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Online, what matters more: you, or what you sell?


Too many small business retailers focus on their business name ahead of what they sell when designing a website for their shop.

The online shopper cares more about outcome. In this video we share exampled of this, evidence of this:

While brands will tell you their brand is what is searched for, shoppers can be broader than brand in search. You only have to look at keyword variations around a brand or some other keyword to understand this.

We hope this business from Tower Systems is helpful in your planning for online.

If you want revenue from online shoppers, our advice is that you seek it from multiple channels: your own website, websites connected with your marketing group, social media and more.

How, when and where people shop has fundamentally changed. This was happening long before Covid. But, Covid, has sped things up.

A challenge when it comes to online is trust. Plenty of people and businesses make claims. Ask for evidence supporting any claim. Their response to you asking for evidence could indicate a simple mistake, deliberate misleading or ignorance … it could also provide evidence that their claim was accurate, which would be ideal.

Online is like to gold rush era of the 1800s in Australia. It’s a rush with people of varying skills and experience our there, in the rush. take care to make informed decisions.

And, yes, it is vital you join the rush. Too much business today is transacted online for you to not engage. Engage now and expect to sell to people you’ve not sold to before.

By Mark
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