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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Newsagency software helps Aussie small business newsagents compete in a changing retail world


While retail continues to change apace, the scope and speed of change for retail newsagents is greater for theirs is a marketplace surrounded by change.

There is print media disruption, lottery purchase disruption driving core changes. But it’s more than that.

Tower Systems helps Aussie newsagents with the Tower Systems newsagency software packed with facilities that help newsagents navigate changes, attract new shoppers and help existing shoppers love the business even more.

If you appreciate up to date newsagency software, easy access to live software support, free training and time-saving and mistake-reducing supplier links, Tower Systems could be the software company for you.

With more than 1,700 newsagents using this newsagency POS software it is backed by the industry support and resources key to help ing it continue to evolve, and this matters in a retail channel where change is everywhere.

This locally made and supported software for newsagents offers plenty, including:

  1. Exclusive greeting card reporting Embedded in our software is category / segment level reporting that newsagents are using to grow card sales 25% and more. That’s money in the bank.
  2. You can bank on loyalty. Our fresh and successful approach to loyalty can help you drive a deeper basket and bring people back sooner.
  3. Safe decisions make for a better P&L. From data feeds from suppliers through to Xero, we help you nurture data for the safe decisions.
  4. Not every shopper will walk past your door. A seamless connection between your software and a beautiful website can help you sell to people you will never meet. We develop websites for newsagents.
  5. Easily accessed personal service. A key reason 4 times more newsagents have chosen Tower than any other software is customer service. We are here for you, with you, every day.
  6. Current software. Current technology. Fresh, current design.

What newsagents need in their software now is fundamentally different to a year ago. You need software that is evolving from a company strong enough to support you when you need it.

We do all the important newsagency stuff in our newsagency software like XchangeIT, links with Nine (Fairfax) and News and Are Direct and XchangeIT. We have worked with TLC/Tabcorp on changes they wanted to implement as well as with GNS, ACCO, the federal government cashless card, greeting card companies and a raft of others.

We handle unique needs too such as website integration, more supplier connections and awesome marketing tools through which you can differentiate your business and attract new shoppers.

Being able to expand into new product categories can help you attract new shoppers and grow overall business GP%. Our experience in multiple specialty retail channels helps leverage opportunities.

Being able to sell from anywhere is critical. We have seen newsagents grow their businesses by engaging at local markets and on the road. Our new and exclusive Retailer Roam product is portable POS software made for this. It’s in the Apple App Store now.

Being able to get customers spending more and bringing them back sooner is also critical. Our discount voucher solution, launched in 2013, is now used in hundreds of newsagencies with many success stories. Better than points and easily understood by shoppers, this loyalty solution is next gen.

Being able to reduce dead stock is vital. This starts with buying better, which flows from fact driven conversations with suppliers.

Being able to cut labour costs without cutting revenue is essential. Our data insights help you do this with confidence. Our newsagency retail experience using our own newsagency software in our newsagency businesses offers you practical advice.

Tower Systems serves more newsagents than all other POS software companies combined. It’s not a brag, even though we know it might read that way. We are sincerely grateful to the many who have switched to us already in 2022. Their faith in us is genuinely appreciated.

Even though we are big, our service is personal. Our customers get to know our team members and like that they can speak directly with us, including our leadership team.

As you work on your business to make it more valuable to you, we’d love to help. Our connections to the newsagency channel go beyond our software. We own the newsXpress newsagency marketing group and we own and run three newsagency businesses ourselves. We walk in your shoes.

The Tower Systems newsagency software costs $185.00 a month to rent. For on as many computers as you need in the business – no extra cost per computer.

Beyond the software, here are features of a relationship with Tower Systems…

  • We are local. Local matters in local communities. Tower Systems is Australian owned, developed and supported. Call us and a human answers the phone.
  • Our training is personal, in your business. We think people learn better from face to face training.
  • Unlimited free training.Long after you install the software, ask for free top-up training and all we will organise it.
  • New customer care. All new customers have a separate specialist team with which they connect, to ease settling-in.
  • Customers guide our software enhancement. We offer a transparent, democratic, process for guiding software update content.
  • Newsagency business specific. This software is developed for your type of business.
  • In the cloud or in-store. You choose where the software runs.
  • Rent or buy. You choose how to acquire and fund the software.
  • We help with business performance analysis and theft checks, services where we take a deep dive into your data and provide confidential insights.
  • Every customer has the direct contact details for our leadership team for easy and safe escalation of any query.
  • No pressure. You buy when you are ready.
  • Retail group engagement. Groups and members of groups have opportunities for group level customisation website sales and more.
  • It’s personal. Retail is personal. This is why we prefer to train you in your shop. Yes, we said this above. We say it again as it is a differentiator.

Tower Systems is not an average POS software company. We are a small business, indie business, focussed POS software company developing software in Australia and New Zealand for Australian and New Zealand based specialty retailers.

By Mark
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