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Personal customer service is a valuable difference from our POS software company


What’s happening today and every day at our POS software company Tower Systems is a perfect example of personal and authentic service mattering.

Our POS software help desk is open, calls are being answered by humans who work directly for us, locally and not through some offshore low labour cost call centre. Our customers are getting to speak with real people who know our software and understand local retail.

That our POS software customers can do this without going through a call centre or a computerised phone systems that gets you pushing button after button. They can also reach us through a private Facebook page, a customer engagement area of our website or through other social media platforms. We make POS software customer service access easy.

Personal service matters in retail and in businesses that support local retail. We are grateful to be able to provide this level of personal service to our local small business retail customers.

We know that being accessible is key to a good customer service experience … from pre sales to sales to installation to training to support to accounts queries. This is why we are so accessible.

It’s a big point of difference in our POS software company, a difference customers tell us they like and appreciate.

A good way to compare POS software companies is to see how many actual names, full names, mobile numbers and email addresses you can find on their website. If they have faith in what they do they will list plenty, especially of their leadership team. If they are not sure of what they offer they will guide behind general details and no or few names.

On our POS software website, prospective customers can watch videos of our team, too, videos in which we talk about our software and show parts of it. No cartoons here. rather, we publish real people from the business, real members of our team speaking to what we offer and how it may be of service. This is important as authenticity is key from a POS software company.

Now, to be sure that contact is easy, here is some of what we include in every customer email and newsletter …

    • CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER. Gavin Williams. 03 9524 8000. Email
    • CEO: Mark Fletcher. 0418 321 338. Email:
  • SALES. Please call 1300 662 957 or email

We make contact easy and direct. It’s a key first step in any good POS software customer service experience. This is especially true and important for local retail POS software.

By Mark
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