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POS software helps to sell cuddles, which bring joy and happiness


Through our POS software for toy shops, POS software for newsagents and Shopify connected POS software we help retailers sell many products, including these fun and joyful Squish-A-Boos from Ty.

These soft, cuddle and squish toys are a treat that plenty are loving right around Australia.

Howe the Tower Systems POS software helps sell these Squish-A-Boos is a story about software integration and software smarts that help the retailers to do better at serving the needs of customers, through serving product use and care information.

The link between the POS software and multiple Shopify websites as well as though to a professional and multi retail business connected Magento website makes these plush and squishy toys easily available right around Australia.

It’s our smart technology that enables this for retailers.

In addition to developing and selling POS software, we offer a tech. bridge to websites, awesome websites for immediate and easy selling by local small business retailers.

What’s key here is that we make it easy for people to find products and to purchase them, saving retailers time and hassle – by using best practice tech. like Magento and Shopify, platforms far superior to other platforms out there. More cost effective too.

Some software businesses think that selling online is all about putting products online, and that’s it. They are wrong. It’s about the words, the flow of data on a two-way basis, the ease of navigation of the website, the speed and accurate transacting of the purchase and the post-sale followup, through to fulfilment. This is where a smart POS software integration matters considerably to retailers.

We are often asked by retailers about POS software connected websites. here are some common questions, with our answers:

  1. What’s the typical cost for a website? Tower offers a fixed price of $6,600.00, or $550.00 a month paid for 14 months.
  2. How long does it take to get we website setup? If your data (stock descriptions and images) is all setup, it could be live in a few weeks.
  3. Do I have to sell online or can the website show what I have in the shop? It’s easy to have the website show what you have in the shop but not sell online. Plenty of retailers do this.
  4. Do I have to sell online what I have in the shop today? No, you can sell anything you want online, as long as it is legal.
  5. Why Shopify? It’s easier to use ands maintain than WooCommerce and other platforms. But, WooCommerce developers will disagree as they make money maintaining sites. With Shopify it’s that easy that you can do it yourself.
  6. How can I get my website to be ranked high in Google? Hard work, consistent hard work. There is no shortcut.
  7. How much can I expect to make online? That all depends on your niche and the time (and money) you invest. We know retailers making $300,000 a year online, others easily making $50,000 a year and others making nothing.

Retailers selling cute online, like the Squish-A-Boos mentioned here, can find it easy and accurate with our smart webstore integration.

By Mark
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