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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for antique shops, made and supported in Australia


Tower Systems is grateful to offer locally made and supported POS software for antique shops.

There is so much specialisation in this software, so much in the way of facilities that antique shop owners and operators will find helpful, useful. here’s a bit of a Q&A we did for antique retailers …

We sell products on behalf of others. Can the software track this? Yes, the software can report on sales by those you carry antiques for in the business, enabling you to easily calculate your commission.

We carry items on consignment, can the software manage this? Yes, you can track consignment items and report on sales.

We rent access to part of our shop to people who display antiques here, can we charge for this through the software? Yes.

We do not barcode products, can we easily sell items without a barcode? Yes, you decide the level of tracking and reporting you require and that determines the best approach to recording sales.

Can we use the software to print barcodes for products if I want? Yes.

We sell very small items, does the software support barcode labels for these? Yes, we offer a fine butterfly label that you could use on a ring or fine bracelet.

Does the software track the purchase and sale of second-hand goods? Yes.

Can we produce a valuation certificate from the software? Yes. This software is also used by jewellers, who do valuations.

We repair antiques, can the software help in tracking this? Yes, the software has a repairs management facility built in, which tracks components and labour for you.

Can we market to members collector groups or clubs? Yes. You can tag customers as belonging to a club and target market to club members.

Can we track sales to club members to rebate the club as a fundraising opportunity? Yes.

Can you pass on product provenance or care information? Yes, you can load files, images, documents or PDFs for products (information sheets, advice, notices) and have them automatically included in emailed receipts.

Can we do this by text or email? Either, we support both.

Can we look-up historical servicing records for a specific customer? Yes.

Can the software track special or one-off orders for customers? Yes, from the moment the order is placed.

Does the software track product serial numbers? Yes. You have a couple of different ways you can do this.

We sell items by colour, size and style, can the software do this? Yes.

Can we integrate the software with our suppliers? Yes. We have many customers importing stock files and invoices. If you want to provide a supplier a data feed of sales of their product, our software can do this too.

Does the software connect with our website? We partner with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and offer direct links to these.

Can we email receipts? Yes.

Can we track where our customers come from? Yes.

Do we have to pay for software on additional computers in our business? No.

Does the software handle LayBys? Yes.

Can we connect with our EFTPOS terminal? Yes. We have a direct link to Tyro and through Linkly we connect to all major banks.

By Mark
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