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Small business retail advice: how to promote your shop to the local community


If you own a retail shop, it’s important to let the local community know that you exist! Here are some tips on how to promote your shop to the people who live near you:

Make sure your shop is visible from the street. Put up signs and make sure the storefront is clean and inviting. This may seem obvious. Our advice is, take a moment – go outside your shop, walk along the street and see what others see. Are you noticed? Dopes your shop look inviting? Is it clear what you offer?

Get involved in local events and charity drives. This is a great way to meet potential customers and show them that you’re invested in the community. Being part of the community is a great way to reach the community.

Sponsor a local sports team or another local organisation. This will get your name out there and make people more likely to support your business. Better still, sponsor a team you have a good personal connection with.

Offer discounts or coupons to locals. This is a great way to attract new customers and show people that you appreciate their business. Using our specialty retail POS software you can connect with locals and community groups in a range of ways – raising funds for them, supporting their members, while at the same time benefiting your own business.

Hold events at your shop. This is a great way to get people in the door and show them what you have to offer. make the events fun, enticing and community-focussed. get known as the fun shop where people gather.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to promote your retail shop to the local community in no time! But … these tips are barely a start. There are so many other ways you can promote your local retail business your local community, including plenty of ways in our Tower Systems POS software that you can do this with easy and for success.

Tower Systems makes specialty retail POS software for local businesses like pet shops, jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, toy shops, gift shops, music shops, sewing shops, fishing shops, firearms dealers, and more. Local software for local retailers.

By Mark
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