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You don’t know this about Tower Systems


You don’t know this about us …

We were talking with someone the other day and they were surprised to discover that we used to develop software for radiologists back in the day. It got us wondering about what people don’t know. Not that it matters because it’s not always about ur, right? But, we thought about it and wondered about sharing, occasionally, a you don’t know this about us, to share a bit more about ourselves.

You don’t know this about us but we have completely developed our software, from scratch, like from a blank screen, a total of 6 times in our history. So, that’s the initial development, which sold well, through another 5 versions after that. each one was a from scratch start. each one enabling us to learn, switch languages and become better.

In our latest environment we have been able to deliver extraordinary change since that environment itself has undergone extraordinary change, and we have kept up with it.

This rewriting from scratch is important. It is cleansing. It’s also smart tech. It helps us deliver lean software, useful software.

From a programmers perspective, there is value starting with a clean slate.

There is risk in sticking with old tech. back in the day when we developed and delivered a new Windows based solution, turning our back on DOS, there were others who clung on. History has shown that the clung for too long, ultimately hurting their business.

While there was a cost to us for leading into the Windows world in a couple of retail sectors, the benefits far outweighed these. So much was achieved, and for this we are grateful.

But that was a couple of decades ago. So much has changed since then, so many advancements have been delivered, so much has changed in terms of software development and deployment. It is such a different world today. We love change and lean into it with gusto.

So, yeah, we have developed software, sold it, supported us and, when appropriate, replaced;aced it with software more modern, useful and fit for purpose. This is what forward thinking software companies do while bringing their customers along with them.

By Mark
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