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6 things any local retailer can do for a more enjoyable 2022


Advice to benefit any local specialty retailer … for a better 2022.

  1. Touch data less. Every time you touch data, entering an invoice, entering accounting data, it’s an opportunity for mistake or, worse, fraud. 
  2. Manage stock in one place. If you sell online and in a physical shop, manage your stock in one place. Double handling is fraught, and it wastes time.
  3. Add a revenue stream. Seek out new products or services. Broaden the appeal of your business. Broader appeal = stronger foundations.
  4. Leverage you. It’s likely your knowledge and passion are a key difference for your business. Share it. Your competitors can’t compete with you.
  5. Copy less. Big retailers advertise loyalty programs to trick shoppers to think points are a reward. Be different, run an honest loyalty program.
  6. Be authentically local. When you buy local, talk about it, celebrate it and, show shoppers with the local message on products tags and more.

We make POS software for local specialty retail. Find out more: email or call 1300 662 957.

Click on any link below to see a video of a demonstration of our software. We don’t ask for your details, you don’t have to register, just click and watch.

Tower Systems is not your usual POS software company. Our videos feature real people from inside our business. We don’t animate to hide or hire actors to play us. No, we’re authentic, as is our software … because local small business retail is authentic every day. This is what separates local small business retail from big business competitors.

We are sincerely grateful to only serve small businesses, independent businesses, local businesses – and only in the retail space. This specialisation helps us be better at what we do, it helps us focus.

Being Australian matters to Australian local retailers.

By Mark
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