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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

There is a big different between point of sale systems for local Australian retailers


Not all point of sale systems are the same. Indeed, the differences between point of sale systems are considerable, from software function, to ease of use, to support, to price, to inclusions.

Our advice to local small. business retailers considering point of sale systems for their business is do your research, take your time, choose the software that BEST serves your needs, the software backed with the type of service that you want. The company providing the type of training and support you know your need. Then company with the software upgrade and enhancement commitment that suits how you see the needs for your business evolving.

Take your time. There is no rush.

Be sure what is important to you. Your needs come ahead of the needs of the point of sale system software company.

Compare apples with apples. Some point of sale system software sales people are good at playing smoke and mirrors. Be in control of how you compare software. Your needs matter.

Know the true price. Some play games with the total cost of ownership. Get to a true understanding of this before you commit.

Shop local. If you want your customers to shop local, shopping locally yourself is a good position to take.

Here at Tower Systems we are a transparent business, offering you easy access to the software before you make any decision. Plus, we will record the demonstration with you and make this available for you to share with others in your team. This helps you bring others in your business on the journey of point of sale system software with you – which is important.

So, yes, take your time, be in control, be sure that the choice you make is the choice you want to make, the choice that is right for your retail business and those who work in the business.

You know your needs better than an accountant or a consultant. Back yourself.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve thousands of local small business retailers. We have been doing this for many years. We’d love to support you with our years of experience. But, we promise, we will not pressure you. We will be here when you are ready …

Thanks for stopping by.

By Mark
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