adding tens of thousands to their business with no capital investment.

Size does not matter. Most of our members are regional / rural or suburban high street. Our online and in-store strategies are designed to help maxmimse success regardless of population.

If you are keen for all of this and more, please consider newsXpress.

Tower Systems benefits from the newsXpress connection as it sees is working more closely with many suppliers that would otherwise be the case. This work has included better EDI, electronic invoice, integration, better just in time inventory practices and better group retail engagment.

It also has helped us develop world’s best practice Magento integrations serving many locally owned stores under a single website umbrella – helping those sites sell online more easily.

By Mark
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