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How Tower Systems helps local small business gift shops thrive


Local gift shops are vital for local communities, offering access to gifts that are thoughtfully selected and displayed. These small business retail shops are in a competitive space both in-store and online.

Tower Systems, through its gift shop software, helps these local small businesses compete … through guiding efficiency, reducing mistakes, helping to reach out to past customers and with a loyalty solution that can be tailored to the needs of the business.

This gift shop software has evolved over the years to serve the evolving needs of local gift shops. More recently, the focus has been on webstore integration. the gift shop software integration with Shopify is especially sweet and seamless, helping local gift shops to sell online, anywhere and easily.

Tower Systems has developed plenty of Shopify websites connected to the POS software from the company, including these websites connected to the gift shop software:

There are plenty more than these, developed in-house by Tower Systems to the requirements and specifications provided by the retailers themselves.

If you run a local gift shop and being local matters to you, our locally made and locally supported gift shop software may be of interest. We are grateful that hundreds of gift retailers use our software already, and help it continuously evolve.

Find out more at

Take a quick look at:

Watch a one-hour demonstration:

From sales to special orders to pre-orders, from Xero integration to Shopify integration, from loyalty that works to easy shopper postcode tracking, from smart ways to pitch shop local to featuring locally made products … our gift shop software is made for gift retailers, made to help you enjoy your business more.

See it for yourself. Talk to one of our gift shop software specialists by calling 1300 662 957 or emailing

Local gift shops serve local communities with what they expect local will love and want to give to others. This is what Tower systems does, too – developing POS software for gift shops they will love and want to use locally in their shop.

The best solution for a local business will be the one from a local business that itself gets being local.

By Mark
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