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Using gift shop POS software to promote your gift shop


In the Tower Systems gift shop software, local gift shop retailers have access to unique and successful tools they can use to promote their business. These are tools that leverage the local connection, the community connection, to drive growth for the local gift shop.

Where there are everyday marketing ideas for gift shops (see below), the best ideas in our experience working with hundreds of gift shops using our gift shop software are those implemented seamlessly within business processes, with consistency and which offer value for retailers and customers alike.

This is where our gift shop software shines, it helps local gift retailers to underscore value, from serving local community groups to turning receipts into touchpoint of value to offering shoppers reasons to return sooner. These are all opportunities for driving success in local retail.

It is a genuine gift shop software point of difference.

A shift in consumer buying habits has made it easier for gift shops to sell gift items online. Online gift shopping has increased gift shop sales because gift consumers are no longer limited by geographic locations. With an increase in gift shop sales, marketing gift shops online also reduces the cost of traditional brick and mortar retail marketing efforts.

>#1 Create a blog page – A business blog is a great way gift shops can market gift shops online. Blogging is a cost-effective way gift shops can get gift shop online exposure and boost gift store sales.

>#2 Create a gift shop promotional video – Market gift shops by creating an engaging gift shop promotional video that showcases how to use gift items, gift ideas for holidays or birthdays, etc.

>#3 Post gift shop deals on gift shopping sites – Find gift shopping sites that lets gift shops list deals or gift coupons. Websites like allow gift shops to tap into a large number of gift consumers looking for deals and discounts on gift items.

>#4 Network with other gift stores – Gift businesses should network with gift shops in the local area. By working together, gift retailers can unearth gift shopping opportunities and find gift buying customers that would otherwise be missed.

>#5 Advertise gift shops on social media – Promote gift shop items and deals to people who like or follow your business on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

In our experience, from service of hundreds of successful gift shops, a terrific move you can take to promote your gift ship is to leverage our gift shop software. We will show you how.

By Mark
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