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Fixed price POS software connected Shopify websites


Tower Systems offers Aussie retailers access to Aussie developed and supported Shopify e-commerce websites connected to the Tower Systems POS software.

We like Shopify plenty because after the website is live, local retailers can maintain the site without having to rely on others to do this work.

Offering a fixed price website development solution is rare, yet here we are doing just that, in service of efficient and effective e-commerce for local small business retailers.

Tower Systems offers to create a Shopify website for a fixed price for which each client receives:

  1. Pre development consultation. This is comprehensive phone call reviewing needs as outlined in the survey, seeking to more completely understand your needs.
  2. A checklist of work you complete with our guidance, to provide us assets such as text and images for the website. The current version of the checklist is part of this quote. This lists what any web developer will require from you.
  3. A live Shopify site as per everything outlined here. During development, there will be back and forth discussions by email and phone to ensure that the evolving meets expectations. Your timely attention to communication is key.
  4. Shopify theme choice. Included in the quoted price is the selection of a paid-for theme up to the cost of US$250.00.
  5. Personal hand-over training so you can make your own tweaks to the site as needed. This is usually around 2 hours.
  6. Three months of phone-based assistance (but not software changes) following delivery of the site.
  7. A comprehensive pre-prep / handover document that provides support, written training and guidance on your next steps. This is the same for all our Shopify site customers. i.e. it is not document written especially for you.
  8. Shopify link. The Retailer POS software to link with Shopify. This link transfers to the Shopify site the following data points for each inventory item:
    1. SKU
    2. Name
    3. Qty
    4. Web Description
    5. Web Price
    6. Department
    7. Category
    8. Images

This is all backed up by pre-planning documentation, to help any retailer properly prepare their data and other assets needed to bring an awesome website to life.

The Tower Systems Shopify website development service is personal, engaged and accessible. We have developed many websites for many different customer situations. We are grateful to have a terrific portfolio to show-off and help others find the path they would like to follow.

By Mark
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