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Australian cloud based POS software helps Aussie retailers thrive


The Tower Systems cloud based POS software is helping local Aussie retailers be more competitive, efficient and happy. This is what smart technology does for retailers: improves the bottom line, the workplace and the value of the business to all involved.

Tower Systems has offered cloud based POS software for more than 10 years now. The software has continued to evolve as tech has evolved, to make its cloud based POS software current standard tech for local small business retailers.

From a fully hosted solution through to a self hosted cloud POS software solution, what Tower Systems offers retailers is choice. This gives small business retailers the ability to be flexible in terms of their approach to cloud hosted POS software.

With our full service cloud hosted option we cover everything, shielding retailers from the tech, updates and more. They can concentrate on making the software sing for their businesses and their customers.

We have single local shops using our cloud hosted POS software solution and groups with 5, 10 and even more shops using our cloud hosted POS. We are happy to share these details so that you can see if being cloud hosted is the right choice for you.

Our POS software can be run on a local PC or in the cloud. You can choose the right approach for your business.

With the cloud based option, you can choose to be hosted anywhere you prefer or you can go with our full-service hosted option.

We have plenty of customers in each scenario – running locally, self hosted for multiple locations or hosted by us in a full service model.

Big tech companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing the term cloud. They have done this because they know buzzwords sell. The reality is, your software has to run somewhere. It has to be maintained. Whether it is running on computers in your business or in the cloud, the costs are not that different. The key difference is one approach feels sexier than the other, because of the marketing.

Tower systems offers local retailers choice when it comes to where and how our POS software is run. Do your homework and work out which of the options best serves your situation.

By Mark
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