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What is POS software?


What is POS software? It is a question for sure, one asked often in retail. Since we live and breathe it at Tower Systems we tend to not over think it, or get stuck on the POS acronym. Today, though, let’s unpack what is POS software for you …

POS stands for Point of Sale, and refers to the system that retail shops use in order to sell their products. But, POS is more than an acronym, it represents the beating heart of a business, the place where all business data is collected, curated and managed. It can be ore to the success or otherwise of a retail business.

POS software is a crucial part of the retail business because it helps automate retail operations and manage retail stock effectively. In retail, time is money and it’s very important for retail businesses to ensure they are getting the best value for their money when it comes to software.

But, don’t think of it as software. Rather, think of POS software as a business tool, something to learn and master, something to make your own, for your purposes of success for the business and those who rely on it.

As retail businesses evolve and / or grow, retail management systems are required in order to expand retail operations and retail staff will be needed to handle customer service duties. Retail management systems help staff customers better by providing information on retail products on receipts and other customer touchpoints.

Retail stock management is a retail best practice that retail professionals should follow because retail stock takes up retail space and it’s important for retail businesses to manage their retail stock effectively so they can avoid being stuck with excess retail product. Retail best practices also recommend that retail businesses have real time data on their retail sales, whether through data entry by retail staff or retail self service systems. This retail data can then be viewed through retail reporting software that retail managers can use to make decisions about how to effectively manage their retail business.

This is what smart POS software offers.

Retail best practice is in tune with technological retail innovation in order to handle the growth in retail customers, in particular online retail customers who are increasing in number every year. Integrating retail best practice and retail technology is a retail marketing strategy that retail businesses can follow to ensure they are offering retail customers the most up to date retail shopping experience possible.

Tower Systems offers innovative and continuously evolving POS software for local specialty retailers.

So, yes, POS refers to Point of Sale. In our world, it refers to software. In reality, it is about helping local retail business owners and others to run efficient, enjoyable and valuable local retail businesses.

POS is better than a cash register, even in the smallest of businesses.

We are grateful to the thousands of retail businesses we have served and continue to serve.

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