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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for local bait and tackle shops / fishing shops helps nurture people who love and rely on fishing


Local bait and tackle shops are awesome businesses. They are places of wonderful local fishing knowledge and support. Local communities benefit from their knowledge and service. Stories of their knowledge are legendary.

Tower Systems offers bait and tackle shop POS software that helps these local indie businesses to systemise how local knowledge is served, consistently and in ways that visitors love. And, by systemise, we mean capturing the local knowledge and serving this consistently through the POS software. This is just one of the awesome facilities embedded in this POS software made specify calls for bait and tackle businesses.

It is easy to encode your knowledge about products, fishing locations and pother details, and to have this serves to customers with consistency even bob a casual employee who works in the bait and tackle shop a couple of times a month. Customers will love this.

This bait and tackle shop POS software gives you tools that help you track what you sell, even if it is sold by fractions. You can also easily sell bindles, which can make price comparison challenging … this is a real benefit for local indie retailers competing with online and big retailers.

The Tower Systems bait and tackle shop POS software is more than sporting goods software. It does more and the training is different to that retail niche. This really is made for bait and tackle shops, fishing shops and outdoors shops that serve local fishing interests and needs.

You can also provide guidance as to what goes with what, which can really help boost sales.

Plus, since many bait and tackle shop customers are tourists, people passing through once, or infrequently, the awesome and unique loyalty tool in this software helps them spend more in your shop in that one visit.  This makes the visit more financially beneficial and efficient for you and more enjoyable for them with perceived savings. But enough on that for now as we don’t want to give away too many secrets.

The Tower Systems bait and tackle shop POS software is made for local independent retailers who appreciate personal service and who love to see people shopping locally. It is easy to use, well supported, provided with full training and packed with awesome tools to help your bait and tackle business run more efficiently and make money, which providing awesome customer service all through.

We made a video that speaks to how we see bait and tackle / fishing shops and their role in the local community. Here it is:

By Mark
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