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POS software helps drive Tooth Fairy Kit sales


Thanks to seamless integration of the Tower Systems POS software and a beautiful Shopify website created by Tower Systems, sales of the Tooth Fairy Kit by the Royal Australian Mint are through the roof.

With hundreds of units sold in the first weeks of 2022, the results this year are already triple for the whole of 2021 and 2019 by comparison.

The Tooth Fairy Kit is a huge success, and the POS software has played a key role in this success.

By managing the product through the POS software and feeding this to the Shopify site, leveraging keywords and images, it is easy for shoppers to find the Tooth Fairy Kit online.

The ease of finding a destination product is key for online sales. This is where managing the data centrally and accurately plays a role. How the Tower Systems POS software manages the data for the Tooth Fairy Kit is a key factor in the success of the product.

The $25.00 Kit is a perfect gift for any child of the age of losing first teeth. It nurtures imagination and offers fun. It is a wonderful gift from grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles. It is a keepsake gift, a reminder decades later of those early days of mystery and wonder.

The Tower Systems POS software helps achieve the sales through data management and flowing this through to the Shopify website for selling mint coins sources from the Royal Australian Mint.

The 2022 Tooth Fairy Kit is a huge success this year thanks in part to this technology marriage created bay the Tower Systems POS software and web development teams. It is another online sales success story for the company and its service of local small business retailers.

As a POS software company we are product driven as it is the sale of products that funds technology purchases by retailers. We know that the more we help retailers achieve sales success the more they will appreciate what we do and this is good for our business, because it has been good for their business.

Tower Systems developer and sells POS software and beautiful websites for specialty retailers across a range of retail channels, including retailers who sell the Tooth Fairy Kit.

By Mark
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