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POS software referral program


Here at Tower Systems we are grateful to professionals – accountants,. business advisors, computer experts – who endorse our business and our POS software to others. We appreciate their time and respect that with our POS software referral program

Our POS software Lead Referral Program expresses appreciation to professionals who provide us with sales leads that convert to bankable business.

This document outlines the program, terms and conditions and other information. Any party seeking to be part of the Tower Systems Lead Referral Program is expected to have read and understood this.


We are a vertical market POS software company. That is, we sell software designed for specific retail channels. The home page of our website lists all the retail channels in which we serve at any time.

While we may sell/rent/lease our software to businesses outside the retail channels listed, it is rare and only when approved by the leadership team of the company.

We currently serve in excess of 3,000 small business retailers primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

We actively promote our software through direct mail, social media marketing, search ads, trade shows and, recently, on radio and TV.


We own and run three unique retail shops, offering us hands-on retail experience where we can test and refine our software. This has been particularly useful in workflow management where we have tuned our software for efficiency in counter-based retail.

Owning and running retail businesses enables us to provide a unique and valuable level of practical, retailer-focussed, advice to our customers.


Our software is directly integrated with Xero. We are a Xero partner. We also link with MYOB and Quicken through third party product.

Our customers, through our help desk, have access to support in the use of our software as well as advice on the correct linking of our software with accounting software.


In addition to plenty of retail channel specific integrations and supplier connections, we also integrate and partner with Shopify, WooCommerce / WordPress, Magento, Xero and plan ty more.


All of our customers, when they acquire our software from us, are offered two or three days one-on-one training. This training is backed by a new customer support program to help them settle.

Once we sure are they are comfortable, they have access to the full, regular, help desk.


We have an unmoderated private customer Facebook page.

We send a weekly email. This email contains use and business tips. It is a customer service and not a sales communication.

We snail mail a quarterly print newsletter with information about our software and advice on its use.


We have a separate, in-house, website development team that develops websites for our software, POS software connected websites.

All of our web development is done in Australia, usually on a fixed price basis.

We have also developed websites for our own retail businesses, where we showcase our development, SEO and deployment skills.


We release three or more updates to our POS software each year. These updates are in-house tested ahead of a robust and transparent beta release program.

Our approach with updates is to not surprise our customers.

Small business retailers have told us that they do not want to be surprised, that they want to control when they update, once they are certain of the value of an update.


Our software can run in the cloud or on a desktop. We have plenty of our customers using it this way.Our customers can choose the approach right for them and their business. We can host for cloud customers or work with external hosting.


We offer a one-off appreciation amount paid to a business providing a referral that leads to our software being installed and paid for. The terms and conditions are:

  1. A party wanting to refer sales prospects to Tower Systems needs to register by emailing, providing business details and a summary of their experience with retailers.
  2. We will confirm by email acceptance or otherwise and confirm the then prevailing POS software referral fee.
  3. All referrals are to be submitted in writing, by email only to This facilitates head office tracking.
  4. We will advise in writing, by email, the acceptance of a referral.
  5. We will not accept a referral if the prospect is already in active discussion with us. That is, if we have had discussions with or demonstrated to the prospect in the last six months.
  6. We will also not accept a referral if another party has submitted the referral within the last six months.
  7. On receiving the referral, a Tower Systems sales person will make contact with the prospect and qualify them and their business.
  8. Only one referral is paid per business, regardless of the number of retail locations involved.
  9. The referral fee paid will be discounted by the same percentage (if any) of any discount offered the sales prospect.
  10. The referral relationship involved is not
  11. The Tower software available for referral is everything that can be purchased or leased or for which there is an on-boarding fee of more than $1,500.00
  12. The referral relationship may be terminated by either party, by email, with seven days’ notice, without nullifying any pending referral appreciation payment already due.


The sole goal of the referral program is for Tower Systems to achieve sales it would otherwise not have achieved.

By Mark
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