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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Aussie made gift shop software for Aussie gift shops for $159.00 a month, that’s all


The price of gift shop software can be confusing. here at Tower Systems, it’s not. Our gift software software costs $159.00 a month.

That includes GST.

It also includes access from as many terminals as you want.

And, there is no additional cost based on transaction volume.

Also, the price is not dependent on you signing up to any specific EFTPOS provider.

Plus you can cancel any time.

Oh, and you pay monthly. There is no need to pay a year in advance to gat the $159.00 a month price.

And, we almost forgot, the $159.00 a month is in Aussie dollars. There is no exchange rate to tangle with to get this months price.

All those factors matter, if you compare the Tower Systems gift software software with some others.

On top of this, we’re an Aussie company providing Aussie supports with context for your type of business, your local conditions. We understand you and serve you, from here in Australia, in Hawthorn VIC, actually.

Come and join 3,000+ local small business retailers, indie retailers, who already use our software.

It costs $159.00 a month to rent (inc. GST). This includes the software, help desk support (Melbourne based), half a day one-on-one setup and training and access to an awesome knowledge base of advice and help.

You can cancel the rental at any time. There is no lock-in contract, no requirement for you to pay up front for a year. Pay as you go, monthly.

There is no requirement that you use a particular EFTPOS service. We mention this as some POS software companies lock you in on a service with a high price.

Find out more at

Watch a demonstration:

From sales to special orders to pre-orders, from Xero integration to Shopify integration, from loyalty that works to easy shopper postcode tracking, from smart ways to pitch shop local to featuring locally made products … our gift shop software is made for gift retailers, made to help you thrive.

We’re not your usual software company. See these videos at our YouTube channel ( ) with practical business advice:

Local really does matter to us. We’re a locally owned company employing local software developers and local help desk people. Most of our competitors are big overseas businesses, like Amazon is to you. So, we do understand the challenges of being local in a competitive world. We’d love to help you.
By Mark
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