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POS software for pool maintenance, care and supplies businesses


You can imagine how thrilled we were to discover that the POS software we made for bike shops worked for pool maintenance, pool care and pool supplies businesses. yes, the exact same software worked for them. We were excited when a pool shop maintenance business owner showed us the perfect fit. What a treat!

Here at Tower Systems we are all about making POS software for specialty retail and, frankly, we’d never thought of the pool maintenance / pool care supplies businesses as businesses we could service. We were ignorant, as we soon learnt.

The inventory management, serial number tracking, product care, services tracking, chemical product note management, customer reminder and other tools work well for people in pool supplies and pool maintenance businesses.

Using this software, swimming pool maintenance and care businesses are able to track inventory, track labour, render invoices, create quotes and do much more to have a better handle on the business day to day and to spot trends that can be leveraged into the future.

Within the swimming pool care and maintenance software, you can remember use and care instructions for each product. While this is optional, it offers the business the ability to be more than a seller of products. Selling products with information, intellectual property, can differentiate the business and this is key to return business.

Our swimming pool maintenance and care products software is live and being demonstrated.

Now, here are some questions we have answers to:

Can I use the software on the road? yes.

Can I transact business on the road? yes.

Can I use the software to manage repairs? Yes. You can track jobs, parts and labour. Plus, communication with customers is streamlined.

Can I remind customers about servicing? Yes.

Can I do this by text or email? Either, we support both.

Can I look-up historical servicing records for a specific customer? Yes.

Can I create a quote for a customer and manage this? Yes.

Can I track / manage quotes? Yes.

Can I track using parts from my shop and labour to make other products? Yes.

Can the software track special or one-off orders for customers? Yes, from the moment the order is placed.

Can I manage selling second-hand items? Yes.

Can I group items together to sell in a pack or bundle? Yes, it’s easy to create packs using the software.

Does the software track product serial numbers? Yes. You have a couple of different ways you can do this.

Can I sell some items by colour, size and style? Yes.

Can I sell some items by weight or measure? Yes.

By Mark
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